Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Bigfoot Research Update - January 2014

I retrieve trail cameras that I placed in the National Park. There is some interesting footage. This time of year is slow for Bigfoot research. No foliage, snow cover, and cold temps make them travel less and stay under cover.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Bigfoot or Huge World Record Wild Black Bear

This is very interesting footage. The subject stands flat footed and reaches up to at least 10 feet to grab the trail camera and pull on it. The camera was secured to the tree with a heavy bungee cord and also a cable tie with a lock. Note that the subject stands to the side and never puts its face to the camera. I have had black bears mess with my cameras before and they always stick their nose directly into the camera, sniff it, and lick or bite it. In this case this was never done, why?

If this a black bear then it would be a potential world record. The current world record black bear was six and half feet tall and weighed 880lbs. It could only reach nine feet. The subject is reaching a camera that is at least ten feet off the ground and standing flat footed. (Source: North American Black Bear Center).

Does the subject have breast? Below are photos of the chest area.

I am about 60/40 that this is a HUGE black bear but this could be a female Bigfoot with child....

Monday, January 6, 2014

Possible Bigfoot with "Crafted Object" Captured

I took a hike into the National Park research area on 01/04/2014. I heard some interesting vocalizations, so I looked closely at the "back trail" footage during the time I was hearing the vocalizations. A frame by frame review revealed this interesting still capture. What is more intriguing than the possible Bigfoot is the white object just under the face. What I though was snow on the leafs appear to be white hollow cylinders.

Note how they are in a straight row, is this a necklace? Maybe a bone flute? I find it interesting.

 Ten frames later the Bigfoot is beginning to duck down, note the object, the cylinders have changed position.