Bigfoot - Residential Visits

UPDATE: Ketchum DNA Study Validates Home Visitations. Three hair samples collected from my residence were verified to be Bigfoot hair.

 DNA Study Results
Hair samples collected from my residence
Over the past 2 years I have documented continued Bigfoot visits to my place of residence. I have foot print pictures, eye witness accounts from  7 individuals, documented police reports, trail camera eye shine photographs and night vision video that was collaborated by an independent witness. I also was able to collect hair samples. Three of these samples are in the Ketchum DNA Study. Supplemental Table 1, Samples 2, 3, and 70. Each sample was verified to be Bigfoot/Sasquatch. 

Below is an extract from the actual table from the DNA Study of only my samples.

When I first made it public that I was being visited at my home by the Bigfoot many scoffed and ridiculed me. Adjectives like crazy, mentally unstable, and insane were commonly thrown my way. Over the past two years I have continued to document their visits from vocalizations, hand prints, foot prints, eye shine on trail cameras, and night scope videos.

During the spring and summer of 2011 there were 4 police reports called in. The perpetrator was a "six to six and half foot tall peeping tom in a black hoodie". All these reports were called in by my neighbors. Five of my neighbors have seen it. Four of them at one time witnessed it jump over 15 feet out of a tree in my back yard and take off running "lightning fast" after one of the women in the group saw it watching them after a late evening cook out in the dark.  

Another neighbor catercorner to my property was alerted by her dogs barking in August of 2011 around 11:30 PM. She stepped onto her back deck where she witnessed "IT" squatted down beside the corner of her house, "then IT ran across my back yard in front of me, stepped over the fence (5 foot chain length) and ran off beside your house. IT oh I mean he was about six and half foot tall wearing a black hoodie". She called the police who parked in my driveway and looked for this suspect for over an hour.

The family up the street has a teenage daughter that is 16 years old. Three times she saw a "peeping tom" looking in her second story bedroom window. The police were called each time. The peeping tom was climbing a tree beside the house. His description was a "tall skinny teenager wearing a black hoodie" with a "very pale or grayish complexion".

 I have made numerous attempts to capture them on video to no avail. Trail cameras did capture some eye shine, but then later they just started laying the trail cameras face down. A continuous video feed was attempted but they just went around it. I was able to capture some audio by hiding a digital voice recorder in the gas grill. I also captured some footage with a night scope. This footage was met with howls and scoffs and claims I was "mentally unstable". The interesting aspect to this was that my neighbor "saw a large dark figure hiding beside my neighbors deck" at the exact same time I captured the footage, but the critics choose to ignore that fact. The also ignore the disturbed ground where the subject was standing.

Below is just some of the evidence I have collected over the past two years.

June 2013

The Bigfoot has been laying under the deck. The dirt is compacted, cleared of debris, and stained with oil from the skin. The area is seven foot by 3 foot.

Spring 2013

April 2013 Reddish hair found snared in Hollie bush after something knocks on bedroom window

January 2013


Blue Jay feathers left beside my vehicle door five mornings in a row. Spring 2010

The night before there was 6 inches of dog food in the tub Winter 2012

The Bigfoot's should/arm left an imprint on the dusty siding as he was getting dog food Winter 2012

I think two Bigfoots worked together to scale the side of my house and empty out the eggs of this Robins nest Spring 2011

Bigfoot hand print left on side of the hose under the bird nest

Partial foot print left in back yard note width of foot is 11 inches! Summer 2011

Two prints left beside deck, not stride is 6 feet Summer 2012
A Bigfoot urinated beside the deck, the urine smell was very strong Summer 2012

I took a scoop of the dirt, do not know if it can be analyzed. Summer 2012

Below is a "message" I found in my back yard. The green fence post was pulled out of the ground, it was driven over two foot into the ground. The cross lined up with the compass and the arrow was pointing south toward the research area. Spring 2011

Finger prints left on the dog food tub

Large foot print left beside deck, dogs were barking late at night went outside and found foot print. Summer 2011

Juvenile print made in the snow 12/25/2011

Below is where the Bigfoot stand to reach over and get to the dog foot tub. In the spring I purposely disturbed the ground then was careful to never walk in this area. As I suspected as the summer went by the disturb ground was compacted and smoothed out by the repeated visits by the Bigfoot. Summer 2012

Note the ground is only compacted on the corner where the dog food tub is located

The below foot print was made after a light rain. The mud stuck to the bottom of the foot and left these imprints behind. Spring 2012

After a bout if heavy rain I found a large wet area of muddy water and debris on my back deck. It appeared as if something had sit or laid down during the night. Rain does not leak or blow that far in on the covered deck. This has never been repeated before of since. This happen summer 2012.

A X made of twigs was left on the corner of the deck near where the urine was found. 

Muddy finger prints left on the dog food tub.

Example of missing dog food. I always level the top and snap the lid shut each evening. The next day large scoops had been taken from the tub.

I used a night scope to capture what I think was a Bigfoot hiding beside the neighbors deck in the shrubbery. The first photo shows the disturbed ground then next morning. My neighbor that lives directly behind the sighting area verified that she saw a "large dark figure" standing there from her kitchen window. She went to get her husband and when they came back it was gone. Winter 2011
Disturbed ground where the Bigfoot was standing.

This is the eye of the Bigfoot

Detail of the left eye after filter applied.

Summer 2012

Hand print left on siding beside dog food tub


Foot print and toe prints beside deck

Foot print beside deck
December 2013
Finger prints on table

Foot print measurements. The foot print was found after dogs alerted me late in the evening

Below is a foot print left in ash. I purposely placed fire place ash on the ground around the four corners of my house. I successfully captured a foot print using this method.

Below are hair samples collected from a hair trap place in area where the Bigfoot cross the fence into my back yard.

These were sent into the DNA Study

This foot print was found after a hard rain during the night, the detail is gone but you can see the outline

Below are the Trail Camera Photos of Bigfoot IR eye shine. It appears to me that an adult is holding an infant on it's left hip.

It appears another Bigfoot is running through the neighbors back yard single eye on the left

  I noticed the dog food tub that the Bigfoot take from was moved a little a couple weeks ago. I marked the location on the decking then kept observing what was going on. In the past two weeks the tub has moved 20 inches to the edge of the deck. I explain the situation and update you the residential visits.


  1. Wow, I do not know if I could handle something like this going on around my house. Well, my wife couldn't. How do you get along with your neighbors? I really respect what your doing, your research is awesome, to say the least. I live next to the mountains about 6 houses between me and them. The more I research the less scared I become. There was a bigfoot sighting near here in Provo Utah about a month ago. Keep up the good work.

  2. ... I should say the less fear I feel, but the more strange and wild it becomes.

  3. Sorry, I just keep thinking of things I wanted to say. I love your statement about amateur researchers. There was a bird that was believed to have been found by Cornell ornithologist somewhere in the southern states after 50 years of extinction. Well, the people at Cornell were just sure they had found this "extinct" bird. Ironically the amateurs in this case proved that it was just a typical woodpecker. After about 10 years of this the Cornell people gave a half witted statement about how the bird just might have been there. Wish I could remember the bird named, some billed bird. Here is the Provo Bigfoot footage if you have not already seen it
    I hope you do get the credit for discovering a new species.

  4. can there be two cams maybe 20 ft apart and facing each other... so they might get a 360 of whatever goes between?

    I always wonder why these tree cams/stealth cams can't tace each other because some of the images are hard to see or interpret otherwise

  5. It appears as though they know you and consider you a friend. They have tracked you down and left information behind. You might consider leaving them a "message" back.

  6. Hey Scott....we live on the edge of wilderness and I appreciate all your research and documented details . We've heard heavy tree branches cracking at night from alot of weight on them , I suspected sasquatch because I came across a track and heard deep rumbling growling that lasted as long as I stood near a brush at the creek. I carefully backed up and left after 1 to 1 1/2 min of keeping still to not further alarm what was there. Afrter reading your experiences now I know they can go up in trees. I've since followed your example and left food. I put a peanut butter sandwich in a ziplock baggy up about9 ft in the tree. the next day it was down and the sandwich was pulled apart with 1 slice ate and the other started (I think I interrupted it) I've since found a clean bird scull like yours and a dead snake wrapped around a tree there.They hoot like owls at night and give whoop sounds up above if someone walks by on the gravel road heading up. We've told absolutely no one but it's reassuring we're not imagining things when read articles on your site here. There's more here too large nests etc up mountain above us . anyway...thanks for all your info it helps us to be more aware of this species signs around us

  7. As always,, outstanding work Scott! Its often incomprehensible to me,the feelings of others,when it is made known about these kind of events. To me,and my meager research here,it appears,even with the little bit I've gathered,hoping to make a small contribution somewhere,someday,is this; most people out there, that do not have any knowledge of these entity's,flat out do not want to,or do not want to consider the possibilitys. Maybe out of fear? Or maybe the fantastic nature of? Here,that's a lot of it,and people I've known for years,love and care about like family,and including some lately,,think its a joke,waste of time,etc. But to me,it's worth it. And seeing the wonderful comments always on your site,,I know I'm in good company at times,,and that makes up for it. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  8. Thank you for sharing your sightings with us. I love to hear about them. Keep it up, and Good Luck!
    Jen in Arkansas

  9. I'm more interested in the "sign post" they left for you to follow and what I think might be their family identifier (the "Y" shaped marks) to other Sasquatch (I prefer to use Sasquatch, probably because I live on an Indian Reservation, and since the Indians call themselves Indians,so too will I and besides which, I've yet to hear a Crow call him or herself a Native American!) that may be in the area.

    I also believe that in giving you an indicator towards the direction of your research area they are simply telling where they're from.

    How they followed you back to your home is truly amazing, since they'd have to be extremely stealthy to manage that trip, no matter how far or near without being seen, just think about what all would be involved.

    And the fact that they're putting so much effort in "researching" you, turning the tables as it were...amazing critters.

    In a former life, I have driven through Knoxville in both directions and know the country side, from the interstate, as that was my usual route through there so I can appreciate the density of the forests surrounding Knoxville.

    And yet it's still amazing that these creatures could travel to where you live and not be run over in the process of having to cross so many highways or be seen on the streets.

    I have this idea that the crosses one finds in the woods, including the bowed saplings are actually directional markers intended for others of their kind to find family units, you might try following these sign posts to see where they go, if anywhere.

    The direction of the broken trees indicates the direction for travel and as another gentlemen pointed out, the arches might be indicators for the number of hills or mountains needed to climb.

    Good work as always.

    1. Very observant comment. You have given me a lot to think about in my own studies on the topic. Thanks for your input.

  10. I think that homo ergastor and homo meganthropus were sasquatch..... Erectus was a pre squatch. Neanderthal is more squatch than us. Explain the triangle ribcage in all "homo's" before us. Magnon were much larger than us as well. Explain how all "pre humans" look more "hominid" than "hominoid". There are no (NO) human bones in any of the "so called" pre humans. Feet are different, skulls are different, sinus cavity, humurous, ribcage, the power of all pre-humans exceeds ours. 48 chromosomes to our 46

  11. Scott,
    My name is Don and I live in North Central FL. I have a friend, Dave, who is in East VA. He is a BF investigator, has seen them 2 or 3 times and is surrounded by BF. He is eager to talk to you. He, too has found much evidence. Could you e-mail me:, so I could put you in touch with him, or vice-versa? Great work. I believe you. You didn't come off as a boob on Finding Bigfoot. The Finding BF team should have believed your photo as to exactly what you said it was. Take care, buddy. Hope you can contact me and Dave. P.S. Did the BF follow you home or were you getting visits prior to your searching for them?

  12. Scott,
    Enjoying following your blog. Your Loss of Innocence remarks are important practical acknowledgements to make I think.
    Have to admit still slightly concerned (for you) about the home visitations. In line with the previous contributor, can you elaborate - perhaps in the next upload - on how you think it happened? Looking back, was it easy for them to follow you or the complete opposite?
    Keep up the good work.


  13. I think you're lucky to have such rare and distinguished visitors. You must have a gentle soul because they don't approach anyone. Thanks for sharing your experience!

    1. His voice is real calm and they must know he is.

      Seems he does have a gentle soul. I would be a nervous nellie out there and at almost 51 yrs of age, I would be crying like a baby if I had a close encounter!

  14. I would place a camera up in the corner of the porch aimed towards the container, OR from your neighbors yard? Maybe wear gloves and then put some type of urine scent on the camera so it does not know it is there and has been handled by you?

    Just a thought as they must have a good sense of smell to know dog food is in the bin outside.

    Do they put the lid back on it when done?

    How do the dogs react next door or your own dogs? Are they friendly towards the dogs?

    What about a camera at a neighbors behind you? Would be interesting but I would cover up the smell of it as best as you can. As I said, wear gloves and use some type of urine that won't scare it away.

    Good luck. I appreciate your video's and your blog here.

    I live in Florida and would freak the heck out if I ever saw something like that around my house!

  15. where do you live? why would they go anywhere near human habitation?

  16. It is quite unnerving when they visit your home. When we lived in a subdivision in the city limits of a small central KY city, we had several visits. Garden raids in most if not all garden plots, dog food missing; etc. I have had 6 visual encounters and one audio encounter in this neighborhood. Most late at night,(I'm an insomniac), but there were a few during the day. I'm going to post them soon on if anyone's interested. Scott. Please be safe & keep up your excellent research. It's fascinating.

  17. Yes, it is quite unnerving when you notice things around your home that only these creatures could do. I too have had them come eat dog food, raid our(and neighbors) gardens and fruit trees. We've moved since then due to financial reasons but I'd bet these visits still occur. I just wonder that if I had known then what I have learned now, could I have had a habituation situation. Who knows. I will post my stories on sometime soon. I'm the guy who had the close-up encounter in Tyner KY while deer hunting. There's so much to tell. Everyone please respect these "people" and let's try to get acknowledgement and protection for them. I feel they will be recognized soon as long as people take greed & fame off the table and work together to accomplish a common goal. Species recognition & federal protection. Thank You Scott for all you have done.

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  19. Scott I'm not clear on this. Have bf been living in the area of your home all along or did they follow you home from your research area and only appear near your residence after you had been observing them in other areas? How far is it from your home to your typical research area?

  20. Yes...there are a number of outlying bogs & wetlands within the woods (and small city's "City Forest" ~7mi+ of woods with walking/running trails) ...within & just beyond town(mid-central Maine) that house at least one family(estimation). All Maine towns are simply clearings out of the woods of the last century. My property is near outlying bogs(~2mi+) and wetlands(~150yds) and has a few springs, from old & filled in brook. Have noticed occasional adult and more often juveniles since mid-summer evening(06') & numerous early AM sightings since. Back yard(upright & on all 4s), side yard beyond garage, in front yard with a few moments of 3am shadows w/heavy dashes off my stone front steps. I frequently watch any interesting midnight-early AM tv documentaries, with lights off = occasional sightings(corner of house looking out front window....etc). Front of house is lighted from single street light, recently replaced=no front steps sightings. The woods are just a matter of yards to miles away up here. Found a young moose cow with its uterus gutted(07') and deer bones for decades up in the woods NE Moosehead L. First encounter in 8/66' at edge of bog, NNW of Moosehead L. On several occasions I've walked up within feet of young deer that seemed more afraid of something off in the brush while in the deep woods above Moosehead L. Sasquatch dine on deer, bear, the occasion-al moose and just about anything else...thus, to me they have no special priority on the planet. Some added development along the closest avenue since the early 2000s, combined with an occasional shooting and nightly heli exercises(with FLIR), seemed to have re-located or diminished the appearances locally, however sightings are not reported to the local go figure.