Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Signs and Wonders

If you research Bigfoot Phenomenon long enough unexplainable events will begin to happen. In a earlier post I talked about the "curse" of the Bigfoot Researcher and home visitations. In the Spring of 2011 I had one of these unexplainable events happen in my back yard.

I had spent the weekend doing spring cleaning in the back yard. The winter had been cold and we had burned a large amount of wood. The wood stack was a mess so I straightened everything up and even received a compliment from my then wife on how nice the yard looked.

Rain set in first of the week but finially cleared on Wednesday. When I returned home on Wednesday from work my wife told me that someone had made a mess in the back yard. I asked if the kids at been out back and she responded no, it had been raining for the last two days, no one had been out back since the weekend.

 When I go out back I find a green fence post that I had used to brace the wood stack had been pulled out of the ground. It was driven in the ground three feet! A bird house and a round steel post that I had put under the tarp that covered the wood pile was also laying out on the ground. I also noticed several sticks laying around. 

As I looked at this I noticed that everything appeared to be laid out or placed. The fence post and pole formed a cross. Sticks on the ground formed an arrow. A single stick was lined up directly with metal poll. Who or better what did this?

When I examined this "formation" closer I noticed several interesting things. The metal pole and fence post were aligned north/south/east/west. 


I also noticed that a arrow was made from sticks just below the bird house pointing south. My research area is south of my home, were the creators of this formation trying to tell me where they were from? Did the bird house represent "home" and the arrow say "this way" or better "Our home is this way"?

It did not take me long to come to the conclusion that the group of Bigfoot I was studying had visited my home again and left me a message. They wanted me to know who they were and where they came from. Pulling a fence post driven 3 feet into the ground out was a clear indication that they wanted to make sure I knew this was not a random fluke.

I diagrammed the formation and it is amazing the information that they relayed to me. The Bigfoot arranged these objects so I would understand them.

This was the first overt attempt by the Bigfoot to directly communicate with me. This would be the start of many "odd" or "weird" occurrences around my home.

I think this is a good lesson on how the Bigfoot communicate with each other. In the woods what we see as a pile of sticks and coincidence could be a complicated and precise message. If they are as intelligent as I think  each clan or group has agreed ways on passing messages, giving directions, or leaving sign post. The average hiker or hunter would not have a clue what they are looking at and would ignore it.

Next time you see one of these "odd" formations it may be more than a random act of nature. It could mean much more.

Post by: Scott Carpenter


  1. It is amazing that they know where you live and how to travel there undetected. How often do they visit your house?

    1. Lately about once every two weeks, more during the winter months...

  2. Is the face photo attached to this story another of your finds on video? Is it a drawing or an enhanced photo?

  3. I would be terrified if I found this. Have you ever been home and had a feeling something wasn't right or had a feeling they were near?

  4. Interesting that nothing seems to be missing, such in
    the cases of horse feed or fish that is taken. Leaving
    signs that you are able to decypher gives credence to
    a high level of intelligence beyond that of a lower animal. Wonder what would happen if you left a chalk board and chalk near the wood pile?

  5. Good Idea about the chalk board. This is amazing. I have always suspected the rock formations point a certain way.

  6. I tried the chalk. Nothing happened here, but maybe yours might be smarter than my neighbors.

    I know they follow you home. I have some I used to visit a couple miles from my house. Now I have some AT my house. In town. In a neighborhood. But we have trees, big ones, and are a block from a canal--they travel down the canals into the towns here. House smacking and dragging big things around the yard at night. I think they are keeping an eye on me because they think I can see them, which I can sort of but not that great.

    How do they find you? I think they run pretty fast, right? Do they follow you? Or does one hitch a ride, then go back home and report to the clan? Or do they ask around when they get together with the other bf?

    I think it was Thom Powell who was out doingan investigation, including repeatedly doing three woodknock without a response, then drove the four hours home, got out of the car and heard....three woodknocks. Who knows how, but they do it.

    1. Dear M Smith did you use a chalk board with
      pictures draw on it? Something that would
      intice them to doodle? Please try again. If they are at your house you have a big hurdle
      overcome. That of finding them.