Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Infant Bigfoot Tracks - The Video

Below is the video documentation of finding the tracks. This gives you an idea of how rugged and steep the terrain is in this area. Also note how narrow the trail is in some places, just wide enough for a single person. I like this area because it has the only year round water source for several miles. The trail has a diverse range of animal tracks leading to/from the water to include deer, boar, and bear. I may place a couple trail cameras on this watering hole.

 The terrain will force any Sasquatch into a narrow area and though they will be able to locate the cameras it will place them in a precarious predicament. Either they will disable a camera which gives away their presence or I get them on video. Given their fanatic tendencies for privacy I would predict they will take out a camera.



  1. Wow Scott ...sure glad you stuck to the trail and found those awesome prints .
    Sharing with us how you investigate and go over the area so carefully following one clue after another really starts to piece together bigfoot activity .
    That was an incredible find and an exiting adventure , glad you pack pepper spray for safety , insurance that you'll go home and eat that steak ....not be one . thanks Scott .

  2. Did you get zapped in the middle of this video at 10:07? It seemed like you got confused in the middle of the baby bigfoot track explanations. I guess it could have just been an editing error but it made me wonder.

  3. I think you're right when you say "I don't think they are what we think they are". I read your blog on this and I really think its important you are thinking outside the box, no matter how loony and insane it must seem to challenge reality as we know it. I only hope the criticism and ridicule doesn't get you down as I do believe your onto something, your extremely observant and an unconventional thinker in which 95% of the general population is not, which again is important. I think this whole phenomena is bigger and deeper than we think, it would not surprise me if its tied into the alien phenomena also, a lot of similarities..anyway thanks and keep up the excellent work!