Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Sneering Bigfoot - Enhancements and Stabilization

This is footage from 2010 that has been stabilized and enhanced. During this encounter I was subjected to what I think was infrasound. I had no recollection of the event. I obviously saw something and was trying to film it when I inexplicably turned away paused for a moment then walked away. I have done a extension blog post on the possible infrasound that was being created around me that day.  http://www.bf-field-journal.blogspot.com/p/theory-bigfoot-cancreate-and-use.html

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Bigfoot Captured Moving On Back Trail

Enhancing and stabilizing this video revealed some new information. The footage was recorded with again a "backtrail" camera. I strap a video camera to my shoulder and it films behind me the entire time I am in the field. Then when I return home I review it. It has been a very productive method of capturing video of the Bigfoot. It frustrates many because they do not understand the concept and the fact I am unaware of the Bigfoot's presence at the time of the video capture. It is a trade off you have to be willing to make if you want to capture any footage. They will not show themselves if you have a camera and you are looking at them, it is extremely rare, happening in the last 50 years only once in the Patterson/Gimlin footage. Below is my backtrail camera setup.

Backtrail Camera Rig

In this clip the Bigfoot is in thick foilage, so thick that the video cameras alogrhytm causes the face to turn green. The modern digital camera makes an image by taking the "average" on the colors. So if you have something grey in the middle of a green shrub the camera will record everything as green. Below is a demonstration of this using me as the subject. I am in the upper right corner and what I consider "Bigfoot" are in the rest of the frames.

With the background foundation laid below is the video footage. During the video you Bigfoot will step backward and the movement is visible.