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The Bigfoot Field Journal eBook - Its a Hit!

Purchase The Bigfoot Field Journal - Volume 1 - eBook
DNA Study Edition

The book continues to receive rave reviews from readers. I chronical the first two years of my research including how I first became interested in Bigfoot through collecting Bigfoot hair samples for the Ketchum DNA Study. You will see actual photographs of the areas, footprints, stick structures, and of course the Bigfoot that I have captured on video. This eBook edition is the perfect format for this type of presentation. It is in Adobe PDF format which can be read on almost any computer or personal computing device from Windows, Apple, iPads, Kindles, etc. With your electronic copy you can enlarge the photographs with ease. There is no squinting and hard to see washed out photos like you would see in a paper back book. If you do not wish to order on-line then send me an email at: and I will make arrangements to mail you a copy on a DVD.

Here is what the readears are saying about the book:

From FaceBook Laurie says:

I am just about done reading Scott's book. I am so glad I ordered it. I am very impressed by Scott thinking of so many innovative ways in which to seek the answers we all look for. I have watched Scott's videos as well. It is obvious Scott is a smart man. When Scott is not able to prove something scientifically, he will give you the evidence and give you his honest opinion of things. As he says, he is not a scientist and if a scientist wants to dispute what he has in his book, it would benefit the whole study of Sasquatch because to date - they have not expressed any interest in the subject.


 From a reader "Kay"

"Scott... I just started to read your book! I must say even your forward and your preface are appetite whetting, I've just started reading but I already had to stop and tell you .... I'm so glad I purchased your book ! Your attention to detail is amazing , and explaining up front how every picture was so scrutinized will make each picture that much more appreciated . I'm off to read more. This is so interesting that I have to actually force myself to slow down so I don't miss any details. I know any one who purchases your book will definitely be glad they did !!"

"Well....I finished this book , and I must say , I was not disappointed . You really take the reader on a journey with you Scott ! Your descriptions of what you were seeing , hearing , smelling and thinking make a person feel like they experienced it too . You really showed some insight on how bigfoot thinks too , exposing a little of their illusive personality .For example how when you annoyed them by going too fast rocks would be thrown ahead of you , and the back and forth inter action with the gifts and rock formations . I could write a whole page , but I'll end here and say ....Awesome job Scott !! Congratulations ! I do hope you publish in paper back one day .....would be nice to see this book in the book shelves ."

"Greg" says:

" Scott, if you only knew how much this and your book have lit a fire under my behind. I've had so much going on lately that I pretty much put my national park location on the back shelf. Since we were having activity around the house I was just focusing on that. I've missed getting out there. It's been almost a year since I've done any real investigating out there. Hope they still remember me. Heading out there all day this weekend. Time to get back to it! I have no excuse living only 15 minutes away.
I grew up in a country town in Mississippi. Hunting, fishing and camping were familiar to me. I loved anything outdoors and still do. I feel I can spot things in the woods fairly well, but you amaze me at some of the things you pull out of your videos. How in the world do you go through all the video you take and see these guys like that?! There's no telling what all I possibly have on film but just looked over it. The more I learn the more I realize I don't know. Love it!"

This is a journal of the first two years of my research. This journal contains detailed information about my participation in the Ketchum Bigfoot DNA Study. Eleven hair (DNA) samples were verified in the study as being Bigfoot (Sasquatch) hair. Below is an excerpt from the journal:

Excerpt from the DNA Study:

Hair samples were sent to the Southwestern Institute of Forensic Sciences (Dallas, TX) for analysis. The samples were evaluated visually, stereoscopically, and by light microscopy to determine human or animal origin. Hairs that were classified as potential novel hominid were also evaluated for DNA typing potential by examining for root material.

Only hairs that were not human in appearance and could not be identified as any other species were utilized in this study.

 The samples mentioned in the study above were processed and the mitochondrial DNA extracted and sequenced. The 11 samples that were chosen from the samples I submitted were determined to be Sasquatch (Bigfoot). The sample numbers from Table 1 of the Study are 2, 3, 11, 38, 42, 70, 82, 122, 125, 126, and 127. From this group of samples three had enough genetic material to run a full mitochondrial DNA sequence. These samples numbers were 2, 11, and 38.

 David Paulides a good friend and the director of North American Bigfoot Search had this to say:

There are many people that call themselves a "Bigfoot Researcher," few actually earned the title. In the dozens of "researchers" I've met, the most competent, most innovative and the most persistent would be Scott Carpenter. Scott and I first met when we trekked into the Great Smoky Mountain National Park and he invited me into his study area. Scott is a very humble person with a wealth of knowledge. The only Bigfoot sighting I've ever experienced occurred with Scott in an area where he's had continued interaction and collected dozens of DNA samples. I know for a fact the sighting would never have happened if Scott hadn't explained where and how to look in order to make the observation. No, this wasn't a Patterson-Gimlin type sighting, I saw the biped watching us from a very well camouflaged position, the same position where they are probably watching us on trails on a daily basis. It was a very surreal experience that I will never forget.   

While every other "researcher" was placing trail cameras in remote areas attempting to catch the biped on film, Scott realized that a new innovative approach was needed if we wanted to a Bigfoot in a photo. Scott started to place small cameras on the trails looking behind him as he walked into the mountains. This unique approach to the issue has gotten Scott and NABS team members a very unique look at Bigfoot that few have ever seen. This has also proven that the biped is following us as we do our work and are probably watching the entire time were in the woods.

One of the most surprising incidents to ever occur to me in the mountains also occurred in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Scott and I were hiking into a research area when we were stopped by what sounded like teenagers yelling at each other from a very, very thickly vegetated area deep in the wilderness. We stopped and listened with great amazement as this continued for a few minutes. Scott had his video recorder rolling and captured the sounds. The sounds were forwarded to linguistic expert Scott Nelson who confirmed they were Bigfoot language!! Again, if Scott hadn't had the video rolling, nothing would've been recorded and the memory would not have been preserved.

Inside the cover of his book, you are going to privy to some of the most unique photos and research ever captured on Bigfoot Scott is one of the nicest and most credible individuals I have met in this research arena. Trust that Scott is presenting quality research that few have ever had the privilege of viewing. NABS is very lucky to have him on our team, you are fortunate he is willing to share.

David Paulides
Executive Director North American Bigfoot Search
Author of – The Hoopa Project, Tribal Bigfoot, and Missing 411
October 2012


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  1. Scott,fantastic job. I've learned more insight,techniques,and knowledge from those pages,than three (3) years floundering about the blogs,trying to learn through the insanity,and politics,and personal bias,,.
    Thanks for a great book. A book that's a sure bet,to help future generations,and put the most important thing back into Research,,,Results.