Monday, February 18, 2013

Bigfoot DNA Study Update - David H. Swenson, Ph.D. Biochemist Supports Study

Dr. Swenson
Lately all we have heard from is the critics and their list of scientist that say the DNA Study is "bunk". Dr. Ketchum has posted a statement in support of the DNA Study from a scientist with credentials that rival the studies critics. David H. Swenson, Ph.D. who is a Biochemist and has over 39 journal publications to his credit. (Click here to read his resume)

 Below is his statement:
David H. Swenson
Brien Foerster, Jeff Kart, and other interested parties. I went over the manuscript by Melba Ketchum on Bigfoot genomics. My desktop had difficulty with a blast analysis of the consensus sequences. It helped me understand more about the project. This collaborative venture has done a huge project that taxes me to fully grasp. I see interesting homology with a standard human sequence with 99% match for mitochondria. From my abbreviated study, the nuclear genome seems to have human and nonhuman sequences.

My opinion of the creature is that it is a hybrid of a human mother and an unknown hominid male, Just as reported. For all practical purposes, it should be treated as human and protected under law.

Brien, selection of Melba's lab for your studies is a very good call.

Sasquatch is real, as proven by genetic analysis.
It appears Dr. Ketchum has made her raw genome data available to Dr. Swenson and he was able to confirm her findings. I am afraid we are now entering the "debate" phase of the study. We are going to have Geneticist and Scientist review her data and publish conflicting opinions on what the data means. But, this was the ultimate goal, to get legitimate scientist to take a hard look at the DNA and Bigfoot as a living, breathing, biological entity.


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  3. At last...a scientist that is prepared to give the proffered evidence the attention it deserves...shame on the "establishment-minded" scientific community for the pre-determination of the results.

  4. Yes where is this man did he get the shut up why no more ..Can't Google him
    No references


    2. He decided to remove his resume, his prerogative....

    3. I used the wayback machine to find it: