Bigfoot Videos

White Bigfoot

Bigfoot Licking Trail Camera

Trail Camera Infrared Photos

Bigfoot In the Laurels - Head and Facial Movements

Bigfoot Eyes In The Shadows

Infant Bigfoot or Little Person?

The Gray Entity

The "Blue Bigfoot"

The "Gray Ghost" Bigfoot


Gut feeling Bigfoot

Bigfoot in the Laural

Bigfoot on the Point

Bigfoot on the Hill - National Park

Paleface Bigfoot

Bigfoot on the Hill Bakers Creek

The Sneering Bigfoot

Bigfoot at Dusk

Stealth and White Face Bigfoot


  1. I am enjoying your videos. I realize you probably already know this - but I would suggest you upgrade to an DVR camera that accepts zoom lenses that you can focus manually. Canon and Nikon both have DVRs that are "prosumer" grade that shoot video. It's the only way you are going to be able to zoom in tight enough and also focus on the object of your desire. Auto zooms and auto focus are great for some applications but not this one. Yeah, they're expensive.. but not that expensive. Get a good 2.8 fixed aperture lens in 70-200 mm (or a 2.8 300) and buy a midrange Nikon or Canon to go with it. We all will be glad you did!

  2. After having a life changing encounter i stumbled across your videos. When I found that you lived in Tennessee as well and saw they were coming to your residence, I set up a stick structure that was rearranged the following night. I would love to speak with you about some findings and turn you on to an area i believe you would be interested in. I have several photos and encounters that will impress you. I have been reaching out for a while to several people who i respect, and received no response. Please contact me anytime and I'll send you some interesting photos along with location. My motivation in sharing with you is that i believe you could save me a lot of time by catching me up. That and i just really need to talk to someone who seems to have experienced some of the things i've been encountering. Email me asap and i'll give you my number. Thanks Scott

    Danny Lee Dunn