Bigfoot Advanced Concepts - Stealth Mode

I have a interesting theory about how the Bigfoot hide from us or at times seem to disappear. During my  research I have noticed a phenomenon that I occasionally will capture on video recordings. I will usually get the gut “feeling” I am being watched. I then stop and take video of the area where I think the Bigfoot is concealed. I will pause and video for a minute or two and sometimes zoom in and out of the area then move on. When I review the video at a later date I will notice a “blurry” area in the video. The foliage in front of and behind this “blurry” area will be in crisp focus. In a small number of these “blurry” areas a faint figure can sometimes be seen. The figure is always out of focus but recognizable features can sometimes be seen in the “blurry” area such as a nose, mouth, eyes, arms, shoulder, and upper trunk. I have checked my video camera and it is functioning correctly. The lens is clear of debris or finger smudges. The “blurry” area is in different locations on the frame, left, right, and middle.  I am not seeing this “blurry” effect with the naked eye while I am in the field. I only seem to capture it on the video camera.

I began to do research on what could be causing this or what it could be. I found many eye witness accounts where the person reports seeing a Bigfoot then it just “disappears into thin air”. Other witnesses have reported seeing a figure that resembles the alien in the “Predator” movies when using the artificial “cloak”. Native Americans have long believed the Bigfoot has supernatural powers to become invisible or shape shift into other animals. The Native Americans believe this explains how when seemingly cornered with no route of escape the Bigfoot can just disappear from sight.

Theory: The Bigfoot has the ability to use acoustics (infrasound) to excite and control the water vapor molecules in the air around them. They use the water vapor as a prism to reflect and diffuse the light away from their bodies creating a cloaking affect. The Bigfoot will appear to blend in with the environment around them to create a natural camouflage. This camouflage effect is created because the eye is seeing the objects that are around the Bigfoot at different angles.


Date: June 5th, 2010
Location: Research Area B, National Park

I capture just a few frames of a Bigfoot hiding in the middle of heavy vegetation. It is only approximately one hundred feet from the parking area of the trail head. I had the feeling I was being watched and should have stopped and filmed the area thoroughly. Unfortunately I was in a hurry to get to other areas so I pointed the camera in the direction I thought the Bigfoot was hiding and filmed as I walked. This was a mistake. The Bigfoot was no more than fifty feet off the trail. He is in total stealth mode. I have debated if the algorithm of the digital camera turned him green or he was in stealth mode. I am now convinced he was in stealth mode. He was green because that is the color of the vegetation around his body.

The above composites show the Bigfoot in “Stealth Mode”. Note that his face is green and matches the foliage around him. The insert photograph on the left has been converted to black and white. This allows you to see the facial detail.


The theory I have proposed could be categorized as “Science Fiction”. Scientists have only begun to investigate acoustics and how it affects us and the world around us. The science of acoustics is just now in its infancy. Early experiments are showing that sound waves can do amazing things to include levitating objects, boiling water, crumble solid rock, and have numerous physical and physiological effects on humans.

Is the use of acoustics a skill the Bigfoot has mastered? Do they use it on a regular basis to communicate and protect themselves? Is this skill taught to their young and passed on from generation to generation?

The theory I have proposed could be just one possible answer to these questions. I have only provided anecdotal evidence at best. It will take field time, extensive video documentation, and some help from sympathetic experts in the acoustics field to gather the necessary evidence to prove or disprove my theory. I do however think it is plausible based on my observations and research. It is a good starting point to build on.

Video of a Bigfoot in "Stealth Mode"

I had a close encounter with a Big foot in "Stealth Mode". In the National Park it was squatting on the side of the trail. It was reflecting the foliage around it and was dark green. Not all of the Bigfoot was cloaked and you could make out the eyes, the corner of its mouth, and the general body shape. I had not clue that the Bigfoot was on an arms length away from me as I walked by it. 

On of the more interesting aspects of the video is after I pass the Bigfoot leaves stealth mode and turns black again. You can see it crawl out in the trail behind me as I walk away filming my back trail.


  1. Here is an interesting narrative about anomalies seen on the Moon in relation to others who may have a technology to obfuscate what our senses can detect.

    "Consider this. Even at our lesser level of technology, we are already developing invisibility that bends light visually hiding objects and that is just what is being publicly admitted to. We also know that black hole mechanisms suck in everything including light, energy, and mass not allowing it to escape. It is not unreasonable to extrapolate that it is entirely possible that someone's else's higher level of technology may have harnessed to some degree one or the other or both of these principles to their benefit.

    Why then would it be such a shock to logically contemplate that someone on the Moon with very advanced technology may have the capability to hide their structures on the near side from our relatively crude forms of visual viewing? Why would it be so hard to contemplate that they may have developed a technology that absorbs light and not allowing it to pass in a very efficient conversion to solar energy process supporting their civilization? Once the basic concept of such technology is grasped, the next step is to consider that such technology could easily impact the issue of shadows for artificial objects on the Moon.

    As a race, we are beginning to now understand that there is much that exists that goes well beyond what we consider our primary senses. Remember, all of us know that just because we can't visually see the wind, it is most certainly there and we ignore its existence and force at our peril. The same for magnetism and gravity. I suspect no one here reading this is stupid enough to want to put gravity's presence to the test by personally jumping out of an airplane without a safety devise like a parachute."

  2. Scott,
    While it's obvious your passion and belief in what you've filmed here is genuine, the image quality and resolution are too poor to be convincing. My opinion is that your images are of normal shadows created by the vegetation, and the camera's moving relationship to those shadows, are giving different colors and fluid shape, because of the change in perspective as you walk.
    I really don't think you captured anything here at all. Can't comment on all your research, as I've not viewed it yet. Perhaps a camera that captures 1080HD would give better results?!

    1. Of course I completely disagree, but I appreciate the thoughtful and respectful comments. It is refreshing!


    2. Scott,
      Understand, I do respect what your doing; anybody that has put in the tenacity and time that you obviously have deserve credit. I just think you could do your research more justice, and better make your assertions and observations with a camera like a Canon 7D or 5DMk2, that have high quality resolution, for a very reasonable price. Think about it!


  3. Scott, I have to agree with you. I also would like to add that on some videos it is not only blurry, but at times you can see a black, blurry shape. I can see the features that you mention. I would like to ask you if when you see this blurry shapes (on video) do you also see a lot of faces in the mass? Big ones, small ones, and sometimes even huge ones. It's like a reflection that gets transferred to film some how. I believe we are able to see them because of the digital cameras that are being used. Just wanted to say that I see them too. Thanks for the dedication.

  4. Keep up the good work Scott, I find it fascinating, I really enjoy your videos and analysis, you have a skill in seeing what others miss, I think we are only just beginning to scratch the surface of the life of these beings, keep on tracking

  5. I haven't seen anything in any of my video that does what you are saying. And I have my own video and pictures of bigfoot.
    I live here in Arizona, and the only thing that I have found on my video is that when the zoom is out too far, I always have to deal with the UV light that begins to distort the picture/video.
    I now rarely step into any digital zoom. I try my best to keep my cameras in only optical zoom. But it always gets the best of me, and so I dip into digital Z every now and then.
    And when I do dip into digital zoom, I end up having to work harder when trying to pick things out.

    Now, I'm not knocking your work because just from a few facial features that you show in some of your still captures and frame captures, that you're dealing with bigfoot.
    The big bulbous nose is the main feature that stands out.
    I don't like mentioning that feature because you can call out hoaxers when they try and pass a fake photo or video.
    That feature is barely known.
    But, it's all about the quality. But, "quality" costs money.
    Not many researchers can shell out 1500.00 on a camera. Go Pros are useless and anything under 500 are as well.
    But try and stay away from digital zoom.
    I've been at this religiously for 8 years now. And I do consider myself a professional when it comes to analyzing digital media.
    I don't have the paperwork, but I can teach a pro a thing or two.
    Possibly 1000s of things, really.
    One other things that makes all of this hard is something that is hard to get around. Green leaves.
    They are a menace!
    They're the shaoe of an eye cavity and eye.
    Their color, green, is the best and brightest color that the human eye can pick up. This is why night vision are in green.
    And, old dull leaves drop, giving way to bright new fresh leaves that reflect light really good! Also, the shape of leaves tend to bounce around the light that ends up on the camera's imaging chip. And at just 10 feet away, you have a green splash if the sun in involved even in the slightest.

    99.9% of people don't understand any of this.
    But this is one of the reasons why nost bigfoot videos and pictures end up playing havoc with what your camera produces.
    Take a picture of a tree with green leaves. Just how much actual green do you see and how much white sunlight do you see being reflected back into the camera?
    Quite a bit.

    Hope this helps.
    I never involve anything like dimensions and cloaking and things of that nature.
    I involve what I can investigate.
    The rest is hocus pocus.