Saturday, July 21, 2012

What Really Happen When Justin Smeja Pulled The Trigger?

What really happen on that day Justin Smeja claims he shot two Bigfoot? I have read every account I can get my hands on and watched the recent hour-long interview. This whole affair makes me nauseous. I had to stop several times during the video interview and just calm down. I was so angry and disgusted by what I was hearing. It is gut wrenching, sickening, and every other adjective you can think of to describe it. I listened to learn the “truth” about what really happen. Unfortunately I have even more questions now than before the interview.

Things just do not add up, as my grandpa used to say, “that dog don’t hunt”. After all the interviews and statements here is what we think we know:

  • One or two Bigfoot were killed.
  • Justin Smeja sent a piece of flesh to Dr. Ketchum, she tested it, and multiple sources have reported it was from a Bigfoot.

This is all we really know. I personally find Justin Smeja hard to believe. In my opinion so many of his “facts” just do not “add up”.

Below are some of my main concerns:

The Firearm:

Smeja claims he shot the Bigfoot with a 25-06 rifle while bear and or deer hunting. The 25-06 is a poor choice for bear. It is a matter of opinion and Smeja claims to have killed “hundreds of deer, pigs, and bear” with this rifle and he may have but it would not be my first choice. If you asked any experienced bear hunter the 25-06 will not be at the top of the list. I question if the round even exited the body of the Bigfoot. Much depends on the ammunition he was using but on average a 100 to 120 grain round will have a muzzle velocity of 3000 FPS. The energy the bullet had when it hit the Bigfoot would have been approximately 2000 ft-lbs.

More traditional bear cartridges like the 300 Winchester. Mag (180 Grains) would pack 3400 ft-lbs at that distance. The 30-06 Springfield (150 Grains) round would pack 2500 ft-lbs of energy. I am not saying you cannot kill a bear with the 25-06, but there are better choices that will hit harder and penetrate better. So I am back to my original question, was the 25-06 round capable of doing enough damage to kill the Bigfoot with one shot? 

The basic ballistics of the 25-06 round

Smeja also claims that the 25-06 round because of its velocity makes a small entrance wound and a “basketball size hole” exit wound. Then claims a 30-06 makes a uniform hole through the animal. I have killed many deer using a 30-06 and all I have to say to that is he is full of crap in my opinion. So much depends on the size of the animal and the type of round. I have seen a 120 lb deer, shot through the heart run over 100 yards before succumbing to the wound.

Smeja claims to have shot the adult Bigfoot under the right armpit as the Bigfoot was turning away. We do no know the anatomy of a Bigfoot, but making the assumption it would be similar to a human as far as lung and heart location the round missed the Bigfoot’s heart completely. Depending on the accuracy of his shot it may have hit the upper portion of the lung. If it missed the lung then it went into the upper shoulder or shoulder blade area. I do not know how thick a Bigfoot is or how tough the hide is, but based on reports we know they are massive. Adults are reported to have a large “barrel chest” and “wide thick shoulders”. They also must have a large bone structure supporting this massive hulk. I have also read accounts of adult Bigfoot being shot in the chest and stomach with large caliber rifles and calmly walking off. In his interview he pulled the trigger as the Bigfoot was turning away. The impact of the round in that area could have shocked the Bigfoot and knocked it down as he claims. This is one of the few things about the shooting that may be accurate is the reaction of the Bigfoot after the first round hit it.

 In David Paulides’ book the “Hoopa Project”, there is a report about a young boy deer hunting when he is startled by a Bigfoot standing up near him. The boy being scared, and startled shoots the Bigfoot center chest with a 30/30 at point blank range. The Bigfoot calmly turns and walks off. When the boy returns home he tells his mother what he did. They go to the authorities because she thinks her son could have shot a person. They go to the location of the shooting and there is no blood and no body is found.

Though not impossible I have a hard time believing this round killed the Bigfoot if he hit it where he claims. It may have eventually died from the wound, but it would have been able to run away a great distance before succumbing to the wound. If the lungs were not hit and the wound was treated the Bigfoot may have even survived. I think they are very intelligent and have knowledge of the woods and remedies much like the Native Americans. So making the assumption that the Bigfoot died based on Smeja claiming he heard it fall like a “car crash” is a stretch for me based on the story he told during the interview.

If the Bigfoot was in that area the infants would have found it immediately. He claims they were looking for the adult then coming back together and talking. The only reason I can think they would be staying around is the adult was wounded nearby and they were protecting it or trying to distract Smeja from it.

In my opinion, if Smeja did bring down the adult Bigfoot he would have to shoot it multiple times with the 25-06 caliber or go for a head shot. 

I have gone over all these possible shooting scenarios to demonstrate how hard it is for me to believe his story.  I think there is some truth mixed with false statements. When you try to logically look at the scenario it just does not make sense to me. Someone is not telling the truth, something is missing.

The Infant:

This is the most disgusting part of the whole story if it is even true, but Smeja claims he shot the infant then hid it under some brush. I have a hard time believing he would leave the infant behind. In my opinion he knew what he had and he knew the value of it. The infant would be easy to transport, hide, and store in a standard freezer. In my opinion he was even hinting during the interview that he had the infant.

The infants sticking around and not running off is another part of the story I find hard to swallow. The only reason I can think that they would stay in the area is that the adult Bigfoot was wounded or dead nearby. If the adult Bigfoot managed to run off as Smeja claims the infants would have followed. Remember they claimed they looked around but never found the body after it made a "car wreck" type crashing noise after being hit with one shot from Smeja's 25-06, under the arm pit as it was turning away from him. So in their scenerio for some unknown reason the infants stuck around after the adult ran off. That does not make any sense to me!

It has been documented in several articles that Dr. Ketchum reported received two flesh samples from Smeja, one from the adult and one from the infant. Now Smeja is claiming there was only one sample sent to Dr. Ketchum from the adult found a month later in the snow.

This does not pass the “smell test” at all.

No video or photographs:

I do not believe Smeja when he says he does not have pictures or video of the infant. He is a trophy hunter and to believe he would not have a camera or a camera phone with him in case he shot a bear is laughable. I just do not buy it. How he can go from committing the caulis and hideous act of shooting both these Bigfoot in cold blood, then having a sudden change in heart and not taking pictures of his kill? He claims to him at the time it was a "monster" and "something that did not belong". One would think he would at least take pictures to prove these "monsters" exist and he shot one or two of them. This makes no logical sense to me.

What really happen?

In my opinion based on what little we actually know and following my gut, I think Smeja shot the adult multiple times and killed it. The infants stayed with the dead parent and Smeja took this opportunity to shoot the infant. He then took the infant home and has it in a freezer somewhere. He took flesh from the dead adult Bigfoot but left the body because of its size. He sent Dr. Ketchum two flesh samples, one from the adult and one from the infant. He is now waiting for the DNA Paper to be published so he can capitalized on the publicity and make the most money possible by producing the infants body and the photographs/video.

My version of events may be completely wrong, but it makes as much sense as the nonsense Smeja has been dishing out.

In the end only Smeja and the driver of the vehicle know what really happen that day and to be honest we may never know what really happen. All I do know is what we have been told is not the truth in my opinion.

Post By: Scott Carpenter


  1. Well, you are a hunter, as I recall, and a BF researcher. Because of that, I take what you say more seriously than I would most people's opinions.

    I sense holes in his story, too, but have less experise.

  2. Scott, no one believes I made a heart shot on female
    pronghorn at 500 yds. with a 40$ scope from Walmart and
    one of the cheapest rifles Remington ever made, The 600
    in .308. But I did, with a witness. Shot placement and
    bullet construction trumps caliber in my opinion. I have to agree the 25/06 in any bullet is on the light side. Ballistics aside, even a blind pig can find an acorn. And this shooter is a pig. I don't want to think that what he says is true but if it is I sincerely hope
    he pays for it. You wrote a fine article. But over the course of 40 years I have seen rifle bullets break the rules at times. Whether he did or not the fact remains what he did was wrong and this is no way ethical way to
    collect DNA on something that may be closely related to
    our species. With my limited vocabulary I don't have the words to express my feelings about this individual.
    Much as I cannot say what I feel about the Colorado
    shootings. As much as I have always enjoyed firearms
    and the great outdoors, our society has, in no small part, lost our sense of direction and the shooting of
    bigfoot and the movie goers in Colorado, tears at the fabric that binds us as a nation. I pray the innocence
    that was lost may somehow be regained.

  3. Thanks for the article, Scott. My reaction was the same as yours when I first read about it. Such a pathetic person and a very sad occurance.

  4. Scott, I could not have written your ideas on this situation any better. I have had every thought you have just laid out and come to almost the completely same conclusions. I am just not as knowledgeable about guns as you are. I have even more suspicions about who is helping him cover some things up but I wont open myself up to any kind of slander so I'll just leave it at that.

  5. Scott. I agree with everything you said. I think the Smeja "story" will change many more times as time goes on. Thank you for a great article.

  6. Scott,me being the same anonymous from other comments, I feel your right on track with your anaysis of this incident, being just that an incident fabricated from start to finish. I find this tale to be so unbelievable in almost every respect.(but,you were given the ball & ran with it, Kudos)A sample may have been give to this DR.Ketchum, but her credentials don't fathom out as per quoted text "This Dr. Ketchum is the same person who analyzed Gates’ supposed clump of yeti fur. Got exactly the same results. She’s not a DNA specialist, she’s a veterinarian and a fan".Dave Wall...At this particular point I surely hope that this incident has happened as claimed or there is no basis on the story and no moral obligatation for what will transpire in the coming months to the syndication of the said here within...Don't kick yourself if this is an eloborate HOAX

  7. You hunters are cowards I am ex us special forces you people know. NOTHING about life and death I had to choose who dies every day I did it for my country what are you killing things for?it does not take skill to shoot a dumb animal why does any one not kill a bear with a knife make the fight even?no you people shoot it and act like your men.doesn't anyone realize these animals feel pain like you and I?this fat Guy has me pissed I hope he reads this I have a challenge for him we will both be dropped in highly dense wooded area 25sq miles he can have a rifie and me my knife we have 3 days to find each other and we will see who walks out alive.see that would why do you kill things for the hell of it? Unless your eating it there's no reason.I know what it feels like several men with guns hunting me do you? Killing defenseless animals does not make you a man I have been living in the bush and seen a bf once was I scared yeah it was 5x my strength did I kill it no I threw it some food these ape like animals are highly endangered and how that fat slob could kill a 1/2 year old baby is beyond me I wish I was there.the next time you are about to pull that trigger think how it would feel on the other side of gun.

    1. I am Prior US Army Recon Plt and I agree with you Amigo! I see people hunting just for the KILL. Makes me sick. feeding a family is one thing but these spoiled little rich boys go out and kill everything they see,just to say what a BIG man they are.
      I trained with the SF Group (5th Group?)at Bad Tolez Germany for a month with my Scout Platoon in 1982. Mnt phase was a BOOGER!LOL 22 K E&E course was an EYE opener, but we made it. Great training! This SCOUTS OUT! Herb

    2. Some people have gone hunting there whole lives just to shoot something, not for food but just to shoot something, thats on them I don't agree but it is on them and there conscience. And one more thing I seriously doubt if he is spoiled or rich !!!

  8. He lives in orangevale CA.if anyone is interested happy hunting

  9. Outstanding post!! Glad to see there are some good people still in this community. So many times,,I've heard or read "we'll it had to be done for science" or etc. In a way I hate to say this,,but in the end hopefully it was a hoax. If BF is going to be formally introduced to the works as fact and no longer a mystery,,IMO it should be introduced by devoted researchers like Scott and so many others,,who spend countless days and nites and miles in the wilds to learn the truth. Not someone who in his own words described himself as a road hunter,,aka poacher. It's kids like this that give real hunters a bad name. Where I live,,road hunting/poaching is Illegal. Period. You get caught,,,you'd be better off selling drugs. The penalties are huge. This story got shadey to me in the beginning. They were driving around. They were BEAR hunting. Later on they seen a small BUCK but they let him go. Hhhmmm. Bear and deer season fall into same timeframe there? I'm not sure. And my largest problem personally(besides the total act of cowardess shown by this boy shooting in his own words a thing walking towards him with its arms and hands extended up,,moving them,,as he tactfully put it "like a universal sign of surrender",,btw all this is what I recall from the first interview I heard,,witch has been a good while back,,don't know if this has changed) is when his buddy and him was looking at this,,and the thought occurred to him that if this is a guy in a suit,,,then we got a real problem". Is it just me or is this bunk? In so many encounters of BF with hunters,,,when BF is sighted,,,the first thought is shock,,second is I can't shoot this creature,,it looks too human in the face. Sometimes in a encounter witnesses state they were terrified but did not dare shoot because they considered the caliber of rifle with them no match for the BF. This whole deal is a tragedy that should've never happened. Hopefully Karma will do what it does best.

  10. I agree with the conclusion. A hunter myself and outdoor enthusiast I know you can shoot and kill with what Steve had. I don’t agree with the infant killing. I also think they recovered a body and it will come out AFTER the DNS analysis. But guys, we need a body. If there is no body then there is no specie. Catch one or shoot it or dig one out to provide proof and thats it. That is what it all comes down to. Thus, don’t get over sensitive only bcs one BF apparently got shot. Otherwise I start thinking we want to go on for another 10-20 years with a shadow creature. What would that help?

  11. I am saddened by the report that (2) Bigfoot were shot and one was an infant. I cannot believe that the clan did not came in and attack the intruder. I think that Justin Smeja should be smeared with the blood and left hand cuffed back in that same area and let justice be done. There is so much evidence with tracks, videos and hair and feces samples with DNA to come out this year but our science always wants a body. If the killing is real, what then? People will be offered losts of money to bring on in alive to be caged up and looked at. So damn sad.

  12. I live in Snohomish county of Western Washington state. This area has had numerous reportings/sightings throughout the years. In fact, the local native tribes in the area came up with the name "Sasquatch" meaning "wild man"(their actual spelling is a little different, but pronounced similar.) I have been involved with the outdoors here my whole life. I have spent quite a bit of time camping and hiking in the deep alpine of the local Cascade mountains. I never saw this creature/person, but I'm pretty sure it was the one making a ton of "bashing" noise while throwing debris down a cliff in order to scare us away from catching the trout in this small pond we were fishing in, but that's all it did! Me and the other camper looked at each other, and we new it was time to go back to camp. It didn't come down, chase us, and eat us alive! We stayed at camp, with our group, the rest of the weekend, no problems. I think TV makes them out to be some kind of monster that's looking to harm. I think that's totally false. If they were two feet tall, people would just laugh at them and try to make them their pet, breed them, and train it to jump through hoops and dance, so its clearly just their size that makes them scary. I have talked to a few others who have had encounters with them, but I have never heard of anyone being harmed in any way by one. They seem to be more curious than anything. If I saw one in the wild, I would be scared/curious, but I wouldn't want to shoot the thing. I f these guys are telling the truth, I feel sorry for them. I hope that the story is bogus altogether.

  13. I can't believe he shot the hairy man and with it's back turning from him! The shooting of the infant is even more outraging! My culture tells that we must respect these creatures and to leave them alone. This man is horrible.

  14. find out who the other hunter was and get a interview with him..this whole thing stinks...a hoax I bet..

  15. Justin Smeja is a pathetic PIG I saw the interview on "Monsters in America" I have to agree with you Scott. He is a trophy hunter. I would bet my left arm that yes he unloaded on the momma bf or daddy bf and he has the baby the dead baby. As much as I hate to say this, he's the kinda PIG that is still out there hunting more bf. if what he says in his story is true and he didn't take one or more home that day, TRUST ME he will. The whole thing makes me just sick to think about it. I wonder if he will have it mounted or stuffed he's just a sorry excuse for a human.

  16. I watched the orginal interview. He was lead all the way! Summing up what I was seeing and hearing, I got the feeling that the interviewer told Justin his idea of the interview and Justin would have said (keep the beer coming and I'll say whatever you want man). When Justin didn't say something right the interviewer would say (you mean blah blah blah blah?) and Justin would change his orginal statement to what the interviewer said/wanted. You can tell he doesn't have any respect for life or nature in anyway shape or form! I mean first he says its a bear, then it didn't belong, or it's a man in a suit..wasn't right..didn't have the right to live blah blah BS BS BS out of his mouth..if he thinks any of those statements justified his actions he is sadly mistaken. He also said as soon as he got home he started looking up Bigfoot, going to different blogs and asking questions. He sought out a certain person, I think you all know who that was.. It just feels like a set up/fraud/hoax to me. His story doesn't add up. If they all wouldn't have been friends prior to his STORY...then I might had been concerned he really killed a BF/SAS/Forest Person...but I just don't buy it.

    I don't buy his story he tells about Dr. Ketchum, don't buy anything that comes out of his mouth...If he did shoot the adult under the arm as it was turning (depending on the direction it was turning, he would have hit the lungs or heart and the BF would have dropped fast)..which contradicts what he said orginally..

    Originally he said it/BF saw him, it started waiving it's arms in the air and running towards him. (now with his orginal in a suit, a bear etc etc..why didn't the arms waiving in the air stop him from shooting?) He didn't say it turned and he had to shoot it under the arm.

    Then...How crazy to say he didn't know anything about Bigfoot, never heard of it before. Then a few mins. later he said the only thing he knew about bigfoot was the movie "Harry and the Henderson's". Which is it?? Did he hear of bigfoot or not? He did, but probably didn't believe it was true. He may of seen one or thought he did. He may of shot at one..but I don't believe he killed it. If he did, he would have known the value..his friends are big into the Bigfoot scene on YouTube...may it be interviews, outing hoaxes, or posting pics of nonBF pics and knowning they aren't BF but claiming it could be...he knew what a BF was and the value it would hold.

    One of the things that bother me the most is the distance that I have a hard time with that he shot from. He shot from the road...he couldn't identify for sure what he was shooting at..and the ammo and gun he used was supposed to kill a 500lb or more human, bear or Sas? I don't think so.

    The accounts of the BF in the Boogie Creek movie (which was more of a documentry) was shot 3 times total, before it became vengeful. He/BF may have disappeared between shots..I'm sure to hide from the firestick..and to heal..but nope..I don't believe Justin's story at all!

    I will say BF/SAS/the forest people better hide well from Justin and his friends now..but now I believe if they have a chance of shooting one they will to make up for the made up story.

  17. I watched Monsters in America. Smeja was unable to convince me. His facial expressions, eyes always avoiding the camera and the interviewer, the gaps and inability to describe what happened in minute detail minute by minute? Lies, damn lies. He's a liar, a hoaxer and he disgusts me to the core of my soul.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Ive two different versions both from separate interviews so he either lied about it all or one is possibly true and one isnt.
      Why not just do lie detector test??

  18. I contend that the .25-06 is plenty powerfull at the range the shooter supposidly fired at the bigfoot. The Ballistic advantage of the 25-06 over the .30-06 happens out past 300 yards...its a much flatter shooting bullet at those ranges than a .30-06. but within 200 yards, their really isnt much difference you'd see between a .25 caliber bullet and a .30 caliber bullet. One of the most effective cartridges in the world for moose and bear is the 6.5 x 55 Swedish cartridges, which is a .260 caliber..That is actually the beauty of a .25-06,,,very popular in the west for Mule deer hunting because it can be a highly effective medium range and an excellant long range cartridge. The high velocity of this round makes it a swift killer just like the .270 winchester (.277caliber) and the .280 Rem (.284 caliber). I'd have to say I've never seen basketball sized exit wounds. Ever. Exit wounds I've seen from .270, .280, 6.5, and .257 Roberts (the cartridge that was really spurred the .25-06 wildcat on a .30-06 case), all cartridges I use and load for are max 2 to 5 times the diameter of the bullet..depending on what the bullet hits as it passes through. If it hits bone and begins to spin, it can exit in a Keyhole manner, (sideways)....but hunting bullets are designed NOT to exit the animal and maintain their mass inside where it will do the most effective damage.

  19. well you write as if bigfoot were real enough to be shot. yeah right, no bigfoots, and no dead bigfoots. dna was from a bear and some human hair, all fake. all kids have giant camera phones now, how sad a story.

    1. Seriously? Never mind. I've learned such statements are borne out of a state of total and complete lack of logic and reason,it's best to just ignore these poor souls,and let them wander and comment aimlessly. I do wish,however,you would post as "anon",or "Bigfootisfake",etc,for posting as "rob",you tarnish the names of folks,like myself,whom take this subject as seriously,and with the utmost respect and dedication it deserves. Thank you for your consideration in this matter,and have a nice day.

  20. there is much to be said about shocking power,hi speed rounds do massive damage,do to the fact that when it hits muscle mass,it like a water balloon,the blood exiting away from the bullet creates massive organ and tissue damage. also,many,many,times a bullet will travel a different route than were it entered,the bullet can fragment,tumble,follow bone,I have witnessed all when butchering deer.I agree with many of the posts on here, but i don't agree with this analysis,nor would a ballistics expert.

  21. Why would you send anyone samples for DNA testing......If you had a body....??

  22. I was face to face (within 35 feet ) of an adult male Bigfoot in Nov. 1999. I was hunting, armed with a .308 & a .45 and if I had fired, I would have just made it mad. People need to realize, these creatures #1 are not apes, & #2 are Massive. I think Smeja is in the same category as Rick Dyer. Pigs & liars. They should both have female sex pheromones rubbed on them then dropped into an area with a group of adult male Bigfoot. From what I saw in 1999........

  23. Pathological liars aren't generally bad people (any more so than anyone else), they literally cannot help themselves. (just like pedophiles and rapists and kleptomaniacs and sociopaths and psychopaths and others of that ilk) There is literally something broken in them.

    Depending on the severity of the syndrome, they can control it to a degree. (like the others) But they also tend to actually believe their own lies. And will convince themselves that they aren't hurting anyone. It's a "victimless crime", so what's the harm, right? (PathoLiars reading that sentence are nodding their heads in agreement, literally or inwardly)

    And they tend to be very good at what they do. Even when they are caught, they will hold onto their story like a pit bull on a bone. They also tend to be fairly intelligent, so they are good at weaving their lies, and telling more lies to bolster others, and they tend to be (good) manipulators and such. (so they can make very good conmen and scammers)

    And they don't (necessarily) tell their lies to make money, or for acclaim, etc. They simply do it because they MUST. It is who and what they are at a fundamental level.

    Like most psychological issues, it is fascinating.

    I think it is very clear that that is what is happening here. (don't get me wrong -- I've a "believer" -- but that doesn't mean I can't smell bullshit when it's flung in my direction -- and I've had WAY too much experience with PathoLiars -- more than my fair share)

  24. When is it Smeja Season, I want to bag myself a big ugly one.

  25. I agree with you. Not a hero at all here especially if he did shoot a juvenile. Hes either a coward or a liar or both.

  26. Ok, I was watching paranormal survivor and they were doing a story about a man from Michigan name Dan Engblom. I wasn't looking at the screen but though to myself that sounds like that guy who shot Bigfoot Justin Smeja, so I turn around to look an I'll be damn it's him or he has a twin. I think he is a con artist just telling stories and trying to make a quick buck. Check it out for yourself. Just Google: Paranormal Survivor Evil Messengers believe it season 1 episode 8

  27. Check out Dan Engblom on Paranormal Survivor Season 1 episode 8 Evil Messengers and tell that Dan Engblom and Justin Smeja are not the same person. First he shot Bigfoot and now he changed his name and bought a haunted house.

  28. I agree & WHY was that POS not charged? My husband has to have a license TO hunt & then tags for deer, stamps for birds, etc. I can't stand ANYTHING about that spineless waste of human skin who thinks he was so cool to shoot something he didn't KNOW what it was. AND...then to shoots it's!

  29. I've seen different interviews with this guy, and I think he's lying through his teeth. Given his words, the way he says them, and his body language, he's telling a bunch of hogwash.