Monday, April 29, 2013

Bigfoot Research - Advanced Concepts - Stealth Mode - Part 2

I had a close encounter with a Big foot in "Stealth Mode". In the National Park it was squatting on the side of the trail. It was reflecting the foliage around it and was dark green. Not all of the Bigfoot was cloaked and you could make out the eyes, the corner of its mouth, and the general body shape. I had not clue that the Bigfoot was on an arms length away from me as I walked by it. 

On of the more interesting aspects of the video is after I pass the Bigfoot leaves stealth mode and turns black again. You can see it crawl out in the trail behind me as I walk away filming my back trail.

Bigfoot Research - Advanced Concepts - Stealth Mode Part 1

I have a interesting theory about how the Bigfoot hide from us or at times seem to disappear. During my  research I have noticed a phenomenon that I occasionally will capture on video recordings. I will usually get the gut “feeling” I am being watched. I then stop and take video of the area where I think the Bigfoot is concealed. I will pause and video for a minute or two and sometimes zoom in and out of the area then move on. When I review the video at a later date I will notice a “blurry” area in the video. The foliage in front of and behind this “blurry” area will be in crisp focus. In a small number of these “blurry” areas a faint figure can sometimes be seen. The figure is always out of focus but recognizable features can sometimes be seen in the “blurry” area such as a nose, mouth, eyes, arms, shoulder, and upper trunk. I have checked my video camera and it is functioning correctly. The lens is clear of debris or finger smudges. The “blurry” area is in different locations on the frame, left, right, and middle.  I am not seeing this “blurry” effect with the naked eye while I am in the field. I only seem to capture it on the video camera.

Friday, April 26, 2013

More Dogman Strangeness

In the Spring of 2012 I was walking through heavy foliage on my way to the Bigfoot feeding station on my public land research area. The trusty back trail camera caught this interesting apparition watching me as I walked by.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Bigfoot Research - Advanced Concepts - The "Odd Stuff"

When I first started doing “Bigfoot Research” I thought that a Bigfoot was some sort of cross between a man and an ape. A missing link you might say. It did not take me long to realize that the Bigfoot was no ape or missing link. He looked human in the face and exhibited an intelligence equal to and at times more advanced than our own. 

I also learned that there was more going on in the woods than just a large hairy man running around scaring the tourist. When Bigfoot researchers talk amongst ourselves we often share some on the “odd stuff” we have witness or experienced. These are things we would never discuss publicly and only share with those we trust. People already think you’re a “kook” for researching Bigfoot so there is no way any of the “odd stuff” would be talked about.

Well I am going to break with the conventional wisdom and share with you some of the things researchers do not talk about. Some you may be aware of some you may not. I only know that if you research Bigfoot long enough you are going to run into or experience these things.

Orbs – Bright round balls of light that float through the forest. They can be almost any color and range in size from a baseball to larger than a beach ball. They have been reported to hover around Bigfoot and appear just after or before a Bigfoot sighting. They can also appear alone and not associated with Bigfoot research. I have never experienced this and if I did I would exit the area immediately. The orbs have been known to do nasty things to people and animals. In the book “Hunt for the Skin Walker” an orb was seen killing a dog by “melting it”!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Watching the Watchers

I continue my series on advanced research concepts with the following video.


Thursday, April 18, 2013

This Is Just CREEPY!!

This is just creepy! In the Dogman footage there is a frame where the creature has its head back. The snout is easily visible but what is disturbing to me is the eye. When the still capture is adjusted for brightness, contrast, and sharpness this eye comes into focus. The Dogman has a white sclera around a small, black, "beady" looking iris.  This just gives me chills.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Bigfoot Research - Advanced Concepts - Deception - Back Trail Footage

I discussed in part one the use of the back trail camera. It is a invaluable tool in Bigfoot research. During my review of the back trail video I discover what appears to be a Bigfoot crawling on the ground behind me. The Big guy has reddish brown hair and gray skin.

This is one of those videos that is not crystal clear. I only capture two seconds of the Bigfoot and only about 45 frames are clear enough to be recognizable. This is a research video and of course "proves" nothing. It is not meant to prove anything. It is an excellent example of just one of the methods the Bigfoot employ to follow a person. This is the first time I have ever captured a Bigfoot crawling on the ground!

Click "Read more" for the still captures

Monday, April 15, 2013

Bigfoot Research - Advanced Concepts - Deception

I often use deception as a part of my research. I will place a back trail on my shoulder then go out and do an activity other than researching. I am a avid hunter so many times during my hunting trips I will place the back trail camera on and then enjoy my day hunting. I hope that I may fool the Bigfoot and its curiosity will get the best of it. The below video is a demonstration of this technique. The footage is from an turkey hunting outing on 04/14/2013.

 The technique may have paid off. During the review of my back trail video I found what looks like a Bigfoot crawling along the ground behind me.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Bigfoot Field Journal eBook - Its a Hit!

Purchase The Bigfoot Field Journal - Volume 1 - eBook
DNA Study Edition

The book continues to receive rave reviews from readers. I chronical the first two years of my research including how I first became interested in Bigfoot through collecting Bigfoot hair samples for the Ketchum DNA Study. You will see actual photographs of the areas, footprints, stick structures, and of course the Bigfoot that I have captured on video. This eBook edition is the perfect format for this type of presentation. It is in Adobe PDF format which can be read on almost any computer or personal computing device from Windows, Apple, iPads, Kindles, etc. With your electronic copy you can enlarge the photographs with ease. There is no squinting and hard to see washed out photos like you would see in a paper back book. If you do not wish to order on-line then send me an email at: and I will make arrangements to mail you a copy on a DVD.

Here is what the readears are saying about the book:

From FaceBook Laurie says:

I am just about done reading Scott's book. I am so glad I ordered it. I am very impressed by Scott thinking of so many innovative ways in which to seek the answers we all look for. I have watched Scott's videos as well. It is obvious Scott is a smart man. When Scott is not able to prove something scientifically, he will give you the evidence and give you his honest opinion of things. As he says, he is not a scientist and if a scientist wants to dispute what he has in his book, it would benefit the whole study of Sasquatch because to date - they have not expressed any interest in the subject.


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What do the "DNA Deep Throat" and the Ketchum DNA Study Have In Common?

I do not ascribe to Lloyd Pye’s theories concerning the origins of humans but I do find his work very interesting and thought provoking. I was watching one of his presentations when he mentioned what he called the “DNA Deep Throat”. This is a Geneticist that emailed him in 1999 with some very interesting assertions. Below is an excerpt from this email Pye received:

“Dear Mr. Pye:

I agree with your conclusions [that humans are genetically engineered] and will give you a few hints, if you wish [speaking] as a “DNA Deep Throat.” First, look up the huge discontinuities between humans and the various apes for: (1) Whole mitochondrial DNA; (2) genes for the Rh Factor; (3) and human Y chromosomes, among others.

Regarding #3, I refer you to K.D. Smith’s 1987 study titled “Repeated DNA sequences of the human Y chromosome.” It says “Most human Y chromosome sequences thus far examined do not have homologues [same relative position or structure] on the Y chromosomes of other primates.” Human female X chromosomes do look somewhat apelike, but not the male’s Y.

This means that if humans are a crossbred species, the cross had to be between a female ape-like creature [i.e, “creature of Earth”] and a male being from elsewhere.”

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Bigfoot Research - Advanced Concepts - Unsubs

I am starting a series on advanced Bigfoot research concepts. I will address some of the unexplainable things that happen to researchers. I will also look at the extraordinary abilities of the Bigfoot and propose theories to explain these abilities. This series will be a diet of MEAT and Potatoes. It will not be baby food mush. I am warning the reader now that a knowledge of Bigfoot research and the history of my research is required. This is Bigfoot research 109 not 101. I will not spend much time filling the reader in on my research history or giving detailed background to many situations.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Possible Bigfoot Howl

I place a digital voice recorder on my back deck periodically to try and catch audio in case a Bigfoot visits. On April 06, 2013 at 3:00 AM I captured what sounds like a howl. Is it a Bigfoot howl? Listen to the audio and see for yourself.

Friday, April 5, 2013

The Best Bigfoot Footage You Never Saw - Yep Back to Bigfoot!

This is the continuation of a series I started before the DNA Study and Dogman events. I am taking a more detailed and critical look at the footage I consider to be the best modern footage of a Bigfoot/Sasquatch. The subject is hiding in the middle of a laurel thicket watching me as I urinate. I have my back turned to the subject with my camera pointing behind me. I did not see the subject, it ducked down when I turned around.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Thom Powell Supports the Ketchum DNA Study and The "Tribe" then Attacks

Thom Powell wrote a well reasoned  blog post in support of the Ketchum DNA study. He also agreed with my assertions that Justin Smeja submitted different samples to Bart Cutino for his "independent DNA testing" and that he did it to avoid possible legal prosecution for  "accidentally killing a human being". He also brought up what he calls the "Tribe". This is the group of bigfoot researchers and supposed bigfoot and/or cryptid groups that savagely attack anyone that puts forth any evidence that Bigfoot is not an ape or has a view point that they do not agree with. Below is Powell's statement:

"Meanwhile, anyone who attempts to challenge the groupthink by endorsing the new idea or new evidence is roundly dismissed with pat turns-of-phrase like: ‘They drank the Kool-aid’ (a crass reference to the members of James Jones’ cult who committed mass suicide in Guyana). In truth, the groupthinkers are the cult, consisting of the vocal critics who will not examine the ideas on the basis of their merits, and those who fall in line behind them for fear of becoming outcasts from the 'bigfoot researcher tribe." 

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

On The Radio Tonight - I will be the quest on Crypto Reality hosted by Mark Zaskey

Join us tonight on the radio show Crypto Reality hosted by Mark Zaskey. The show airs tonight from 11:00 PM to 1:00 AM EST. Listen online at:

I will be discussing my involvement in the Ketchum DNA Study, my new eBook "The Bigfoot Field Journal", and of course the Dogman.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

"You Can't Handle The Truth?!?!"

It has been over a week since I posted the documentary “The Dogman Monsters are Real”. The reaction has been interesting to say the least. Before I produced the documentary I had shown the raw footage to several well-known names in the Bigfoot research arena. All of them had no problem seeing the subject and recognizing it, even those who think most of my videos are “blobsquathces”. The feedback was amazement and in some cases shock.

I would always call them on the phone then send them a link to the private video that I had posted on YouTube.  It was not uncommon to hear them gasp when it hit them what they were viewing. Usually the gasp was followed by an expletive of some sort.  One notable lady in the field had nightmares after viewing the footage. The footage even got the attention of a national radio host.

Monday, April 1, 2013

In the Cryptid World Truth is Stranger than Fiction

I have been getting some very interesting comments since I released the footage of the "Dogman" and its little friend. I am not the only one to experience creatures that defy explanation. One of my readers "Old Man" posted this interesting account on my blog.

It's time for my strange story. About 20 years ago my father was still alive and living on the property he bought for a retirement home. He kept about 20 sheep to help maintain the pasture. All was fine till the coyotes moved in and slowly killed them off. When they get a hold of a sheep they make a mess. One day Dad said he was missing a sheep again and we walked the pasture fully expecting to see the results of another coyote kill. We didn't, at least I don't think we did. On the opposite side of the fence on the neighbors property, a heavy wooded pasture, we found the contents of a sheep's stomach. No wool, no head, no hoofs, no ribcage, nothing but the contents of the stomach. It was as if something had picked up the animal and squeezed the animal until the contents of the animal were expelled. The carcass was never found. Explain that if you can.