Thursday, August 8, 2013

Bigfoot Behind Me - The "Arm Wound"

I noticed while reviewing the video of the Bigfoot there was a bare spot on the upper right arm of the Bigfoot. When I enlarged the area it appears to be wound of some kind. There is also a possible scar. The hair is missing and the gray skin is visible. The texture of the skin and the hair can also be seen hanging down off and around the area.

Is this a wound? Is that a scar? Is this a place where the hair has been rubbed off ? I find this to be an intriguing detail about this video.

Below is the video and still captures:



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  2. Is that a flap of skin hanging down? I made a comment to that affect but then realized you said scar which wouldn't necessarily mean a fresh wound. I thought I was seeing a "V-shaped" flap of skin hanging down with hair hanging on the end of it. Not sure now if that is what it is. Was wondering if it was from a fight or just an accidental wound. You have an incredible eye for detail. Very nice drawing of this guy's likeness. The more I see this the more I realize how very close he was to you. Yikes! I don't know if they realize you can't see them as they went to great lengths to distract you that day. I am amazed that when you are that close you don't see them. You knew they were there. Wonder if our brains short out some way to "protect" us from seeing them? It is strange. Thanks for letting us "think out loud" here. Enjoy your blog.

  3. Hi Scott,
    one thing I do notice is thats a massive arm... put any wwf wrestler to shame.

  4. Pardon me for interrupting, but I would like to tell all
    that I am back from my trip into the Canadian wilds.
    Sorry, no bigfoot stories. Just the usual. A bear attack, lost boating party found after dark, another boat broke down miles from camp found after firing a flare in the night sky and had to be towed in the dark.
    Please no more Spam for breakfast. Found out that Northern Pike are very slimey ( I mean dripping slime )
    but the meat is excellent. Fishing in cold rain sucks.
    On our way there my friend's GPS directed us onto a
    UNNAMED ROAD. Road? 40miles on a one lane gravel path.
    That's two paths with weeds in between. A Conservation
    Policeman found us and asked " What the hell are you
    folks doing out here? I don't even come back here. "
    He showed us a map that lead us out. We decided that
    GPS stands for God Please Save us. Oh by the way, we
    were also towing a bass boat through all this. I did
    see a wolf pup close enough to spit on ( I didn't )
    I am sure mamma was close by. Pine trees and rocks are
    nice but I was glad to see corn & soybean fields again.