Friday, October 4, 2013

Is this the Bigfoot Sasquatch Ontario calls Nephatia ???

Sketch of "Nephatia"
I took the interesting still photograph from the video posted by Sasquatch Ontario and made several interpretive sketches from it. Is this a Bigfoot?? Is this the Bigfoot known as "Nephatia". 

I think the ridges on the forehead are consistent with many other Bigfoot, specifically those posted by MK Davis in his series on the Bigfoot he named "Whitey" from North Texas.

 Click here to view the video by Sasquatch Ontario

Below are my sketches based on Sasquatch Ontario's Still Capture:

Below is a comparison of the Sasquatch Ontario "Bigfoot" to sketches of "Whitey" from North Texas. Please note the ridges on the forehead.


  1. Scott, sorry Matilda got all the attention. I think it's because "Nephatia" is to hard to pronounce. Maybe "Sam" would be
    easier. Nice sketch though.

  2. Unfortunately sir the same can be done with cloud formations !

  3. Great work Scott! Very interesting. Quite a bit of detail as well. Awesome.
    As for the cloud formation comment,wow. Thats mind blowing. Lol! You should try out for the mainstream society.

  4. Scott. I like your theory/analysis better than the original poster. I too have seen the ridges on the forehead during one of my face to face encounters. This is quite similar. Good work.

  5. Those forehead ridges can be seen on Russian ex heavy weight boxer turned politician, Nikolai Valuev.

  6. Mike Patersons is 100% the real deal!Because of him I have begun my own friendships with the sasquatch people.The language of Nephatia is the language of the sasquatch.

  7. I love Nephatia, really hope he and Anastacia are real, also hope they're protected, safe and kept secret from gun happy, fame seeking idiots AND Matt Moneymaker! The guys a schumbag.

  8. I really enjoy hearing bigfoot talk to Mike I have always believed they were out there and yes please protect that family of bigfoot they are a special kind of people I have had one experience in 2013 in bend oregan not such a happy one but one I will never forget.