Bigfoot and Infrasound

Theory: The Bigfoot can create and use infrasound

Infrasound analysis of the “Sneering Bigfoot Video Footage” Location: Public Land Research Area


The "Sneering Bigfoot"
On April 30th of 2010 I captured a few seconds of a Bigfoot peering through vegetation and sneering at me. A interesting aspect to the video is that I did not discover I had captured the sneering Bigfoot until ten months later. I was reviewing the the videos I had taken during the expedition that day when I found the video clip with the Bigfoot sneering at me. I have no recollection of the Bigfoot or the making of this video. I had what is known as a “missing time” experience. If not for the video camera I would never have known about the experience. Another odd aspect is even though I zoom in on the Bigfoot I never utter a word. I do not comment or react. I zoom in and out on the Bigfoot twice and then inexplicably turn and walk away!

Infrasound/Water Experiment

I have a theory that I was bombarded by infrasound that caused me to “loose time” and then not remember what I had seen or done. In order to test this theory I needed to find software that was designed to detect infrasound. The human ear can not detect sounds below 20Hz but we are sensitive to the affects of these sounds or better vibrations at or below 20Hz. I fortunately was able to locate freeware called “Audacity”, which is an enhancement software for music. It specifically was designed to allow you to filter and “clean up” your recordings and to improve the sound quality. One of the functions of the software is to detect ultra low frequencies (infrasound) and allow them to be filtered out because this will cause distortion in your recording. This function would allow me to detect if infrasound was present during the time I was capturing the video of the “Sneering Bigfoot”. The software algorithm would not show a continuous output of the frequencies in real time but it would calculate the average frequencies during the snippet selected. This will work for my purposes since I am interested in the presence of infrasound and the frequency/amplitude at which it is being created.

In order to measure the infrasound in real time I used a freeware program called “Wavepad©”. This software shows the frequencies and their amplitudes in real time. This would give me a more accurate measurement of the amplitude spikes during the snippets.

I also had to make sure my video camera's microphone was sensitive enough to capture sounds at or below 20Hz. The Sony HandyCam® DCR-SR68 has a high quality built in Zoom Microphone. This is able to record sounds lower than 20Hz.

Now that I had my software and was confident that my hardware was able record infrasound, I started my analysis of the video for any possible infrasound.

I have broken the video down into segments based on how close I was to the subject before, during, and after the event. The filter's chart shows both the frequencies and the amplitude. The amplitude is measured in decibels (dB) with 0 being the level of distortion. This means the filter scale is based on negative dBs so the higher the negative number the lower the amplitude. Normal speech volume on this filter scale would be between -70dB and -50dB with loud rock music around -10db.

I used the video editing freeware “Avidmux” to extract the audio from each clip into a .wav file. The .wav file was then loaded into the filtering software and the analysis option was chosen. The filter levels were set to the following specifications in order to detect frequencies lower thank 20Hz:

Algorithm – Spectrum
Function – Hanning Window
Size – 16384
Axis – Log Frequency

The first snippet is a control sample. I extracted the audio file from video that was taken when I first arrived at the area and was entering the woods. I am approximately one half of a mile from the video location.

The infrasound amplitude average for 20Hz is -78db while the average for 3Hz is less than -90bB

The second snippet was taken when I was still one hundred and fifty feet from the island where the Bigfoot was located and the event occurred.

The infrasound amplitude averages have risen slightly. 20Hz is now averaging -65dB while 3Hz average has increased to -83dB. This is a increase of 12 dBs for 20Hz and 7 dBs for 3Hz. I am at the “Stick Shelter” during this snippet. I do not know if I may have had a Bigfoot around the “Stick Shelter” that was using infrasound to communicate with other Bigfoot or if it was trying to influence or disorient me.
The third snippet was taken when I am fifty feet away from the island and I was slowly walking closer.

The infrasound amplitude averages have fallen slightly as I approach the Bigfoot hiding on the island. The 20Hz amplitude has dropped to an average of-73dB and the 3Hz has dropped to an average of -87dB, which is an 8dB drop for the 20Hz and a 4dB drop for the 3Hz. 
The fourth snippet is the actual event. I am standing on the shoreline edge filming across to a overgrown island. The distance from where I am standing and where the Bigfoot is located on the island is approximately thirty feet. The water depth is only about three feet and covers an old road bed that runs in between the mainland and the island.

Actual still capture from the video of the Bigfoot as Infrasound was being produced.
The entire range of infrasound frequencies has risen by an average of 10dB. 20Hz frequency is now averaging an amplitude of 63dB an increase of 10dB. 3Hz average amplitude has increased by 7dB to 80dB. The real time analysis using the “Wavepad” software shows the highest spike during this snippet was -33dB for 20hz and -35dB for the 10hz frequency. The real time analysis also shows a variation in the amplitude of the infrasound frequencies during the snippet. These variations in my opinion demonstrate that the infrasound is originating from a biological source not a man made source. You can observe what appears to be the Bigfoot taking a breaths during the snippet. The infrasound frequencies drop off the scale for approximately half a second then jump back up to the higher amplitudes.

The above graph shows the spike in the snippet for the 10Hz and 20Hz frequencies.
Though I cannot hear it I think it is defiantly having an influence on me. It is well documented that infrasound can have a range of negative effects on a person including nausea, causing a feeling of dread or panic, memory loss, emotional distress, hallucinations, blurred vision, and a even loss of consciousness. The Department of Health and Human Services released a study, “Infrasound - Brief Review of Toxicological Literature”, that chronicles these affects and more.

In the fifth snippet I am still standing in the same location but I have now turned my back on the Bigfoot and I am starting to walk away slowly.

The infrasound range is now at its strongest amplitude of the entire event. I have just turned my back to the Bigfoot and have started to walk slowly away when the Bigfoot increases the infrasound intensity. The 20Hz frequency is now averaging -60dB and the 3Hz is averaging -79dB. The entire infrasound frequency range's amplitude has increased by an average of 20dB from the control snippet. 
The Wavepad analysis shows the spikes in the amplitudes during this snippet climb to an astounding -40dB for 10Hz and -34dB for 20Hz. On this scale these amplitudes are the equivalent of someone screaming. 

The affect on me was a loss of memory and a lack of reaction to what I was seeing. I have no recollection of the events that transpired on the video footage I captured. I do not seem to have any physical distress on the video. I show no signs of incoherence or loss of balance. I just simply turn and walk away as if I am under the Bigfoot's influence. I would liken this to the “Old Jedi mind trick” in the movie Star Wars where the Jedi would use mind control to suggest a person take a course of action not of their own free will.

In the sixth snippet I am approximately a hundred and fifty feet away from the island and the location of the event.

The infrasound range's amplitude is beginning to become less intense as I put distance between me and the Bigfoot. 20Hz is at 73db a drop of 13dBs and the 3Hz has dropped to -87dB which is a reduction of amplitude by 12dB. I still have not mentioned the encounter or had any reaction in this point of the video. I continue on my business in the research area as if nothing has occurred.

In the seventh and final snippet I am now approximately a mile away from the island and the location of the event.

 The entire infrasound frequency range has declined to negligible levels. 20Hz is a average of -75dB and 3Hz to 5Hz is off the scale below -90dB. 

The below chart graphs the frequencies and the amplitudes before, during, and after the event. This demonstrates the infrasound activity and the spike in the amplitudes during the event (10 Ft Sneering and 10 Ft Back Turned).


I am not an acoustic expert or a scientist. My findings are based on observation and common sense. I think that I was under the influence of infrasound during my encounter with the Bigfoot on April 30th , 2010. The Bigfoot manipulated my perception and sanitized my memory. Even more disturbing was the fact that I did not react to observing the Bigfoot. I had to have initially recognized what it was and where it was hiding. I made two attempts to zoom in on the Bigfoot and get a close up video. Sometime during this process I was subjected to the influence of infrasound and strongly influenced or “brain washed” into walking off. It is almost like my memory was wiped clean and I was given instructions to leave and I did.

I think the most interesting aspect of the event is my exposure to a combination of frequencies from 3Hz to 20Hz at different amplitudes and not just one particular frequency. I have read studies that claim 20Hz can cause hallucinations and that 7Hz is the resonant frequency of the body’s organs and can cause internal organ damage or death. I think it logical to conclude that the combination of different frequencies/amplitudes at the same time could be the key to causing the affects I experienced. The mixing of the frequencies and at the correct intensity is something the Bigfoot has mastered and can take advantage of at will.

The ramifications of this conclusion are far reaching. If the Bigfoot have this ability and can exercise it without limitation it will be difficult for a lone investigator to capture video evidence of a Bigfoot. If an investigator successfully finds a Bigfoot all it has to do is subject the investigator to infrasound and simply walk away leaving the investigator unaware he/she encountered a Bigfoot. This is why I think it is very essential that the investigator never turn their video camera off in the woods. I also think investigators should have a rear facing camera recording at all times.

More study and investigation of the infrasound ability of the Bigfoot is necessary in order to determine the range and effectiveness of this ability. Is it directional in line of sight or effective in all directions if one is close enough? Is infrasound being used as a communication method as well much like elephants and whales use it? Finally the most important question is can we learn to detect it and use this to our advantage to locate the Bigfoot.

In closing I think the evidence I have presented makes a strong case that:

  • The Bigfoot can produce and use infrasound.
  • That I was under this influence and was profoundly affected by it during this encounter.

This theory may be refuted by acoustical experts or scientist in this field of acoustics. I have openly admitted I have no formal training in the discipline of acoustics or infrasound. If I am refuted it would actually be a good thing. Currently it is virtually impossible to get scientist to look into this phenomenon. If this blog causes “experts” to look at the Bigfoot and infrasound then it will be a victory for the Bigfoot research community.

Source Material:

A Case for Infrasound - Cliff Barackman

Infrasound – Wikipedia

Acoustic Trauma : Bioeffects of Sound - Alex Davies BigfootA Honours
Many of the most profound effects of sound are attributed to infrasound in the region of 7Hz. This corresponds with the median alpha-rhythm frequencies of the brain.It is also commonly alleged that this is the resonant frequency of the body’s organs and hence organ rupture and death can occur at high intensity exposures.”

Is this Bigfoot producing "Infrasound?"
Theory – Bigfoot have the ability to use infrasound to locate man-made objects. The infrasound is used to cause these materials to resonate (vibrate) and the Bigfoot can sense or hear these vibrations.

Whales, dolphins, and Bats have a natural form of sonar. They produce clicks or sounds (whale songs) and have the ability to sense if the sound bounced off an object. They can use this natural sonar to locate and catch prey.

I think the Bigfoot can produce and use infrasound to identify and locate objects much like the whales dolphins, and bats use clicks and audible sounds. The Bigfoot will produce a low frequency sound below 20 Hz (Infrasound). The sound waves will cause objects to resonate or vibrate. The Bigfoot can sense this vibration to locate and even tell the content of the object.

Objects or matter resonate at different frequencies, wood, flesh, rocks, etc will all vibrate differently. I think the Bigfoot have the sensitively to tell the difference between these objects based on the return vibration they make when the objects resonate or vibrate. The Bigfoot learn through life experience what trees, rocks, water, deer, squirrels, people, metal, plastic, glass, etc sound like when they use infrasound to make them vibrate. The Bigfoot knows what sounds the local environment emits. Just as we know the sounds of our home, TV, clocks, feet walking around, creeks, fans running etc, in similar fashion the Bigfoot knows the sounds of it's home when it projects infrasound.

I think the Bigfoot projects infrasound into an area and if it senses or “hears” the vibration of plastic or metal it knows there could be something man made in the area. In other words the Bigfoot actually know what a trail camera or human technology sounds like or better how these man made objects vibrate when exposed to infrasound.

Therefore no matter how well we hide or camouflage the cameras the Bigfoot can still find them. Even if the camera has no electronic emissions it does not matter. The Bigfoot have a built in “technology detector”. Anything made of plastic or metal can be detected using this method.

I also think the Bigfoot can locate humans in the same manner. Again no matter how well we hide if the Bigfoot sense trouble they can use infrasound to “scan” a area then they can locate us! This would explain the “supernatural” abilities often attributed to the Bigfoot.

I know what your thinking, “well people surprise them from time to time, they walk in front of hunters in full camouflage or those in tree stands” how do you explain that? I think that the Bigfoot are not constantly going around using their “sonar”. I think when they are comfortable or feel secure then the probably do not use it, just as whales are not constantly signing. When the Bigfoot need it they use it. I also think this skill has to be learned and perfected, and some Bigfoot are better at it than others.  The Bigfoot are unique individuals so each uses this ability based on its own needs, wants, and desires.

"Plot Watcher" Bigfoot
If my theory is true then we will have even more difficulty getting close up HD video of the Bigfoot. This “sonar” would definitely explain their uncanny ability to avoid trail cameras and other forms of human technology. It would explain why they immediately located the “Plot Watcher” cameras I placed in the National Park. It also would explain how they located and then messed with my trail cameras. Once they locate this odd sounding box, they investigate it to determine if it is dangerous then they disabled them.

I freely admit I am not an acoustical expert or trained in the field, I only have my knowledge, research, field experience, and some common sense to draw from. I do think my theory is plausible and merits further investigation.


  1. Very interesting theory Scott. It would explain a lot of their behavior and the reactions people sometimes experience around them .I'm sure you'll leave no stone unturned checking this out , can't wait to see what else you discover . By the way I was riveted reading your infrasound charts and distance from your subject as the chart showed such a strong change !!! Awesome job of detailing and explaining how infrasound works....thanks for the hard work .

  2. Scott , I forgot to mention , there's an interesting article on how elephants use infrasound done by the Cornell University on Google . It has some info you might find useful in this area of research . For example , they mentioned that one way to know if a person has recorded infrasound ( because you can't pick it up with your ear ) is to speed up your sound by a minimum of three times normal speed and the sound becomes high enough for our ear to pick up .I may be off about what you're looking for ...sorry if I am . I just thought about what you're doing when I read the article ....keep safe out there !

  3. This is the best theory I have heard of. Good hunting!

  4. Thank's for this! I've been saying this for quite sometime. My thoughts seemed to fall on deaf ears for the most part. How else do we explain the hunters, gun in hands ready to kill... Then suddenly they're ready to run for their lives...out of fear? One on one The Sas would have the upper hand. I'm sure they have witnessed their share of war and murders. (and we wonder why they This explains it all. Now I've gotta go watch the video again! Thanks Scott, this is great. Will you be able to do Analysis on others recordings now? Will you be including some of the findings on your own video's? Again Thanks so much!

  5. The Native Americans have been telling us this for years people. We know these creatures exist just by seeing the P/G film. How Roger Patterson was able to get that footage may never be known but he got it. There's a documentary called Bigfootville. It was filmed in Oklahoma. Where a Native American talks about this phenomenon that Scott experienced word for word. Still people ask, why can't one of these creatures be killed caught, filmed or captured. These beings are way beyond what we understand about them. We have a lot to learn and about them and the things they can do. Which makes these creatures amazing.

    1. They were riding on the horses that may have helped capture the filming of the bigfoot.

  6. Infrasound may very well explain the sense of fear or dread when one feels they are being watched but don't know what the source is.
    Very intriguing hypothesis Scott!

  7. Scott , Do you think this could also explain the "Feeling" that come's over a person when Bigfoot are in the area ? It can cause unexplained chill bump's , feeling's of uneasiness and in general make you feel like it's time to leave a.s.a.p. . I'm talking from personal experience .

  8. I was in an area where my cousin saw three of them in the 70s and felt something first and then heard it and I couldn't leave fast enough. My cousin describe the growl he heard right before he had his encounter saying he felt the growl before he heard it. I was with him about 75 yards away when he came within feet of them and I have never seen somebody that hysterical before or since.

  9. I have also had these experiences when around Sasquatch, just as you describe them. It's difficult to explain but you,(Scott) have explained it better than anyone I have heard. Thank you

  10. Have you ever camped out overnight in your research areas?

  11. Scott: I was a skeptic on infra sound until I got zapped on March 22 in SW WA. It was fairly close and my internal organs were energetically vibrating. The only thing I heard was a buzzing in my guts so strong I was concerned about internal injuries. I hurt the rest of the day. I have a recorder running on my pack all the time in the field and initially thought it did not get anything. But a friend suggested I look for harmonics and when I put the audio on a graphics analyzer found low frequency ticks of items in my pack resonating. . Frequency started at 4.22 hz and increased to 10.67 hz. Average of that event was 6.7 hz.which lasted just over 5 seconds. So that is consistent with your findings. I had no missing time but I was looking for BF and instead of staying wanted to get away as fast as I could. A while later, I could not understand why I left and returned and documented at 15 inch footprint.

    1. Thanks for the report and the collaborating findings...

  12. If one wore special low sonic infrasound (earplugs/ear protection) would this prevent one from being mesmerised by Bigfoots infrasound and hence be able to take pictures of him???

  13. I believe all of it !!! What went down was the Most wild and scary thing.But I could never tell it to just anyone.But thank you so much you made me feel so much better.

  14. theory of mind and just like dolphins a type of echo location. ive heard a story from a local person in the pacific north west / WA. He was riding motorbikes at the bottom of a mountain canyon. He observed bigfoot in the road a far ahead looking confused or trying to locate the sounds bouncing off the canyon from their motorbikes. of course as they became closer bigfoot noticed and left the scene in a few steps..Native Americans have been talking about bigfoots ability like a 6th sense for years. They believe bigfoot has the ability to recognize when animals/humans are around its would explain bigfoots ability to remain undiscovered by man. Also i believe because of bigfoots size and strength its habitat is somewhere inaccessible by man without using climbing tools. Somewhere to which bigfoots size is to its advantage...