Sunday, February 17, 2013

Bigfoot DNA Study Critics - READ THE STUDY

I am growing weary of reading the same criticisms of the DNA Study. Here are the top two "complaints"

  • "To state the obvious, no data or analyses are presented that in any way support the claim that their samples come from a new primate or human-primate hybrid,"  - Leonid Kruglyak of Princeton University 
  •  "All of this suggests modern human DNA intermingled with some other contaminant" - 
To paraphrase what the critics are saying, all 110 samples are contaminated with human DNA. In their opinions this is the only way to explain these "odd" results. Dr. Ketchum contracted the following laboratories to run BLIND test on the samples. All these labs duplicated the "odd" results. Remember some of these labs are forensic labs used by law enforcement. People are in jail because of the work of these labs. So the assertion by the critics is these labs contaminated the samples. If so there are many people in jail that need to be let go because these laboratories can not be trusted to process the evidence.

 Family Tree DNA Genomics Research Center,
1445 North Loop West, Suite 820, Houston, TX 77008

SeqWright, Inc.,
2575 W. Bellfort St. Suite 2001, Houston, TX 77054

University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
6000 Harry Hines Blvd. NA7.116, Dallas, TX 75235-9093

USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center
1441 Eastlake Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90033

Texas A&M University, Microscopy & Imaging Center, Department of Biology and Department of Biochemistry & Biophysics, 
College Station, TX 77843-2257

Texas Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory, College of Veterinary Medicine
Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas 77843

Southwestern Institute of Forensic Sciences
2355 North Stemmons Fwy., Dallas, TX 75207

This assertion of contamination and that "no data has been presented to support these claims" calls into question the integrity of the following Universities:

Texas A&M Microscopy and Imaging Center (Performed the structural analysis using electron microscopy)
Genomics Core Laboratory at the University of Southern California (Los Angeles, CA) (Performed the Whole Human Genome SNP analysis)

University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas - (Performed - Whole Genome Sequencing)

The critics are also calling into question the submitters and their samples. I KNOW I handled my samples correctly, following EXTREMELY strict protocols to avoid contamination. I have documented this in more than one video. The DNA Study also went to great lengths to make sure to avoid contamination. Serveral of the submitters hold Doctorates, below is the list: Dr. J. Robert Alley, Dr. Igor Burtsev,  Dr. Angelo Capparella,  Dr. Henner Fahrenbach Dr. Al Guinn, and Dr. Samuel “Webb” Sentell. I would think these gentlemen would know how to correctly handle DNA samples. Not to mention well respected researchers to include Derek Randles. So the assertion is we all mishandled our samples, I do not think so!

The study had great detail on how the samples were handled to avoid contamination. The study has a  complete subsection on the handling of the samples to avoid contamination: Prevention of DNA Contamination by Forensic Methodologies. Also remember many of the samples were not hair but blood, saliva, and a piece of flesh. The flesh was "cored" and a sample taken from the center of the flesh. This would make it completely sterile. The only way this could be contaminated is by processors inside the study or one of the University facilities mentioned above.

It is clear to me that the critics are not reading the paper or worse reading the paper and ignoring the documentation because of a personal bias. When the independent review is complete we will have our answers, until then I say again, and for the last time READ THE PAPER, provide POINT by POINT, DOCUMENTED, AND REFERENCED criticism.



  1. Thank you, Scott. Once again, you've zeroed in on the heart of the matter. Grammy

  2. It seems the uninformed or misinformed are making the loudest complaints and criticisms. I like your point that people are in jail because of the results of some of these labs, showing their reliability. I've watched your video on collecting samples and I did a mental note that you were smart in that it would prove your sample wasn't contaminated if any one ever made the claim that it was....and sure enough......!! I'm glad you came out and said what many informed people are thinking .Well said Scott!!

  3. God bless you, Scott, for standing up for Melba on the Bigfoot Tonight Show. I was so happy to hear that you had go boy!

  4. Scott, I completely agree with you. I read the same critique about the study, and thought the exact same thing. Good thing you kept a record a record of how you did it. This reminds me of a time I went to a hotel and there were bedbugs. I took several pictures of them and offered to send them to the local health inspector. He said,"The pictures will not do me any good since I will not know if they are from the hotel/motel you were staying at since I did not see the bugs for myself". I said, "dude look at my pictures and then go to the motel". He still did not want my pictures or video.
    These people are arrogant to the point of stupidity!

  5. Yes Sir! We all have to remember that a lot of reputations are at stake. Some academics are on record stating what a fool hardy notion that such a campfire myth could ever be considered true. Those same department heads and published professors have written that Sasquatch does not exist!Pride and honor is at stake here. The attempt to misdirect the focus of the DNA study by slamming a paper-unread-and its author for unconventional tactics is much easier and the softer way instead of admitting they were wrong!Contempt prior to investigation will be their downfall.

  6. What are they afraid of.Amazing how many Labs came up with the same finding, but claim human contamination. Odd don't you think