Friday, August 16, 2019

Blue Ridge GA Sasquatch Prints

My wife and step daughter were on a mother daughter trip during the early part of August 2019. The locations was a remote cabin near Blue Ridge Georgia.Upon arrival they noted the "Bigfoot Encounter Warning Sign" at the trail head.
My wife was afraid since it was just her and her daughter. I told her when they went to bed turn all the outside lights on which they did.

Despite the lights they found the foot prints of a small adult and infant on the deck of the cabin. The adults toes are very long 3 to 4 inches. The subjects walked through the wet grass, then across fine dirt, which left almost finger print quality prints. The prints have detail one seldom sees to include dermal ridge patterns.

She also gathered swabs from the prints for possible DNA testing, now that that is possible.

The second night the adult and infant returned with what appeared to be the male of the family and left more prints. The new print was more "traditional" with shorter toes and a large flat foot approximately 14 inches long. The smaller adult was about 11 inches long.

They came back again the last night of the trip, but due a rain only one new print was found under the deck from the adult with long toes.

My wife did an excellent job of investigating and I am very very proud of her. They were the perfect "bait".

They did not see them, but did hear wood knocks, grunting, and other odd noises.