Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Do the Bigfoot Use "Stick and Rocks" to Communicate?

Thanks to a tip from Blondie on a blog comment I found out something very interesting about Native American communication methods. In an article by about American Indians of the American Revolution there is a section concerning communicating with stones, twigs, and smoke signals. 

As I read the "light bulb" in my head came on. I have documented countless trail markers made of limbs and stones over the past 3 years. 

I have found rock piles and interesting stick formations on trails.

A very common trail maker is a "Y" limb broken off then put back onto the tree where it was broken inverted. 

I have also found small limb circles in trees

Rock signs are very common

This rock stack had "Wild Mint" under the top rock.

This also ties in with my recent post Signs and Wonders

I document a formation left on the ground in my back yard that I think was constructed by visiting Bigfoot. 

When your in the field keep you eyes open for these and other signs. What looks like a random pile of sticks may be much more.

Communicating with Signs and Smoke

Stone Signs
These signs done into stone-talk would be as in the top line of the cut.
These are much used in the Rockies where the trail goes over stony places or along stretches of slide-rock.
Grass and Twig Signs
In grass or sedge the top of the tuft is made to show the direction to be followed; if it is a point of great importance three tufts are tied, their tops straight if the trail goes straight on; otherwise the tops are turned in the direction toward which le course turns.

The Ojibways and other woodland tribes use twigs for a great many of these signs. (See second row.) The hanging broken twig like the simple blaze means "This is the trail." The twig clean broken off and laid on the ground across the line of march means, "Here break from your straight course and go in the line of the butt end," and when an especial warning is meant, the butt is pointed toward the one following the trail and raised somewhat, in a forked twig. If the butt of the twig were raised and pointing to the left, it would mean "Look out, camp, or ourselves, or the enemy, or the game we have killed is out that way." With some, the elevation of the butt is made to show the distance of the object; if low the object is near, if raised very high the object is a long way off.

These are the principal signs of the trail used by Woodcrafters, Indians, and hunters in most parts of America. These are the standards--the ones sure to be seen by those who camp in the wilderness.
Smoke Signals

There is in addition a useful kind of sign that has been mentioned already in these papers--that is, the Smoke Signal. These were used chiefly by the Plains Indians, but the Ojibways seem to have employed them at times.

A clear hot fire was made, then covered with green stuff or rotten wood so that it sent up a solid column of black smoke. By spreading and lifting a blanket over this smudge the column could be cut up into pieces long or short, and by a preconcerted code these could be made to convey tidings.
But the simplest of all smoke codes and the one of chief use to the Western traveler is this:
One steady smoke--"Here is camp."
Two steady smokes--" I am lost, come and help me."
I find two other smoke signals, namely:
Three smokes in a row--" Good news."
Four smokes in a row--"All are summoned to council."
These latter I find not of general use, nor are they so likely to be of service as the first two given.


  1. From all the evidence you have submitted over the past few years on your youtube site Scott I would agree they do manipulate these rocks formations left by researchers.

  2. Thanks Scott, I was thinking exactly about the formation found in your yard and the different broken limbs found on trails where Bigfoot research is going on. Redchun also found a neat rock formation not too long ago and it was clearly pointing a certain way.

    What do You think the formation in your yard was telling you? Isn't this exciting?

  3. OOPs I forgot to add, about the rock stack with wild mint- I wonder if that was a sign that food was the way the rocks were pointing. I'd think they'd like the way the mint tasted?

  4. Great post Scott! It made me think of a research idea. You've commented before on how intelligent BF are and how they are quick learners. You've been trying to communicate with rocks and sticks in the past. Maybe try and incorporate these native signs into your research. I thought you might leave a trail sign with a twig to an area with food. The thing is you want to build trust and establish communicarion so at the feeding area no cameras and maybe a rock stack for further communication. Change the location every few days to a week. Make sure to follow up on their sign as they would most likely leave you gifts as well.
    Next step it up to the next leave by leaving a trail sign to a feeding area but this time leave a tuft of your hair under the rock stack like they did with the mint. Maybe they'll leave a tuft of their hair but regardless they know that you want them to know your scent even though they probably already do you're making it clear you're building trust. Again no cameras. You want them to feel comfortable in that area and they would avoid or disable them anyway.
    Next set up camp and leave a trail sign directing them to you. No camera traps maybe a recorder in your tent for audio and see how close they'll come in. During the day I would suggest staying consistent with your back cam and walking stick cam since they probably won't come face to face anyway.
    Next, and here is where it gets pretty far out, leave a trail sign to a feeding area but this time include an underwater disposable camera. They are enclosed in plastic. It would be weatherproof and a great surface for finger prints. Leave them photos of yourself including images on how to take a pic. Make sure to leave some bacon grease for good fingerprints. If they actually took pics I'm sure they would be dark and blurry but at least you have the prints. Take a fingerprint kit and collect the prints. You could actually start identifying individuals by fingerprints and I would compare them to the ones at your house to confirm that it's the same individuals and how many there are.
    This would be a long project but if you could outline some form of clear two-way communication you could essentialy start asking them for the evidence you want. They obviously don't want you taking their picture but maybe they could get use to the cameras and learn that they will not harm them and you could get closer pics and videos.
    It's a little far out there but my mind started wondering, what if we could actually communicate with them? If chimps can learn sign language and play with I Pads, why can't BF learn to use a camera? Just food for thought.


  5. Scott, I contacted Jeff Meldrum and told him of an idea I had. He thought it was a good approach.
    We have Chimps that can communicate with humans using SIGN Laungage. Why couldnt we play these BF AUDIO TAPES for them and JUST SEE what ,if anything, they can tell us about their dialog and speech. What do YOU think?? Take care , Herb N Texas!! "Scouts OUT!"