Sunday, March 31, 2013

Ketchum DNA Study - More Positive Scientific Review

Dr. Ketchum made this announcement on her FaceBook Page:

March 31, 2013
We have more support from PhDs coming in all the time as well as some good and honest reviews. We are collecting them for a new press release and will release their names at that time. Maybe the world will start to acknowledge our terrific paper and our Nobel worthy discovery at that time!

Friday, March 29, 2013

The Dogman - The "Entity"

What is this? Where did it come from? Why is it on the Dogman's shoulder? The more I look at this the more I wonder. Readers have suggested an infant or even a extraterrestrial biological entity. Will we ever know?

Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Dogman - The "Devils in the Details"

One of the most interesting aspects of the footage is the movement of the nostrils. During the footage you can actually watch the creature breathe. The video below details this breathing movement. If you look very closely you can also see the entity on the right shoulder of the Dogman moving.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

White Face Bigfoot - Animated

This is a very cool animation done by one of my blog readers Erich. It is based of the sketch and to be honest is kinda creepy. Thanks Erich!

Monday, March 25, 2013

The Dogman - The Raw Footage

I have posted a shorter version of the Dogman footage without the comentary. If you have any detailed questions please watch the documentary.


Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Dogman Monsters Are Real - Ground Breaking Footage Released - Updated

I have released a detailed video on my YouTube channel that chronicles my encounters with the creature known as the DOGMAN! I have been holding this footage since 2011 because of the DNA Study. Now that the study has been released I am releasing to the public this unique look at a creature that was only thought to be myth and legend.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Dogman Monsters Are Real - Details Coming Soon

Listen to the Bigfoot Tonight show on Sunday, March 24 at 9:00 PM EST. I will be discussing The DNA Study, my new book "The Bigfoot Field Journal" and I will have news on the Dogman footage. Please join the hosts Chuck and Stacy and me on this exciting show!

Click here to go to the Bigfoot Tonight Show Page

Below is a preview of the Dogman footage


Friday, March 22, 2013

Scientist Comentary Supports Ketchum DNA Study

Dr. Ketchum posted this on her FaceBook page today.
The following was a unsolicited commentary by A. John Marsh on a genealogy DNA page which scientists use to discuss mtDNA origin. This is not the complete discussion . However, it sums up the analysis.


Along with the fact that all Bigfoots seem to have several different mtDNA mutations from each other, they also are found in 5 different states. It suggests that if a single T2b human female mated with a Bigfoot male 13,000 years ago, that the descendants of the T2b ancestor have spread widely in USA since then.


Web site

If T2b is 12-10kya, and T1/ T2 coalesced about 19kya, T2b might very roughly originate about 10,000 to 15,000 years ago.


One thing I noted was that all the 52 number diverse T2b haplogroup listed humans in the T2 project had a mutation 146T, but none of the Bigfoot had that mutation. It seems in fact that all T haplogroup have 146T. I am guessing that the earliest common ancestor of all Bigfoots had a back mutation on that marker to the CRS value.

Another thing I noticed was that all Bigfoots which appear to have been tested on the lower number markers, have mutation 73G. Yet not one of the
52 human mtDNA T2b persons had the mutation 73G. Why not? Was 73G a very early mutation in the Bigfoot line?

All the fully tested 4 Bigfoots had the 263G mutation, but not one single one of the 52 humans had 263G. Why not?

It seems all human T2bs have have 16187C and 16189T, but no bigfoots have either. In fact, all human haplgroup T are postive for both these mutations, so presumably in the common ancestor of all Bigfoots there was a mutation reverting to CRS.

According to the Ketchum knockers, all the mtDNA Haplotypes in her project are modern contamination. All of these Bigfoot haplotypes are different.
Isn't it a bit puzzling that all of these humans mistaken as Bigfoot have different T2 mtDNA haplotypes, all have 73G and 263G mutations not found in humans, and all seem to have had back mutations on 146T, 16187C and 16189T, where these back mutations are apparently not found in any human T2b s?


Independent Review Confirms Ketchum DNA Paper!

Probable Bigfoot DNA Donor
Dr. Ketchum made the following post on her FaceBook Page

We just heard from some mtDNA geneticists and they have found uniqueness in our mtDNA findings that prove that 1. The data is real and couldn't have been hoaxed 2. That it shows relatedness amongst a large percentage of the samples 3. Supports our hybridization theory 4. Supports our timeline. I am estatic. We are asking permission to make these findings public. As soon as we have it, we will post them.

 We just received permission to post. There will most likely be a new paper come from this so we will not post the new findings but you will see enough of the proof to validate the paper. I am SO excited!!!!!

Critics - I hear crow goes down easier with some ketchup.....

Thursday, March 21, 2013

The "White Face" Bigfoot

Actual Still Capture From Video
In May of 2010 I was in the National Park when I began to get a strong feeling I was being watched. I had the sun at my back which made seeing the view screen almost impossible. I knew I was being watched so I began zoom in and out of the area across the ravine from my location. I made a 180 degree circle. When I returned home and reviewed the video I discovered a sort segment of video of a very pale white Bigfoot.

I find the most interesting aspect of this video the detail of the eyes. Both of the Bigfoot's eyes reflect the sun during the video. 

How Big Was That Bigfoot?

Jim McClarin developed this Sasquatch Weight Estimator. I think it will be a great tool.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Just the FACTS - Smeja/Cutino Flesh Sample Hoax

Fact: Justin Smeja submitted a piece of flesh he claimed was recovered from the area where he shot an adult and an infant Bigfoot to the Ketchum DNA Study. (Sample 26)

Fact: Bart Cutino befriended Justin Smeja.

Fact: Cutino/Smeja submitted flesh sample(s) they claim came from the same piece of recovered flesh that was sent to the Ketchum DNA Study to Trent University Lab and DNA Solutions Lab for DNA testing.

Fact: The Ketchum DNA Study reports that Sample 26 is from a Bigfoot and a full genome was extracted.

Fact: The Cutino/Smeja flesh sample(s) were tested at two different labs - Trent Univeristy and DNA Solutions of Oklahoma City OK. The results of the Cutino/Smeja flesh sample(s) came back Black Bear with human contamination.

Fact: Cutino/Smeja used these reports to launch an attack on the Ketchum DNA Study and claim that Dr. Ketchum was" hoaxing" or "making up results" since it is their assertion that all the flesh came from the same larger piece of flesh.

Fact: I wrote blogs defending the Ketchum DNA Study and provided documentation from the study and other sources to back up my position. I make the assertion in my blogs that the flesh submitted to the Ketchum DNA Project was different from the Bear/Human contaminated samples submitted by Cutino/Smeja to the Trent and DNA Solutions laboratories. I also stated my opinion on why they may have done this.

Fact: Bart Cutino accused me of "lying" and "misleading" my readers in large part because I challenged his claim that the sample submitted to the Ketchum DNA Project (Sample 26) was from the same larger flesh sample(s) later tested by labs he had contracted with. I  maintained the samples are completely different. Sample 26 is from a Bigfoot and the Cutino/Smeja Samples are from a Bear with human contamination.

Fact: DNA Solutions reports the Haplotype of the sample they tested for Cutino/Smeja is T2.

Fact: Trent University reports the Haplotype of the sample they tested for Cutino/Smeja is A.

Fact: The Ketchum DNA Study reports the Haplotype of Sample 26 (Justin Smeja Sample) is H1a.

Fact: It is IMPOSSIBLE for the flesh samples to be from the same subject!

Fact: The sample submitted by Justin Smeja to the Ketchum DNA Project IS NOT from the same piece(s) of flesh submitted to Trent or DNA Solutions labratories.

Fact: The Haplotype results from the Ketchum DNA Study for Sample 26 came from an independent university lab - University of Texas, Southwestern in Dallas, TX..

Fact: The DNA tested from Sample 26 was uncontaminated and from a single source.  (See Attachment 1 at the bottom of this blog for details)

Fact: Bart Cutino claims Trent University made a mistake in reporting the Haplotype of the sample as A.

Here is his quote "With respect to the discrepancies in hablotypes from our labs, we believe it’s pretty clear (though double-checking) that the type A mention is an error, because if you read the report they never mention “A” (which is Native American) they only discuss a “European” hablotype. Justin must be T2 because Oklahoma got both mtDNA & nDNA from him from their testing on both the salted and frozen pieces."

Interesting, since he has claimed the Ketchum DNA Project is flawed and full of errors then tries to admit his lab made a mistake and use that as an excuse for the discrepancies in the Haplotypes? Sorry Bart that dog wont hunt. You can't have your cake and eat it too.


Below are the actual excerpts from the Cutino/Smeja Lab Reports and the Ketchum DNA Study demonstrating that the Haplotypes DO NOT MATCH. 

Below are the flesh samples side by side, I will let  you be the judge.

In the end what the flesh looks like does not matter. It is the DNA testing and the Haplotypes that prove that the samples are not related and not from the same subject.

Bottom line Bart Cutino befriended a man that openly admitted to shooting, in cold blood, a Bigfoot adult and then shooting a defenseless infant Bigfoot. In my opinion this calls into question Bart's judgement and integrity.

For what ever reason, Cutino, Smeja, et al have attacked and attempted to mislead the public by testing Bear flesh and claiming it was from the same piece of flesh that was in the DNA study.
Even the DNA studies Cutino commissioned prove that he his hoaxing but he relies on the ignorance of the general public concerning DNA testing to get away with it.

I am not backing down and I am not going to let the critics bandy about their accusations, insults, claims, and personal slurs without a challenge. A challenge that is based on documented FACTS!

Bart I do have my FACTS straight.....

Attachment 1 - Excerpt from the Ketchum DNA Study

The run summary generated by the HiSeq 2000 next generation sequencer provides scores, Q30, for run quality78. Q30 can also be used to determine if there was any contamination (or mixture) found in the samples sequenced.  According to Illumina, a pure, single source sample would have an Q30 score of 80 or greater with an average of 85. However, if there was contamination present in the sample sequenced, the divergent sequences would compete against one another prior to sequencing causing a contaminated sample to have a Q30 score of 40 to 50.   The Q30 scores for the three genomes sequenced had Q30 scores of 88.6, 88.4 and 88.7 respectively for samples 26, 31 and 140.  The Q30 is the percent of the reads that have the statistical probability greater than 1:1000 of being correctly sequenced. Therefore, not only were the sequences from a single source, but the quality of the sequences were far above the average genome sequenced using the Illumina next generation sequencing platform. The high quality of the genomes can be attributed to the stringent extraction procedures utilized whereby the DNA was repeatedly purified.   This ultra-purified DNA also allowed for greater than 30X coverage of the three genomes.  The summary and of the next generation sequencing generated by the HiSeq 2000 Illumina sequencer is furnished as Supplementary Data 7-10.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Did a Major Science Journal Attempt to Sabatoge The Ketchum DNA Study?

Sketch of a DNA Donor Bigfoot
On March 15th, 2013 Robert Lindsay posted the following on his blog concerning the erroneous claims of critics that the DNA was contaminated:

"No contamination in Ketchum DNA findings. There is some little-known evidence that there is no contamination in her samples: Ketchum tested the Bigfoot nuDNA for several human genes, the names of which you can find in the manuscript. MC1R (human/Neanderthal red-hair color gene) showed up in the Bigfoot nuDNA as did the human antigen gene TAP1 (most of the time) and the jaw muscle gene MYH16 (which when present showed only a human profile rather than an ape one).
Not discussed in the manuscript are the tests Ketchum did for the TYR gene, which is associated with skin pigmentation, and the HAR1 gene, which is a “human accelerated region” associated with human neurological development. The human skin color gene TYR and human brain gene HAR1 were not found in Bigfoot nuDNA. Now that in and of itself is very interesting.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Bigfoot Research - Day to Day Field Work - Retrieving Game Camera

In this video I explain my logic about the use of game cameras and the show the area where I have one placed. I also give you a glimpse of a Bigfoot featured in my e-book "The Bigfoot Field Journal - Volume 1".

David Paulides Talks About His New Missing 411 Book on Coast To Coast AM

Listen to Dave Paulides in Coast to Coast AM talking about his new book in the Missing 411 series.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Smeja/Cutino Sample Not Same As Kethcum DNA Study Sample 26

Last week Bart Cutino accused me of being a "liar" in the comments section of my post Ketchum Bigfoot DNA Study - She Said/He Said. I defened the study and asserted that the sample that Smeja gave to Cutino for testing was not the same sample that was sent to the Ketchum DNA Project (Sample 26). Bart repsonded with visceral rant left on my blog . Here is just part of what Bart said:
"I can go on but you're brainwashed and obviously so emotionally invested that you're willing to lie to your own readers. I challenge you and David (Paulides) to prove one thing I've said is untrue. Thank god her paper is a disaster based on what she's released or she would've poisoned this subject even more including the legitimate idea of bigfoot dna (fake journal and peer review, charging 30$ and pocketing the monies, no lab reports, less then 1% of the data, no support or substantiaton, no support from her own so called co-authors,fake people (Casey Mullins)etc..."

On March 15th Robert Lindsay pointed out the following on his blog:

Possible explanation for anomalous Ketchum and Smeja/Cutino results for the Bigfoot steak from the Sierra Kills. The results indicate that the submissions were from two different objects, not a single object. Cutino/Smeja’s results ended up with MtDNA haplotypes A and T2, and Ketchum’s MtDNA results indicate haplotype H1A for Sample 26 (the Sierra Kills Bigfoot steak). Apparently these were two completely different objects being tested. I have no explanation for the anomalous results or why there were two objects when there was said to be only two pieces of a single object.
Source Beyond Highbrow – Robert Lindsay

It is obvious that the facts are pointing to the realization that Justin Smeja gave a Bigfoot sample to the Ketcum DNA Study and gave Bart Cutino a piece of bear and claimed it was Bigfoot. The reasons why he did this are only known to him. Sorry Bart you trusted the wrong person.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Dogman Ears and Footprint

I have posted a video showing my encounter with what appears to be a "Dogman". I was investigating a Bigfoot feeding station when I heard something in the thick cover in front of my location. I then began to get the strong feeling I was being watched. I zoomed in and out of the area trying to find who or what was watching me. I did not see the "ears" when I was in the field but upon review I found what appears to be the ears and the top of the head of a possible Dogman. 


About 30 minutes after I record the footage of the ears I discover a footprint approximatley 30 yards from the location where I capture the "Dogman" ears.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Bigfoot or Pareidolia That is the Question?!?!

Thanks mostly to the "Team Tazer clowns" every critic out there is now throwing around this big fancy smart sounding word "Pareidolia". This appears to be the new explanation for any Bigfoot footage that shows a partial face or body in heavy dense foliage that other wise cannot be explained.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Odd Stuff - Bigfoot Residential Visits

Something odd happen overnight at my residence. If you are new to this blog then you need to know that I have regular visits to my residence from a group of Bigfoot. I know this is hard to believe but I have documentation including pictures, police reports, eye witness reports, vocalizations, footprints pictures/casts, and hair samples. The hair samples (3 different samples) are in the Ketchum DNA Project and were determined to be Bigfoot hair. (

Now that I have given you the background information, back to the "odd stuff". Yesterday evening ( 03/10/2012) after feeding and watering my outside dog I placed the plastic water picture into the stainless steal feeding bowl. I placed both on the top of the table that sits on my covered deck. When I checked this morning the bowl and the water picture were laying on the deck. Both were on their tops side by side.

Friday, March 8, 2013

The Bigfoot Behind Me - Part 2

The still captures contained in this post are from the National Park location. I was on the main hiking trail and it was a bright sunny spring morning. In fact there were two hikers approximately 75 yards behind me. So this Bigfoot was hiding right beside the trail watching hikers walk along. My back trail camera captured this Bigfoot watching me pass, then it turned and tilted its head in the direction of the hikers following me. It appeared to be "sniffing the air".

Thursday, March 7, 2013

The "Bigfoot" Behind Me - Part 1

Over the past three years I have come to rely on the "Back Trail" camera to catch all the "crazy" stuff that has happened when my back was turned. From "Dogman" to glowing eyes and everything in between. Now that we are not "walking on egg shells" because of the DNA study I though I would start letting you in on the interesting things that have been going on "behind my back".

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Bigfoot Research - So What Is Next ?

Now that the Ketchum DNA Study has been released what is the future for this crazy arena called “Bigfoot Research”? Last year I and several of my contemporaries shifted our focus from gathering evidence to the study of the Bigfoot. Knowing the results of the DNA study we shifted our focus. It was no longer necessary to maintain trail cameras, hair traps, video surveillance, and the likes. We switched over into the next phase of Bigfoot research. We now are focusing on Bigfoot behavior, culture, and interaction.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Bigfoot Field Journal - eBook - What the Readers Say

 My book has been out a couple weeks and is receiving a very positive feedback. Here is what some of the readers are saying:


 From a reader "Kay"

"Scott... I just started to read your book! I must say even your forward and your preface are appetite whetting, I've just started reading but I already had to stop and tell you .... I'm so glad I purchased your book ! Your attention to detail is amazing , and explaining up front how every picture was so scrutinized will make each picture that much more appreciated . I'm off to read more. This is so interesting that I have to actually force myself to slow down so I don't miss any details. I know any one who purchases your book will definitely be glad they did !!"

"Well....I finished this book , and I must say , I was not disappointed . You really take the reader on a journey with you Scott ! Your descriptions of what you were seeing , hearing , smelling and thinking make a person feel like they experienced it too . You really showed some insight on how bigfoot thinks too , exposing a little of their illusive personality .For example how when you annoyed them by going too fast rocks would be thrown ahead of you , and the back and forth inter action with the gifts and rock formations . I could write a whole page , but I'll end here and say ....Awesome job Scott !! Congratulations ! I do hope you publish in paper back one day .....would be nice to see this book in the book shelves ."

"Greg" says:

" Scott, if you only knew how much this and your book have lit a fire under my behind. I've had so much going on lately that I pretty much put my national park location on the back shelf. Since we were having activity around the house I was just focusing on that. I've missed getting out there. It's been almost a year since I've done any real investigating out there. Hope they still remember me. Heading out there all day this weekend. Time to get back to it! I have no excuse living only 15 minutes away.
I grew up in a country town in Mississippi. Hunting, fishing and camping were familiar to me. I loved anything outdoors and still do. I feel I can spot things in the woods fairly well, but you amaze me at some of the things you pull out of your videos. How in the world do you go through all the video you take and see these guys like that?! There's no telling what all I possibly have on film but just looked over it. The more I learn the more I realize I don't know. Love it!"

Get your copy now  by clicking on the Buy Now Link Below...