Tuesday, March 6, 2018

White Bigfoot's Estimated Height 14.23 FEET!!!!

I ventured back to the location to do some tree measurements in order to get a size estimate on the White Bigfoot. Since six years have past, I had to take my 2018 measurement and subtract the approximately growth of six years to get the 2012 width of the tree. I selected a tree that was in clear view and close to the location of the White Bigfoot. 

The tree was 8 inches when measured in 2018 last weekend (03/03/2018). Looking at the US Forestry services estimates for tree growth in the Appalachian Mountains, for Maple Trees, I was able to determine that the tree grew an average of .2 inches a year. Doing the math, I was able to calculate that in 2012, at the time the video was taken, the tree was approximately 6.8 inches wide. Doing an exact scale comparison, I determined the approximately width of the White Bigfoot's head was an astounding 17.6 inches. The average human head is only 9.4 inches! 

I also determined the height of the White Bigfoot's head was 21.4
inches. I could use this calculation to determine the approximate height of the White Bigfoot.
Using a calculator for sculptors called "Anatomy for Sculptors". A human with a head height of 21.4 inches would be an amazing 14.23 FEET TALL!!! Based on these estimates the White Bigfoot is a "Monster", rivaling the size of any Bigfoot in the country! 

170.86 Inches/12 = 14.23 FEET

Friday, March 2, 2018

Entity Decloaks in Trail Behind Me

The footage review continues to yield interesting captures. This "entity" materializes or decloaks in the trail immediately after I walked past. At first the entity was more silver, then it gradually turned while. The entity did not completely take solid form. It remained in this translucent state during the entire time I was filming it on the "Back Trail" camera.

As I ventured father away from the entity the more the it
materialized. When I enlarged still captures details of the entities face and body are visible. The creature does not look like a "Bigfoot". It has long skinny arms and a elongated skull head. Is this some sort of interdenominational creature? Is this a Nephilim? Possible Fallen Angel? The only thing for sure, its a strange entity and an amazing encounter!

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Footage Review Revealing Sasquatch and Other Creatures - White Bigfoot

My effort to review the hundreds of hours of unwatched footage is paying off. From 2009 to present day I have hundreds of hours of footage that I have not reviewed. I started a project last year to begin reviewing this footage as time allows. This has yielded some startling footage. 

The most notable is the "Back-Trail" capture of the "White Bigfoot". The creature realized he was being filmed and ducked down behind heavy foliage as I walked away from its position.
Below is the Video of the "White Bigfoot" actually ducking down.