Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Bigfoot on the Point - Enhanced Version

This is a frame by frame enhancement of an infant Bigfoot observing me from behind my back. The footage was captured on a back trail camera and I was unaware of the Bigfoot's presence. 

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Bigfoot in The Laurel - Frame by Frame Ehancement

I am going back through and doing a frame by frame clean up and enhancement, adjusting, brightness, contrast, and sharpness. The video is in slow motion. Please note that this was taken with a "back trail camera" in 2010. This means I was filming behind me and did not see the subject. When I did turn around the subject ducked down out of sight. For many this is hard to accept, what they look like, how they hide. But this is the reality of the Bigfoot, not the commercialized version and the preconceived notion many have from the main stream.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Bigfoot Research - So Now What?????

 I am sure you have noticed I have not made many post on this blog lately. The reason? It is SLOW, this time of year the Bigfoot become harder to find and track.  I frankly to not feel comfortable filling my blog with “fluff” just to keep readers interested and returning. This is a research blog, and when I have something concerning research then I will post it.

On the broader subject of “Bigfoot Research” it is quiet as well. This fall was very anticlimactic with the disappointing Sykes study and the continued battle between the DNA Supporters and the DNA Detractors we are at an impasse. The DNA Study is now out there in the public arena and hopefully in time “serious minded” scientist will take a intellectually honest look at the study and judge/critique it on its merits. Only time will tell.

What direction do we turn in the research? I am past the “proving” state of my research and into the “behavior” and “habitation” phase. In my mind the existence has been “scientifically” proven. Some may not accept the results, but that as they say is “their problem”.

Now the work begins of documenting behavior, language, culture, habits, etc. This is hard work. This is where the millions of dollars the Federal Government throws away on the “mating habits of the fruit fly” would come in handy. Being an amateur I have limited financial resources and time. This slows the “habituation” part of the study down to less than a crawl. Progress will be slow only being able to devote approximately 18 hours a month to the study. This kind of work is 24/7 living and working in the field, being near them, letting them learn about and trust the researcher. A difficult task given the limited amount of time an amateur is afforded.

While others still strive to “scientifically prove” that the Bigfoot exists, I think it’s time to move on and leave the scientist behind. Many know the truth but do not want to acknowledge or admit it for either personal or political reasons. So I say why waste our time proving anything to them? If I establish a trusted relationship with a clan of Bigfoot then what need is there for “proof”. 

I have learned there are many forces at work in the “Bigfoot World”. It is a complicated mess of egos, competing schools of thought, scientific bias, government denial, possible cover ups and withholding of information, hoaxers, savage critics, misinformation, and the list could go on forever.  I am ready to put all that behind me and just get on with the research that needs to be done, that won’t be done unless dedicated amateurs step forward and do it all around the country. The scoffing will continue, but what better excuse is there to spend a day in the great outdoors? Sometimes I learn more about the Bigfoot when I am just enjoying myself than when I am “researching”.

So I will see you in the pages of this blog, my updates and posts may not be as “controversial” or  “exciting” but I think they may have more substance and be more thought provoking for those who are serious about the subject.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Bigfoot Research - An Apple A Day

I found this footage from April 2013. It is from the feeding station on my public land research area. I left an apple and return to find it bitten completely in two. Please note that the apple was placed in a fork of a tree eight feet off the ground. When I returned it was in the same fork of the tree. I had placed out two other apples they were both gone....