Monday, February 18, 2013

Bigfoot DNA Study Coast to Coast Interview - Dr. Ketchum SLAM DUNKS critics!

Dr. Ketchum answers and slam dunks the critics. Listen to this fascinating interview with George Knapp on Coast to Coast.

One of the major criticisms is that the genomes were not posted to GenBank so other scientist could review them. GenBank refused to accept it because it had "no species attached". When Dr. Ketchum responded that it is a new Homo Sapien (Human) GenBank refused to post the sequences until they had a "signed release and permission from the subject since it was human" What?!?! how can you get a signed release from a Bigfoot?!?!

Another interesting quote from Dr. Ketchum referring to emails received from one of the labs doing the blind study. "I got an email that said "We got this really weird fragment and we did a BLAST search of GenBank and it did not match anything, what did you send us? did you discover a new species?"

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  1. You KO it. Thank you for putting it in laymans terms. They do not want a DR.of Veterinary Services to out do them