Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Dogman - The "Devils in the Details"

One of the most interesting aspects of the footage is the movement of the nostrils. During the footage you can actually watch the creature breathe. The video below details this breathing movement. If you look very closely you can also see the entity on the right shoulder of the Dogman moving.


  1. The old saying " two for the price of one " comes to mind here. What if the entity is not the young of the dogman sitting up there but in
    fact it's own species. Maybe the little bugger
    sitting on top is the master taking his "Dogman"
    out for a walk. Is any one ready to go down the
    Rabbit Hole yet?

  2. Just wondering if "the entity" is on the back of the dogman and if possibly it is holding on to the dogman's other ear? Just thinking out loud. This footage is so creepy I would have gone screaming out of there if I had seen what you have seen and NEVER would have gone back! Especially since it was so CLOSE to you it makes me shudder!

  3. Could be, if I would have seen it I would probably had a heart attack!

  4. Scott, have you seen the dogman or dogmen since this encounter? Do you think it or they know where you live like the bigfeet?

  5. it's truly disturbing to see how close they get to you, without you noticing them. if i were you i wouldn't go alone to research. but, since none of them have attacked you, yet, i can only assume that they do not see you as a prey.

  6. Scott,amazing work!! If I recall correct,in a video you made or a post,you mentioned Linda Godfrey.( I've had the pleasure of reading two of her works,and "Real Wolfmen,True encounters in Modern America" being my latest read. If anyone is interested in these entity's,IMO this maybe a great book to start.)
    The point of this is have you let her or anyone else in the Crypto/Dogman circles view your footage? If so,care to share any thoughts or observations? And reason for that is quite a few different reports,that come not only from Linda's outstanding research,but from also two different sources,that confirm credible accounts of bi-ped entity's like a BF,but with a feline,or lynx-type head. And I seen Deadheads comment of a Rottweiler,I ran across a terrifying account of a skin walker entity,that was massive,,,,with a head that looked exactly like a Rottweiler.
    I think we're all turning a page here. It's one thing,to admit Bigfoot exists,as they do,witch you've proved,IMO,with outa doubt. Now,Dogman? Werewolf reports,,dating back as far as anyone can find,,our Native American friends with their fascinating and detailed accounts of Skinwalkers,and other entitys,,again,going back many,many years. And now your combined footage of a entity(s) matching all the above,well. Dogman exist! I'm certain. Yikes!!
    So the last question,and the best(or worst) and definitely the biggest ? mark.
    What's next? What else is out there? Maybe we have a longer way to understanding than anyone may think.
    Thanks again for your outstanding work Scott. Unfortunately,,Too many that call themselves a Bigfoot researcher,,IMO,might have tucked tail (um,really. No pun intended.) and bailed. Or learned of these entity's,deleted the footage,and give up for a list of reasons,;personal safety,fear,public scrutiny,etc. While you were seeking truth,fate dealt you something else,,and here we are learning,because you shared with us what you discovered. Without people letting others know what's out there,well,I know we're all aware of many possible scenarios,some beyond tragic.
    Thanks again and take care out there. Sorry to be so windy,but its been awhile since I've been out,and the D.M situation fascinates me to no end,,lol