Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Bigfoot Research - An Apple A Day

I found this footage from April 2013. It is from the feeding station on my public land research area. I left an apple and return to find it bitten completely in two. Please note that the apple was placed in a fork of a tree eight feet off the ground. When I returned it was in the same fork of the tree. I had placed out two other apples they were both gone....


  1. For some reason I did not find any footage attached to your text. By the way, did you see this link about the latest hominid that was 400,000 years old. It shows how scientists have to keep changing their theories about 'ancient man'.

  2. Ok, nothing to do with apples, but Coast to Coast AM show last night
    covered a story in Nature journal, yeah that one, that a cave in Spain
    yielded 400,000 year old human type DNA. And something different
    about it. Get on your alternative history caps on once again. Melba's
    results may get accepted yet.

  3. Is that "v" shaped mark in the bite from a fang you think?

  4. Just curious...did you measure that clear tooth mark to see how wide the teeth were? Might be another clue?