Bigfoot Gifts

Over the past four years I have been given several "gifts" from the Bigfoot. Below are a few of them.

The most amazing gift was the Wild Mint left on top of a stack of rocks on a stump. Just an hour before I had walked by this stump and there was nothing on it.

Wild Mint left on top of this rock stack.

Feathers left in my drive way by sticking five of them in a crack. A bone was also left on my back deck.


Yellow mushroom left in the middle of a narrow trail in the National Park. I walked out this trail, had a Bigfoot sighting and on the way back approximately 30 minutes later I find this mushroom laying intact in the middle of the trail.

 Below are the series of feathers left beside the drivers side door of my vehicle each morning for five days in a row.

The hawk skull was left for me at a feeding station. I found it after giving the Bigfoot candy. The skull was clean of all flesh, laying on moss in a "stick structure".  The skull is extremely delicate.

 This feather was sticking in the ground on the side of the trail. I had gone up the trail and nothing was present. I returned 30 minutes later and this was sticking in the ground.

This feather was left in the middle of the trail on top of three large slate rocks. I had walked past and nothing was in the trail, came back about 45 minutes later the rocks were stacked up and this was laying on top.

This delicate mushroom was left in the middle of the trail for me. I had gone into an area where I had placed a trail camera. I had forgotten the batteries and had to return to my vehicle to retrieve them. On my way back I found this mushroom laying in the center of the trail only 10 minutes after I had walked through.


  1. Cool stuff. What do you leave them?

  2. I have been a "believer" for years and an avid naturalist all my life. I just returned from hiking on the Appalachian Trail, in the GA region, between Springer Mtn and Woody Gap. I came across 3 examples of possible cairns while completing my six day journey. I do think that they sense who will be intuitive enough to receive their messages... question is, why communicate with us at all? Is it curiosity, or a deeper connection? I certainly felt blessed to receive the gifts and returned in kind.

    1. I think they see we are similar to them but not as hairy, smelly and wonder who we are from that maybe?

      Perhaps curiosity but hopefully they stay gentle and no crazy human goes out to harass them and let's them be.

      They are unique and I believe in them though I've never seen evidence myself of such.

      I feel bad for them, always having to hide but who can blame them.

      I want to think they are vegetarian but I've read they eat goats? I'd worry about pets in the area myself.

      But I too would feel blessed that they left gifts if I had left gifts for them. I think it would be a real special bond to create.

  3. Had several incidences on our farm growing up. I saw a bigfoot once but odd things occured other times. One summer something was taking chickens from the chicken house and closing the door back up. In the morning I would find a pile of 5 or 6 bullheads directly in front of our front door. They would still be breathing and none of the cats would touch them. Never thought about it being gifting till I read bigfoot articles. Now I have to wonder if this could be the explanation.

    1. Very good story, I wonder if they were trading the bullheads for the chickens?, sure sounds like it....

  4. I finally made the camping trip I have been planning for some time-To an area about 60 miles as the crow flies from the famous Bluff Creek area. Two things happened. I found and filmed numerous three rock stack formations in very odd spots. I had left food-salmon, teriyaki steak, corn on the cob,peanut butter mixed with trail mix, apples and some garlic cloves-all loosely wrapped in tin foil and placed on a tree stump about 75 feet from our tent-left it over night. I was disappointed to find it all there,untouched, the next morning.With a weather front moving in we decided to break camp.I unwrapped all the food, not wanting to litter the environment with tin foil and placed the food on the ground next to a stump.The apples stayed on top of the stump.We left and decided to drive up the dirt road a few miles and see the landscape which was remote and breathtaking before heading back to civilization. On a whim I decided to stop back at the camp site to see if 'anything' had eaten the food. Every scrap was gone except the whole garlic cloves and the 3 apples.However one apple had an interesting modification. It looked like something had taken a large finger and had gouged out a piece as if to taste it. No teeth or claw marks at all. The area is rich in wildlife-deer, raccons,squirrels etc.Well deer don't eat meat.Raccoons would have eaten the apples too as would have black bear (which are rare here).Hmmm.I don't know of any animals that would gouge a piece of apple without leaving teeth or claw marks. Although I saw no footprints, or heard tree knocks or yells I did feel strongly as if I was being watched.I will definately return to this area as it would be a prime Sasquatch habitat.

  5. I would check the symbolism of these gifts, maybe Indian lore, medicine man, shaman or wiccan. They seem to be hints of sorts, particularly when they continue to be duplicated more than once. The bone may represent a symbol perhaps. The bird skull? I did a brief search and thoough I saw a lot of bird & raven skull pendants, not any with the meaning of symbolism in my cursory search, excepting this for a Raven (maybe find out what kind of bird skull?)

    For many of the indigenous people of the Americas, the raven is a powerful animal totem, a protector and spirit guide. He's a shape- shifter and messenger and a symbol of transformation. Its coal black plumage invokes the void, secrecy, and mystery. But the raven is also a solar symbol. The mythical raven brought the Sun to mankind, and in so doing became a symbol of light. From the earliest times, raven myths tell of its intelligence and concern for humans. Raven also provided the Moon and Stars for his people, and Fresh Water and Fire. He did this by stealing them from their guardian, Gray Eagle. Once white-feathered, the raven's snowy plumage was blackened by the smoke from the Fire as he carried the precious load in his beak.