Friday, May 10, 2013

Bigfoot and the Adena - Are the Ancient Mound Builders and Bigfoot One in the Same???

Mk Davis posted audio from a Texas research location that has two Bigfoot talking to a video camera after dark. It sounds like one is smaller and one is larger. They call the name of the lady who lives on the property “Sandi”. They both repeat the word “Adena”. Listen to the audio below.

High voice - Alotee, Sandi, Adena, Alotee, Sandi, awn don, awn don.
Deep voice – Alotee, Adena, Alotee.

The Adena were an ancient North American race known for their mound building.  Jim Vieira has documented that these “mound builders” were giants with two rows of teeth. Skeletons have been unearthed between seven and ten feet tall. Using some common sense and connecting the dots are the Bigfoot descendents of the Adena people? Was there a disaster or were they conquered and the remnants of the Adena forced to flee and live in the wilderness? Were the Bigfoot in Texas trying to tell “Sandi” that they were the Adena people? 

If you know what the possible meaning to the words being spoken are please feel free to leave what you think they may mean in the comments section.



  1. Scott, I live close to the Cahokia Mounds just
    outside of St. Louis. I've been through the museum several times. If the mound builders in
    this area were known to be anything other than
    normal sized humans, they have kept kept this
    pretty quiet. Nation wide, the case for mound builders seems to leave a lot of unanswered questions.

    1. Perhaps you mistake "absence of evidence" for "evidence of absence".

      It has already been determined that evidence for Sasquatch is not accepted and is discounted, and hidden.

      Likewise that for evidence of Giants. Mainstream science says - "They don't exist" - IN SPITE OF - evidence proving the contrary. Since mainstream science says "Giants don't exist" - it covers up any evidence, discounts it, or destroys it.

      Of course mainstream science has "kept it pretty quiet". Going so far as to hide and destroy evidence.

      Your job is to go BEHIND the scenes - and search for that evidence. In the record books, documents, and evidence tat isn't exhibited because it doesn't fit the narrative.

      Are you up to the task?

  2. I have wondered the same thing in my mind it goes back to Hybrids. Interesting research on the word Adena it is very deliberately spoken.

  3. Adena is not the name of a race of people, a tribe, group, etc. Adena is the name of an entire culture of people made up of many different tribes (all of which were normal Native Americans) all living in the great forests of Eastern North America. They gave rise to the Hopewell Tradition, and later the Mississippian Culture, which is what DeSoto encountered in 1501 as he explored the interior of Eastern North America. All of the artifacts recovered from the mounds of these cultures have been normal sized, just like the skeletal remains. The giant skeletons have been incorrectly labelled as Adena by someone who doesn't even know what "Adena" is. Also, the word "Adena" is a modern word, taken from the name of a mound on a man's private estate. No one knows any words of any of the languages of the tribes that shared in the Adena Culture, which lasted until about 200 AD.

    1. The current year is 2013.

      Who do I ask if what you say is true?

      Who were the last Mound Builders?

      If they existed 20,000 + years ago - who can provide a first hand account?

      "Who were they and why did they leave?

      We've only scratched the surface in unearthing the remains of an ancient people and one of our great cultural mysteries at Aztalan State Park. "

      These people shouldn't even exist.

      Explain why.

  4. SETI and Pulsars.

    Pulsar Technology

    Is it possible that pulsars could be engineered objects? Unlike Sagan, who accepted the conventional model of a pulsar but wondered if ETI could be adding fine-grained modulation, LaViolette proposes a way in which the steady emissions of white dwarf or X-ray stars could be focused into the pulses we see. He explains that ETI might be using projected magnetic fields to focus the particle flux from these stars into a nearly-collimated beam of synchrotron radiation. He points to rumors of present-day military technology that projects force fields and aerial plasmoids. Sagan's "smoke signal blanket" is retained after all.

    Note that even the neutron star lighthouse model invokes standing wave magnetic field patterns to modulate the particle flux.

    Although we may now have or soon will have the capability to transmit focused synchrotron beams, LaViolette's transmitting society has access to energy on a scale far exceeding ours. Although pulsars are probably not neutron stars, they are still stars - white dwarfs modified to produce the pulsar signals. The short of it is that we are observing a Kardashev/Kaku Type II civilization in terms of its ability to harness the total energy of a star.

    Consider further. The pulsars we detect seem to be intentionally directed to our location (not just in our direction). But might there not be beams we don't see that are directed at others?

    On the other hand, perhaps they are pointing out our position to others! (Suggested by Dan Drasin, private communication.)

    Whatever may be its purpose, one visualizes at this point a Galactic-scale communications network that may have been in place and functioning for what to us would be geologic time. It would be operated by a society for whom stars are playthings and galaxies are villages.

  5. sounds like humans to me... it's always interesting with audio of bigfoots talking, but this sounded a little bit to human too me.. i could be horribly wrong to for that matter. at the end it sounded like "ivitå" or "ivito". very interesting back story to, there is a lot we don't know anything about out there.

    1. sounds like humans? i agree,because they are. of course they are a very different creation than us,they are still related to us. pretty cool I think.,
      Thanks for sharing this Scott. M.K Davis,IMO,never fails to astound and fascinate.