Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Another Residential Visit From Bigfoot

Foot print left at my house in 2011
For those who are not regular followers of my blog I routinely have group of Bigfoot visit my home during the night. They routinely take dog food I have stored in a large rubber tub (with a snap seal lid) on my back deck. This all started about 3 years ago and I have footprints, hand prints, hair, audio, etc etc etc. Over the last two weeks I have had two more visits. I know this because of a large foot print, hand print, and scattered dog food on my deck.

Above photo shows the foot print in relation to the dog food
A couple months ago I installed a brick walk way around my deck. I wondered how the Bigfoot would deal with this new obstacle. I found out last week when I found a deep heel print and toe prints. It appears that the Bigfoot stepped on the edge of the brick, reached over the rail, extracted some dog food, then replaced the lid. In doing so it dropped some dog food on the deck and left a nice foot print beside the brick.

Below is the footprint compared to my foot. The print is approximately 18 inches long.

It appears that the Bigfoot stood in the above location put all its weight on this foot causing the ground to depress and crack. Then when is still could not reach the dog food tub it went up on its toes, raised its heal, and twisted the heal of the foot to the left.

In the follow photos you can see the toes and how the foot twisted as the Bigfoot struggled to reach the dog food tub.

When it finally reached the dog food tub the Bigfoot did something very uncharacteristic, it dropped some dog food on the deck as it withdrew it's arm. I always check the deck and the level of dog food each night. The food was not on the deck the night before.

The next visit was approximately two days ago when I found this large set of fingers prints on the dusty table located on my back deck. It appears the Bigfoot may have been reaching over the rail for a bowl of apples I had out on the table.





  1. I think you should round up some clay and make a bed of it right where they are likely to step.

  2. Yeah, it's kinda neat to have visitations, (as long as they're not hurting anything).

    We tend to put alot of emphasis on pictures, video, hair or scat samples, but really, if we agree that BF does indeed exist, why not just give 'em a break. Treat them like raccoons, instead of fugitives.