Wednesday, January 4, 2023

The Sasquatch Awareness Project - Blog - Book


The Sasquatch Awareness  Project Paperback Book is now now available!!

 Sasquatch Awareness Project Paperback - A detailed expansion of the website filled with knowledge, practical and spiritual guidance. A book to give those who are dealing with the after effects of a Sasquatch or Cryptid encounter, to educate family members and friends, or to help broaden your own knowledge of the Sasquatch. 

BLOG: Sasquatch Awareness Project Blog
  • Educate, inform and increase the awareness of the general public and outdoor enthusiast from all walks of life that the creature known as Sasquatch/Bigfoot does exist. 
  • Assist and support those who have had encounters with the Sasquatch by providing a forum where questions, concerns, and experiences can be discussed without the fear of criticism, ridicule, or condemnation. 
  • Provide assistance to those who have had their lives disrupted by an encounter with the Sasquatch and help people better cope with the experience and restore as much normalcy as possible to their lives.