Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Bigfoot Research - So Now What?????

 I am sure you have noticed I have not made many post on this blog lately. The reason? It is SLOW, this time of year the Bigfoot become harder to find and track.  I frankly to not feel comfortable filling my blog with “fluff” just to keep readers interested and returning. This is a research blog, and when I have something concerning research then I will post it.

On the broader subject of “Bigfoot Research” it is quiet as well. This fall was very anticlimactic with the disappointing Sykes study and the continued battle between the DNA Supporters and the DNA Detractors we are at an impasse. The DNA Study is now out there in the public arena and hopefully in time “serious minded” scientist will take a intellectually honest look at the study and judge/critique it on its merits. Only time will tell.

What direction do we turn in the research? I am past the “proving” state of my research and into the “behavior” and “habitation” phase. In my mind the existence has been “scientifically” proven. Some may not accept the results, but that as they say is “their problem”.

Now the work begins of documenting behavior, language, culture, habits, etc. This is hard work. This is where the millions of dollars the Federal Government throws away on the “mating habits of the fruit fly” would come in handy. Being an amateur I have limited financial resources and time. This slows the “habituation” part of the study down to less than a crawl. Progress will be slow only being able to devote approximately 18 hours a month to the study. This kind of work is 24/7 living and working in the field, being near them, letting them learn about and trust the researcher. A difficult task given the limited amount of time an amateur is afforded.

While others still strive to “scientifically prove” that the Bigfoot exists, I think it’s time to move on and leave the scientist behind. Many know the truth but do not want to acknowledge or admit it for either personal or political reasons. So I say why waste our time proving anything to them? If I establish a trusted relationship with a clan of Bigfoot then what need is there for “proof”. 

I have learned there are many forces at work in the “Bigfoot World”. It is a complicated mess of egos, competing schools of thought, scientific bias, government denial, possible cover ups and withholding of information, hoaxers, savage critics, misinformation, and the list could go on forever.  I am ready to put all that behind me and just get on with the research that needs to be done, that won’t be done unless dedicated amateurs step forward and do it all around the country. The scoffing will continue, but what better excuse is there to spend a day in the great outdoors? Sometimes I learn more about the Bigfoot when I am just enjoying myself than when I am “researching”.

So I will see you in the pages of this blog, my updates and posts may not be as “controversial” or  “exciting” but I think they may have more substance and be more thought provoking for those who are serious about the subject.


  1. Amen brother! Sit back and think about why you started researching to begin with. Was a personal quest? Were you trying to prove something to yourself or to others? Personally I don't feel like people that have a true personal connection to this just happen to stumble upon it. There's a reason you had your first experience as a child. There's a reason I had my first experience. I don't understand it, but somehow people with a real connection seem to have been chosen to have their eyes opened. Those are the people that can make real progress. I say get back to the basics. Scientist are scientist and we've seen where that leads. Go ahead and leave them behind! If you do what you've always done you'll be what you've always been. It's time to learn who they are not just what they are and the ones to do that are the ones with the true connection. Back to the basics...

  2. The Bigfoot community as a whole is a complete train wreck at this point. Until more people, as you suggest, get past trying to prove they exist and move towards actual research, nothing is going to change.

    Most people in this community are in it for ego stroking and trying to prove something. Others, like yourself, are truly in it because you're curious and want to know more.

    I wish there were many more like you and way less of those that make up the majority of this community.

  3. More power to you, Scott. I agree with you 100%.

  4. Great post as always Scott... I'm in the same place...and studying the same things. It's what makes sense. Some of us feel called to do this work and it's not about recognition... It's about learning about them and understanding.

  5. Sounds like you are turning off the "noise" and just following your heart and enjoying the journey, good for you! Thank you, again, for sharing what you learn with all of us. Wondering if the visits to your home have continued or if they have they slowed down and stopped?

  6. Scott, I don't think you fully understand what you have given the study of bigfoot. Like I said before, I have followed this for many years. For a long time, I would say since the P-G film we have been
    spinning our wheels. Time has given us a second chance. What with
    the internet, High Tech cameras, sound recorders and a growing list
    of researchers, for better or worse, we are for a want of a better term
    " finally on the edge ". Like it or not you stepped into a role that many look to for answers even if that means coming up with theories
    to be kicked around. Bigfoot has been proven. That much we know,
    still the pages are yet to be filled. Greg Craddock's eye shine video is telling us something but what?
    Are the beings we call bigfoot capable of producing light through their
    eyes? Is every wood knock we hear in fact made the way we think?
    The time of filling u-tube with nonsense has long past those of us that
    are serious about this subject. You have created a wonderful place
    here that can be used as a sounding board for ideas to be exchanged
    and explored. The quiet time can be used for reflection and make us
    aware of other theories .

    1. I agree with the "old man"...this is possibly the best informational site about bigfoot on the web...seriously.

  7. Hi Scott, I agree with you we don't need to prove BF exists any longer. Thus said I ran across Matt Moneymaker's tweet today(copied and pasted below). At first I was surprised by his comment. Then I got sort of mad cause I thought okay what is he hinting at what's coming down the pike that he's on board with. Scratching my head at why would he say that. Anybody got in thoughts on this? Thanks everybody have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!

    Matt Moneymaker ✔ @MattMoneymaker1
    I predict science will someday prove sasquatches are basically giant, ground-dwelling Siamangs ( ). R many connections
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  8. it wasn't slow where I live . it seems to pick up more action in the winter.