Saturday, February 27, 2016

Viewer Phillip Huguet finds possible Bigfoot behing me during my Bigfoot Webcast

Phillip Huguet pointed out this interesting subject behind during my Webcast "The Bigfoot Field Journal Episode 1". ( 

 I went back to the video enlarged and enhanced the area. It definitely looks extremely interesting. Is it a Bigfoot? There is not clear enough to be conclusive, but given the history of this area it definitely could be a "tree peaker". Thanks Phillip!

Enlarged Still Capture

Blurity Filter Applied

The above still capture is the same area as I walk past.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

White Subject Captured On Plotwatcher

I placed a "Plotwatcher" camera near a hiking trail in my research area. I am attempting to set my cameras where I can "watch the watchers". My wife and I set the camera and left the area. Approximately and hour and a half later this white subject crossed the trail. The camera takes one picture every five seconds. It appears the subject was immediately aware of the cameras presence.

An interesting occurrence that I forgot to mention in the video. The camera had brand new batteries and a 32GB SD card. It should have recorded for at least two weeks. The very next morning the camera took seven photographs and inexplicably stopped working. When I checked the camera the batteries were dead. I had a second camera of the same make and model approximately three hundred yards away from this location and at almost the same date and time it malfunctioned. Coincidence?? I wonder.... 

Friday, February 12, 2016

Strange Phenomenon Captured

During Les Stroud's visit to film an episode of "SurvivorMan Bigfoot" I captured this video. I was assisting his grew in placing trail cameras around the overnight camp.

What is it? Your quess is as good as mine, Bigfoot, cloaked entity, demon, etc....