Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Human Side Of Bigfoot - Comparing the Hairless "Patty" to East TN Bigfoot

There have been some very intriguing forensic sketches made of "Patty" the Bigfoot from the Patterson/Gimlin film. Harvey Pratt and Reuben Steindorf used two different methods to render images of what Patty would look like without hair. Both images are consistent with the DNA results that the Bigfoot is part human.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Bigfoot Research - Black Bear Encouter - Misc. Odd Stuff

I spent two days in the National Park over the weekend. On Saturday after investigating the "stone ruins" I encountered a black bear. It was a young male around 150-200 lbs. It was an odd encounter because no matter how hard I tried I could not scare him off. This was the first time I have encountered a bear in the wild and it did not immediately run off when it recognized what I was. This time I yelled, waved my arms, and beat on the side of a tree. Instead of running off the bear just sat down about fifty yards away and just looked at me. At this point I readied the Bear Mace that I carried. After a couple minutes the bear went back to digging around in the ground and I took this opportunity to slowly back out. I did not trust this bear.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

More Ancient Ruins in Bigfoot Research Area

Possible Burial Site
I returned to the area where I documented the rock columns and began to survey the area. It appears there was a large complex in this area. I found rock walls, a possible ruin of a large structure, stone entrance, boulders with tool or machine marks, rock columns, and possible burial sites.

I found on interesting rock that appears to have been shaped. Note the "+" etched into the side. Is this a tool mark?

Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Passing Of A Legend - Bobbie Short

I come to you with a heavy heart. The Bigfoot world has lost a true legend Bobbie Short. Bobbie passed away last week (05/16/2013) from a food born infection. Bobbie will be greatly missed. She was a pioneer in Bigfoot research. Her website Bigfoot Encounters was and is still ahead of its time. This site is the standard by which all others are judged.

I was fortunate to call Bobbie a friend and I will miss her. She was always encouraging and a wealth of knowledge. I always enjoyed our conversations and sometimes our lively debates. She was a good soul and a beautiful person. 

Below is announcement of her passing from her grandson Chris Millet :

Bigfoot Behind Me AGAIN - Video

Here is the video of the Bigfoot watching me from behind. Even though this is a HD camera the Bigfoot blends into the environment and is difficult to see. I hope one day I will catch one making a mistake and it will step out in the open. The do make mistakes but it is the rare exception. That is why it is so important to have a video camera running at all times. The "mistake" may only last a few seconds and those few seconds could change your life.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Bigfoot Behind Me - AGAIN!

The "Back Trail" camera continues to pay dividends. I am working on volume 2 of the Bigfoot Field Journal and beginning to review hundreds of hours of video for the first time. In February of 2011 I was at the Public Land Research Area when I noticed this black figure on the back trail footage. The camera I was using is a High Definition Camera. It takes video at 720p. I had paused along the trail for approximately five minutes. This gave the subject time to move forward and peek around the tree. Though not clear the facial features are easily recognizable and the flesh tone color of the face is apparent in some frames. 

Some may say this is a person following you and I can not rule that out. The question I would have is why would a person follow through such heavy foliage and how did he keep from making any noise?

I urge any researcher out there please, please use a "Back Trail Camera". There is more going on behind you than you think!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Bigfoot Research Area - Ancient Rock Columns

I have become a fan of Jim Vieira. He has meticulously documented the discovery of hundreds of giants in  North America over the past two hundred years. These giants average between 7 and 10 feet tall and many have double rows of teeth. It has been theorized that these giants may be the ancestors of the modern day Bigfoot. 

Jim Vierira has also uncovered hundreds of ancient structures. Some of these structures are in the form of rock columns. While watching one of his presentations Mysterious Stone Chambers & Giants Discovered in New England- Jim Vieira I noticed he pointed out rock columns that I had seen before in one of my Bigfoot research areas in the National Park. 

I documented the rock stacks and found they are very similar to the columns in Jim Vieira's videos.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Bigfoot Research - Samuria Chatter and Chanting

These are voice clips from MK Davis. They were recorded over a 10 year period in Texas. The first clip is what is known as "Samurai Chatter". The second is a very interesting chant.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Monday, May 13, 2013

Bigfoot Make Their Presence Known In New Location.

I travel about forty five miles to meet family for mothers day. After all the festivities I went to Norris Dam State Park to see the water spilling over the dam. I also took a short hike in the water shed area. I had been told by other researchers in the area that there is an active clan of Bigfoot in the state park around the dam. It appears they were correct. I capture the classic "tree snap" on video and find a strange formation of sticks in the trail.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Bigfoot and the Adena - Are the Ancient Mound Builders and Bigfoot One in the Same???

Mk Davis posted audio from a Texas research location that has two Bigfoot talking to a video camera after dark. It sounds like one is smaller and one is larger. They call the name of the lady who lives on the property “Sandi”. They both repeat the word “Adena”. Listen to the audio below.

High voice - Alotee, Sandi, Adena, Alotee, Sandi, awn don, awn don.
Deep voice – Alotee, Adena, Alotee.

The Adena were an ancient North American race known for their mound building.  Jim Vieira has documented that these “mound builders” were giants with two rows of teeth. Skeletons have been unearthed between seven and ten feet tall. Using some common sense and connecting the dots are the Bigfoot descendents of the Adena people? Was there a disaster or were they conquered and the remnants of the Adena forced to flee and live in the wilderness? Were the Bigfoot in Texas trying to tell “Sandi” that they were the Adena people? 

If you know what the possible meaning to the words being spoken are please feel free to leave what you think they may mean in the comments section.


Thursday, May 9, 2013

Bigfoot Research - Identifying Unique Individuals

I compare all my Bigfoot footage to see if the individual matches video taken on a prior date. I do this in an attempt to identify individual Bigfoot that live in my research area. It is difficult enough to get video of them once. Getting the same one more than once is rare.

I think I have such a case from my public research area. In July of 2010 I felt like I was being watched so I stopped and filmed the area for approximately five minutes. Upon review I found the below Bigfoot hiding in the dense vegetation. 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Bigfoot Encounter - Eye Contact


It is the last weekend in September 2010 and I have decided to take a weekend off from Bigfoot research and go Bow Hunting. I decided to go hunting at the public land research area where I had killed deer in previous seasons.  I was not concerned about Bigfoot interference since the location I would be hunting was over a mile away from the general area where the Bigfoot and I have interacted. 

I arrived a little late and the sun was already starting to rise. I put my tree stand on my back, grabbed my bow, put my video camera in a cargo pocket just in case, and started down the dirt road that lead to the area I would be hunting that day. The road goes down the middle of a underground gas pipeline. The sides of the road are kept free of any underbrush or trees. The grass had grown up on both sides of the road bed and was at least five feet high. The width of the pipeline right away was approximately 150 feet with the road in the middle then woods on either side. 

Sunday, May 5, 2013

DNA Study - Dr. Kethcum and Dr. Swenson have interesting FaceBook Exchange

I found this exchange in response to my previous post "Scientist Announce Support for the Ketchum DNA Study" on Dr. Ketchum's FaceBook page. Dr. Swenson and Dr. Ketchum comment on institutional bias and the lack of fact based criticism of the DNA Study:

  • David H. Swenson Robin, the statements of scientists is not proof. I merely require that people look at the data, as I have done. To critics: If there are errors, please bring them to Melba's attention, and do not waste our time with unfounded opinion. Thanks for posting this, Robin.
  • Greg Nichols Will we ever know if there were scientists who did not agree with the journal and the explanation as to why ?
  • David H. Swenson Most won't touch it for fear of their "reputations."
  • Greg Nichols No, I understand that sir, but we would be able to understand more about were we stand at least with the science community if we could have some sort of tally. 8 against and 2 1/2 for, then we could at least say "what the hell man".
  • Melba Ketchum There have been no critiques of the science. It is the results that main stream science can't handle
  • David H. Swenson True, Melba Ketchum! Science is not based on vote or debate, but on data.
  • Melba Ketchum I haven't kept up with numbers, it doesn't matter. There are others supporting the data that can't come forward due to their jobs and how outward support of this project might affect their credibility. One of them is a geneticist that ran a genomics lab. He BLASTed the data and confirmed it. He is catching heck from his superiors though and at this point can't go public. These ate the types of problems we have encountered.
  • Melba Ketchum lol Can't type on this phone! are...
  • David H. Swenson Why does he/she want to continue to work with that sort of people. Have these "supervisors" do their own BLAST analyses.
  • Greg Nichols Thanks Melba, Just trying to get some clarification. David sometimes life and the situations we find ourselves in mandate that we swallow our principles
    and our pride in order to insure a paycheck...unfortunately.
  • David H. Swenson I understand. I have left places with no integrity. It works out for the best.
    I find the following statement form Melba very insteresting:

      ...There are others supporting the data that can't come forward due to their jobs and how outward support of this project might affect their credibility. One of them is a geneticist that ran a genomics lab. He BLASTed the data and confirmed it. He is catching heck from his superiors though and at this point can't go public. These are the types of problems we have encountered.
    And Dr. Senson's statement:
     Science is not based on vote or debate, but on data.
    It appears that even reading the NABS/Ketchum DNA study is "career killer" for "mainstream" scientist. Why? If the DNA paper "lacks probative data" and is nothing more than "human contamination" why not do a scientifically based critique of the paper pointing out these flaws and then publishing it? I would think the "powers that be" would applaud and support a fact based debunking of the DNA study.  
    Could it be that the empirical data is solid and "mainstream science" does not want to take a serious look at the paper?  What are they afraid of ? I thought the ultimate goal of science was "the pursuit of the truth". It appears that those who control "mainstream science" are more worried about politics and protecting their world view. Any empirical data that contradicts this must be suppressed, discredited, or destroyed.   

    Pioneers like Lloyd Pye and Jim Viera have run head long into the "wall of bias". In light of this bias and out right hostility toward any evidence that contradicts the "scientific status quo" I would question any thing "mainstream science" says or does. I now do my own research and draw my own conclusions about a variety of subjects from the origin of man to global warming, uh I mean global cooling and the impending age age, no that was in the 70's, oh yea now its called "climate change". 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Scientist Announce Support for the Ketchum DNA Study

The critics have tried to frame the argument as they always do. If they do not have the facts on their side then they yell and scream as loud as possible. The critics with throw out phrases like "Five Geneticist say the study is flawed and lacks data". Every time I asked the critics to name the "Mysterious Five" they can not! The critics always make excuses or just stop commenting. By contrast here are the SCIENTIST that support the studies findings and what they say:

Dr. Swenson
David H. Swenson, Ph.D. - Biochemist with over 39 journal publications to his credit. (Click here to read his resume)

 Below is his statement:
David H. Swenson
Brien Foerster, Jeff Kart, and other interested parties. I went over the manuscript by Melba Ketchum on Bigfoot genomics. My desktop had difficulty with a blast analysis of the consensus sequences. It helped me understand more about the project. This collaborative venture has done a huge project that taxes me to fully grasp. I see interesting homology with a standard human sequence with 99% match for mitochondria. From my abbreviated study, the nuclear genome seems to have human and nonhuman sequences.

My opinion of the creature is that it is a hybrid of a human mother and an unknown hominid male, Just as reported. For all practical purposes, it should be treated as human and protected under law.

Brien, selection of Melba's lab for your studies is a very good call.

Sasquatch is real, as proven by genetic analysis.
Dr. Hascall Hart

Dr. Harts Statement:

1. The mtDNA of 29 samples is essentially human.
2. The nDNA of three samples (26, 31,and 140) has homology to human nDNA on chromosome 11, but is not entirely human.
3. The nDNA of three samples(26, 31, and 140) is not related to black bear, raccoon or opossum."

T. Joy Clay Chrisman, Ph.D., PMP

Dr. Chrismans Statement:

 I fully support Dr. Ketchum and her research and appreciate having the research and data. I make a point of stating the scientific methodology was very sound and all necessary precautions were taken
  Click here to view her information