Saturday, February 16, 2013

Dr. Ketchum Did It! Bigfoot DNA Study Being Reviewed By Top Scientist

Sketch of a possible DNA Donor
Dr. Ketchum announced late yesterday that she was approached by "top level scientist" who volunteered to review her work and the DNA Study! The results will be made public good or bad. Dr. Ketchum also stated that the 3 full genomes will be uploaded to GenBank. (This was a major source of criticism from "mainstream critics")

From Dr. Ketcum's Facebook Page:

As I said, this offer came after the paper was published. They will go public in support of our findings only after completion of their analysis and assuming that they obtain the same results as the University of Texas did in our manuscript. If they find anything different, I will report that. Now that the manuscript is published I can be transparent.

..... I want to make abundantly clear. I did not arrange this independent evaluation. They came to me and offered after someone that they knew proposed it. The person that asked if they were interested is an outspoken skeptic. We have nothing to hide though so I am excited about this.

 I have independent analysis of our data going on. Just let the armchair skeptical scientists talk. If the outcome of what we are doing supports our analysis, then we are home free. If not, then I will announce that also. It involves top level scientists that have volunteered after I released the paper. If their findings are the same, they will go public. So, please be patient.

 This is a HUGE accomplishment to get the paper reviewed by "top level scientist". For over two years Dr. Ketchum has struggled to even get a journal to agree to look at the paper. Those who did mocked it and handled it unethically. The one Journal that did agree to review kept making demand after demand then finally refused to publish. When she finally found a journal that did review, pass, and agree to publish the Journal in the end buckled to outside pressures unrelated to the science and refused to publish. Dr. Ketchum then made a bold step, she acquired the Journal, renamed it, and used the already existing peer reviews and editorial approval to publish the paper. This was genius on her part. 

Why you say was this genius? Because for the last two years I and many of my associates have said among ourselves "if she would only release the paper, get it into the public domain, maybe it would have a chance to get the attention of some reputable scientist that will look at it". Though the critics howled and even supporters were not happy with this decision IT WORKED! After two years of being ignored, mocked, and attacked the work Dr. Ketchum and her team has done is going to get its day in the "scientific court of opinion". A non-bias honest assessment by "top level scientist".

To be honest I think her critics helped! They yelled so loud and flopped around on the ground like fish out of water. All this unwarranted, visceral, illogical yelling and screaming got the attention of serious scientist. Even though they are skeptical THEY approached Dr. Ketchum and ask to review the paper to confirm or negate her findings. For over two years serious scientist REFUSED to even look at the paper. (I think in fear that if Dr. Ketchum's assertions were correct and she had the data they would be morally and professionally obligated to report the findings and they were not willing to even take that chance.) Now this same scientific community was asking to review the paper! Brilliant, Genius!

If it was by design or by accident it does not matter, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. Now the paper will be judged on its merits, the data, and not personal bias of beliefs. If the critics and even Dr. Ketchum's supporters can complain about her when she does things we disagree with then we must be intellectually honest and give her credit when she gets it right, and folks she got it right. She made an end run around the scoffers, mockers, critics, and main stream science that refused to even look at or consider her paper.

Now all we can to is sit back and wait. I think the science is good! The nuDNA test were performed by MAJOR universities, so I trust the results, the interpretation may vary from scientist to scientist, but in the end the DNA does not lie.

So here is to Dr. Ketchum, her team, the DNA submitters, and her supporters. Job well done! Mission Accomplished!

Robert Lindsay (who I do not like) had a amazing piece that I totally agree with! I can't believe I am saying this but you should click the link below and read his complete article, it is SPOT ON!

Via: Robert Lindsay's WebSite

 This whole episode has been very hard on Melba. You can see it in her face and hear it in her voice. She says if she had to do it over again, she wouldn’t do it. But she did it. She took it on the chin for us all, falling on the grenade so we might live. And how many of us have her back? Basically none of us.


  1. YES!!! FINALLY!! I did listen to Dr. Ketchum on a Coast to Coast radio show interview. I thoroughly enjoyed it and she really handled herself well. I was quite shocked at the hurtles and personal attacks she has received for all her hard work. She did say she would go public if the mainstream science journals wouldn't publish the results ....and she's doing exactly what she said she would do! These are exciting times!! I hope all involved are rewarded with the proper acknowledgement and respect for the years of sacrifice, work and patience expended . Thanks for keeping us up to date Scott....

  2. Alright! That's great news. I knew,as well all no doubt did, that the mainstream part of the country was going to just flip out. And the "scientists"? Absolutely! But Dr Ketchum,as I understand it,really knocked the ball out of the park on this paper. If it is reviewed and found a-ok by another top notch scientist,like Dr Ketchum,well,it'll make a great day even better! Thanks for sharing this Scott!