Monday, June 24, 2013

The Bigfoot - What Is It Really??? Your not going to like my answer......

I have been researching Bigfoot for four years. I have had two encounters where I made direct eye contact with a Bigfoot during this time.  I participated in the Ketchum/NABS DNA Study and submitted over thirty hair samples to the study. Eleven of the samples were confirmed to be from a Bigfoot. I have captured video of the Bigfoot both from trail cameras and hand held video cameras. I have heard and recorded Bigfoot vocalizations. I have communicated with the Bigfoot via rocks and stick formations. I have had Bigfoots come to my place of residence and take food, leave footprints, and three of the hair samples that were confirmed Bigfoot actually came from my residence. I have had the privilege of sharing information with some of the top researchers of the Bigfoot world. I have been privy to confidential information about the Bigfoot and its behavior that has never been made public. I am not an “expert”. In my opinion if you’re an expert that means you have learned all there is to know about a subject. In Bigfoot research the more you learn, the more you realize how little you actually know.

I give you my “credentials” in order to qualify the statements I am about to make. In the past I have blogged about what I think the Bigfoot is. This opinion has been changing and evolving as I learn more and my research has matured. Based on my personal experience, the results of the DNA Study, and input from other researchers I have come to the following conclusions:

  • The biological entity that we call a Bigfoot/Sasquatch is a human hybrid. The DNA shows that the mother of the species is human and the father is of unknown origin. The nuclear DNA (which comes from the father) from three complete Bigfoot/Sasquatch genomes was compared against the Genbank Database. This database currently contains over 150 billion nucleotide bases in more than 162 million sequences. There was NO match for the nuclear DNA sequences.

  • A majority of the Bigfoot/Sasquatch have an intelligence level equal to or greater than humans.

  • The Bigfoot/Sasquatch are aware of our technologies and what their purposes are to include video cameras, trail cameras, digital voice recorders, vehicles, fire arms, etc. 

  • The Bigfoot/Sasquatch know our culture, our habits, and our history.

  • The Bigfoot/Sasquatch are not the “benevolent keepers of the forest”.

  • The Bigfoot/Sasqutach have abilities that we do not fully understand or comprehend. These abilities include: The use of infrasound to confuse, disorient, cause memory loss, or incapacitate. The ability to “cloak” or become invisible to the naked eye. I am convinced they use infrasound to achieve this “cloak” but I am open to the possibilities of some other explanation. I think that these abilities are genetic and passed down to the offspring. This explains why some Bigfoot/Sasquatch exhibit these abilities and others do not. I think the diluting of the genome by interbreeding with humans is the major cause of the loss of these abilities.

  • There are types or races of Bigfoot/Sasquatch. Their appearance and behavior vary depending on the geographic region of the country in which they are located.

  • The Bigfoot/Sasquatch live in a family group structure. This family group usually consists of a male, female, and offspring.

  • The Bigfoot/Sasquatch family groups live in a “home” range that may encompass up to 100 miles. These family groups form clans. The clans provide mates for the offspring of the family groups and help prevent inbreeding. These clans also enforce the social structure for the family groups.

  • The Bigfoot /Sasquatch live a “subsistence existence” on the fringe of human civilization. They have formed a symbiotic relationship with humans observing our activities and scavenging food and other resources when advantageous.

  • The Bigfoot/Sasquatch are reclusive and avoid direct human contact at almost any cost. They are “hyper-elusive” which borderlines on fanaticism. The question that remains unanswered is why they live this way. Is it by choice or by force? The evidence is mounting that both the subsistence existence and reclusiveness may not be by choice but coerced. The question then becomes who is enforcing this lifestyle on the Bigfoot/Sasquatch and why?
  • The Bigfoot/Sasquatch are each unique individuals. They each have a personality and a demeanor. They exhibit behaviors that suggest that their culture contains individuals that are benevolent, violent, and homicidal.  Each Bigfoot has its own set of “morals” and exercises them according its own desires.

  • The Bigfoot/Sasquatch abduct humans for a variety of reasons. The reasons are varied and may include the following: replacement of a lost infant, breeding mate, curiosity, ritual rite of passage, and unfortunately cannibalism.

  • The Bigfoot/Sasquatch population numbers in the tens of thousands and may go as high as the hundreds of thousands.

I know many will disagree with some of my conclusions and I welcome the discussion and debate. We still have much to learn about this biped known as Bigfoot. To be honest we know very little about them.
 In summation I have a healthy respect for the Bigfoot’s abilities. I do not trust the Bigfoot completely and I am still unsure of the motives behind most if not all of its behaviors. Many times the behavior of the Bigfoot mimics that of someone in a prison camp. They cannot communicate with us directly so they use stones, sticks, and other forms of communication that their “over seers” will not recognize.  I have read many accounts of how the POW’s in Vietnam had to communicate with each other while under the watchful eye of the prison guards. I see amazing similarities in the way the Bigfoot attempt to communicate with me and other researchers. If this is true then who are the “guards” and why are the Bigfoot under such tight surveillance?

 With Bigfoot research one answer begets 10 more unanswered questions and I somehow doubt we will ever have them all even with a “body”.


  1. Very Interesting post! I have some questions:

    1. Do you think they continue to breed with humans?
    2. What evidence is mounting that the subsistence existence and reclusiveness may be coerced? (It seems logical they are this reclusive because they know humans are violent and want to kill them for a "sample").
    3. Is there evidence that some BF are cannibals?
    4. How could there be that many BF living among us when they are hardly seen except by a few "chosen" people?
    5. Could it be that they are not under surveillance by another someone or something but simply communicate with sticks and stones because they cannot speak to us in our language?

    Great Job Scott, I always enjoy your posts and look forward to reading your blog.

    1. Some indian tribes said they were cannibals

    2. 1. Yes
      2. The evidence I have been collecting of the rock formations, sticks, X's etc. The Bigfoot established a pattern over three years ago if making a 3-1 pattern with the rocks at the research area. I have found this pattern repeated at my residence with candy bars, sticks, and rocks. This to me is a signature that only I and the Bigfoot would recognize. They also have had ample opportunity to communication with me. I have been alone and isolated yet they will only break sticks or throw rocks, but they do this on command or in answer to a question. I find it highly unlikely they are just being "shy" after four years. Something is preventing them from making direct contact.
      3. Indian tribes have many accounts of cannibalism by the Bigfoot. I also am privy to some private information that I can not divulge that lead me to believe that isolated clans still cannibalize humans. I wish I could say more, but I can't.
      4. I think they are seen by more people than you think, most do not report the sighting because of fear of ridicule. When Finding Bigfoot came to down I was floored by the number of people who came forward with reports to include, lawyers, a Navy F14 pilot and his family, business owners, house wives, etc. I sat for 6 hours and listened to account after account!
      5. Based on vocalizations from Texas, California, and my own, plus the account of Janice Carter (which the DNA proved the Bigfoot existed) with her dictionary, the work of Scott Nelson (Retired Navy Linguist and active college professor) yes they can speak and IMHO are mulch-lingual. I have personally heard them speak and I have talked to other researchers that have heard them speak english, not mimicking but in context. They also demonstrate a high level of intelligence in evasion, problem solving, and technology detection. I find it almost impossible to conclude they can not use broken english if necessary.


    3. Thank you Scott for taking the time to answer my questions. I am more curious than ever now. I used to go hiking the national park trails thinking those would be safe areas for a single woman out alone for a nature walk but I have stopped that completely...partly due to the Missing 411 books and due to family and friends begging me not to go alone but now your answers send chills up my spine. It just blows my mind that they are still mating with kidnapped humans and the cannibalism just leaves me speechless. I just don't understand; with all you must know; why the heck you are not scared to death of these things.

    4. I am not scared but I have a HEALTHY respect of them. I go armed and try to stay alert at all times. Being a man, tall, and older I am at less risk but there are no guaranties.

    5. Scott, I first want to say that I thoroughly enjoy your research, BUT there are a few things that were said here that are seriously irking me. The first comment you made was this, "I have been privy to confidential information about the Bigfoot and its behavior that has never been made public.". My question is, WHY is information being withheld from the public, and especially bigfoot enthusiasts, such as myself? Just because we're not able to be out there in the forests like you all, doesn't mean we're not equally interested in what's going on, and any information that may be available. It's bad enough when our own gov't keeps secrets from us, but when the bigfoot research community is doing the same thing, it just should not be. We have every right to that information, regardless of whether or not we're out in the forests. I think it's complete B.S., and I'm sure MANY folks feel the same way as I do. The other complaint I have, was when you said this, "I also am privy to some private information that I can not divulge that lead me to believe that isolated clans still cannibalize humans.". Really?!?! I cannot believe, with a clear conscience, that anyone in the BF research community, including yourself, can possibly keep this information silent. I especially feel that this information should be available for public safety, especially in this day and age where more and more people are out there trying to find BF. I personally feel that there is an obligation on SOMEONES part to divulge this information so people can avoid these areas, so as to not become BF dinner. I really think you all are being seriously irresponsible by continuing to withhold, what could be, life saving information. I really feel that the whole mind set of "let's keep things secret" is a kind of betrayal to all of us that share in this same interest, but because we're not in the field research "clique", that we're not "privy" to information regarding BF...AND THAT REALLY SUCKS! T. Howell

    6. ...My apologies, it was Joe Black that made the statement regarding cannibalism, and not being able to divulge information relating to that. However, my feelings regarding the matter remain the same.
      T. Howell

    7. Wow, do I feel like a dork! Apparently Scott and Joe Black are one in the same...I did not know this. Oh well!

  2. I believe Sasquatch know alot more about we humans than we do them. They've been studying us for centuries. They know humans are a danger to there existence because of guns and things they have seen humans do to other humans through many centuries. I believe there are other types of beings too that we have much more to learn about. Like the Genowski. Which very well could be the blame for alot disappearances In our National forest. I believe you can't track or capture sasquatch. They are the masters of tracking and trickery. I believe there could be something to them using infrasound. Last but least are Sasquatch interdemensional ????? What u think about that?

  3. Wow, Scott! I follow your logic and it is very interesting. You have been doing some serious thinking about this and your hypothesis makes good sense. I think you are on the right track just my opinion. Enjoy following your research very much. Some may not agree but I do.

    1. I agree i think Scott is great at what he does.

  4. To use some hippy lingo, "far out man." A part of me thinks they are not flesh and bone. But they behave like animals- growl, howl, throw rocks, shake trees, tree knocks, no fire, no real tools and weapons

    1. For us the do, who is to say this is not a show? The Indians reported them using fire but as our ability to detect fire has increased via technology I think they stopped using it out in the open. I think it is still used in caves.

  5. Scott, you were wrong, concerning the title to this
    segment. I do like your answer. I would like to go out
    on the so-called limb and hazard an opionion that I think what you are describing is a breeding program that
    has been carried out by forces as yet unknown. I think that DNA munipulation is the result, but what is the reason for it? I do think your assumptions are correct.
    It would be nice if all the cards were layed out on the table for all to see.

  6. Scott,
    The Annunaki or what ever name you choose to call them are probably the prison guards or controllers you speak of...

    1. Perhaps the Dogmen creatures are the Annunaki?

  7. One thing I am certain is that they talk to each other in some kind of language. I've heard conversations between them as they walk around my camp through the woods at night. It sounds like gibberish, but it's clearly beings talking. One time I noticed it while some friends were jabbering away around the fire, when we went quite, so did they, they were using our conversation as a cover for their own while they watched us.

  8. Scott. I've been following you for a while. I have some land in Sourheast Missouri in the Ozarks and have now purchased some property near San Antonio Texas in the Hill Country. I have been conducting my own research. I'm fascinated by your research. Some of your comments over the years hsve proven very true. In an obscure comment you once referenced that crows will circle and vocalize near BIGFOOTs and that's exactly how I had my first encounter. Im fascinated by your theory on how they, the creatures behave like prisoners. I have a feeding and gift area. And I'm getting responses and the typical strange occurrences. And it's true. What you've stated so far has proven very true. Keep up the good work. The hardest part of these fascinating encounters as you well know is to make the time to do the research. You keep it up and I'll keep following along.

    1. Mike,

      Thank you! I appreciate the feed back. I find it interesting how similar the behavior is regardless of location. Please keep me informed of your progress its always good to compare notes.


  9. I realize that it is wrong to pick on some else through someone else's blog. I'm not exactly picking on a third person, but I do have some questions that he is not willing to answer, and I think they need to be answered. And Scott seems to be more open.

    When I speak of the third person, I am speaking of David Paulides. In years past, I had some interest in bigfoot because my tribe has a tradition of bigfoot. So it was more of an interest as if someone who was distantly related to, say, Abraham Lincoln, might be interested in Abraham Lincoln.

    But then I began a novel a couple of years ago--yes, it takes that long, sometimes longer, to write them--a story that involves a bigfoot. It is not EXACTLY a bigfoot story, but a bigfoot plays a significant role in the story line. I regret I cannot yet divulge the name of the novel, but my publisher has asked me not to release publicity as yet.

    So in the rising level of my interest, enter David Paulides and his appearances on CoasttoCoastAM. The first appearances I can remember related to his work with Indian tribes and their stories and accounts. Then I got the fright of my life the night of his first appearance regarding Missing 411.

    He was completely mum on the questions or comments about whether or not bigfoots might be cannabilistic. Very non-committal.

    Then in the next couple of appearances, he made some very strange statements about why people might be disappearing in the national forests of the U.S.

    I wrote him, asking if he thought bigfoots were dangerous--because here we have the grand, festive party of Moneymaker, Ranae, Cliff (probably the most credible) and Bobo. And Bobo is making statements such as "I wish I lived here," to families who owned property apparently frequented by bigfoots, and making other such blatant statements as these beings are not dangerous.

    So, my question to Paulides. I got back an answer that in some ways chewed me out for asking the question, that I should know that the more he researches. the more his opinions about bigfoot changes. He said something about bigfoots appearing to disappear, though it was not clear to me whether or not that was his opinion, or it was someone else's opinion. And he said that likely my own opinions would change, the longer I researched. (I'm not a researcher--I am someone looking for information.) Scott Carpenter has made such statements as the more he researches, the more strange things get.

    So, because of these kinds of subjunctive mode replies, I am not concerned about whether or not we should fear these creatures, are they in fact being attacked by other strange creatures, or, are they attacking and harming humans.

    I'm sorry to put you on the spot, Mr. Carpenter.

    But I feel that because you men who are the experts and who hold knowledge--you all call it confidential knowledge--that you have not revealed to us, and that knowledge puts human beings in danger out in the forests, plains and deserts of our nation if we don't have it, then why are you all refusing to divulge it? Do you not feel that, if your knowledge might save someone's life, you all should reveal it to us? Or are you all protecting that knowledge simply to protect the reputations of bigfoot hunters, and the secretive subject of bigfoot hunting?

    My question is not a personal attack. But my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and those of many, many other Americans and Canadians, are out in the forests. And they may be in danger. Thank you.

    I tried to get clarification

    1. Bloggerjim, until Scott finds the words to reply,
      I will comment this way. A few years back a well-
      meaning naturalist was foolishly keeping too much
      time and way too close to a group of brown bears.
      He and his girlfriend were eaten for their trouble. Many things we think to be true are frequently proven wrong in due time. When we leave
      the comfort of our cities, towns and homes, we are
      at the mercy of nature. Even the common black bear
      that dumps over our trash cans have developed a
      reputation as a maneater given the right circum-
      stances. Never say never. The study of bigfoot al-
      though over now 50 years, is still in its infancy.
      Theories abound and will continue to for the near
      future. Are we safe in the woods? Years ago I spent many hours on horseback. I rode speed events
      in horseshows and have fallen off everyway possible. The worst I was ever injured was falling off a horse that was standing still. My
      point is anything is possible. Don't quit living
      for fear of death. Take some common sense precautions, go armed if that gives you a sense
      of security. I do. But not for fear of any one

    2. Really you want to make Scott responsible for your and your offspring's safety in the woods? Let me help you grow up a little. Every time you step out of your door into the world you put your life at risk. Every time you set foot in the woods you put your life at risk. The world is full of accidents waiting to happen and there are people and animals every where you go that can cause you harm. While Sasquatch may be an additional risk to be considered while in the woods your time would be more productively spent worrying about a car wreck and taking responsibility for your own safety in the woods.

    3. The information that I must keep confidential does not endanger anyone. I keep this information confidential because I gave my word to those who told me that I would not divulge it.

      I think I have made it clear that I do not trust the Bigfoot and that one should always exercise caution when entering any wild area. Not because of Bigfoot but because it makes good common sense. There are many dangers in the wilderness from Bears to unpredictably weather. With this being said I think my blog speaks to the issue of Bigfoot and safety. I think everyone should be made aware that there is population of large bipedal humanoids living in the wilderness. These humanoids could pose a danger to humans and caution should be used. In my opinion the Park Service should be informing patrons of this danger. Much like the bear or cougar warnings, I see Bigfoot in the same context.

      You should always go into the wilderness in pairs, tell family and friends of your plans, and carry a firearm where it is legal to do so. This is good advice even if Bigfoot are not in the area.

  10. Thank you so much for not obsessing on the proof issue.

    I agree with everything and would say you have concisely summed up what many others may be thinking. They are so WEIRD!

    and re your statement that bf are not the benevolent forest guardians some do charaterize them as... how would you actually characterize them?

    Do you think they read minds, as some people think?

    Have you ever experienced that mindspeak stuff?

    Have you heard or recorded the chatter/talking?

    Do you think they spend time in or build perches or resting areas up in trees?

    Have you seen any woven screens of foliage used perhaps as cover?

    Do you think they might use foliage as camouflage--actually wear it, like we do?

  11. Scott,I think this may be one of the best personal statements,on a species type in general perhaps,that I've seen in my short career. AND,lets not forget,this statement comes from one who's put the time in,as you certanly have,without a doubt. I too have many reservations in researching solo,and no,not all are Bigfoot related. I feel the same many. There's much more weirdness out there than we know about,and on most days want to admit. It doesn't take much to find out about it. I also have my reservations,of course,when dealing with beings that are now known by many to be closer to humans than anything on this planet. I've also had many thoughts about mental conditions,that humans and Bigfoot may share. We know there's quite a few human monsters out there,all one has to do is watch one large city's nightly news. Is it possible there are Bigfoot's that are nonrepentant,cold blooded murders,for whatever reason? I'd bet more than likely,but not all by any means. One of my main concerns,when dealing with these beings,is say I encounter a family group,,accidentally. Ok,they see me,I see them. Could the father,or mother of the group,seeing me gasp with surprise,and take a couple steps forward,possibly towards a very small one,that is concealed or hiding near by,and I don't even see,,take this as a sign of aggression,and react accordingly,as in wiping me out?!? Way to many factors to consider,and when at this level,the price of innocent,or well natured mistakes can be the highest of costs. I keep this in the back of my mind every time I go to the woods. After all,.im entering thier home,and some may see capital punishment worthy,when it comes to trespassing humans as well...

  12. Great post Scott given me alot to think about,you'll most likely get alot of flak for you theories but i think you should be thinking outside the box thats one of the biggest problem with bigfoot research is once one researcher has an idea every other idea is wrong and then start attacking everyone who disagrees os has a different opinion from their own ,keep up the good work man.

  13. An interesting report that links Bigfoot activity to paranormal activity and states that Bigfoot is controlled by others.

    You will want to read document #4 - the second half of the report, on the first page - is where the report details the discussion the Colorado Ranch Owner had with the UFO Occupants where they revealed they controlled Bigfoot.

  14. I have been a fan of the existence of bigfoot for the longest time. I always entertained the thought of Bigfoot being aware of human smells and sounds more than we think...I mean if we go into the woods with insect repellant on or deodorant on due to our human ways...I am guessing Bigfoot could smell us for miles.
    Smell our plastic resources etc.

  15. I feel these "DOG MEN" play a Roll in the 'handling of the Sasquatch People!

  16. I am only going to comment on 2 things from your post. They aren't really big things at all, but are just perspective things, really. I can't really comment on any of the other things, because I either agree with them or have never had the opportunity to observe or experience them.

    1) An expert is not someone who knows everything about a certain subject. There are plenty of experts in a wide variety of fields around the world (not Sasquatch, because so little is actually known), but no one or group knows knows anywhere close to everything about the fields they are considered experts in. I have been a licensed professional land surveyor for most of my adult life, and am considered an expert at measuring things. However, we are still coming up with new, more accurate ways to measure things, and are discovering inaccuracies in the methods we have been using that we were not aware of. It is even worse in the sciences dealing with living organisms and experimental sciences.

    2) There are many different kinds of intelligence, and it is very unlikely that what the average person considers intelligence to be could accurately be compared with the kinds of intelligence that a Sasquatch would have and display. It would be more accurate to compare them to the remaining hunter-gatherer tribes living in the deep jungles and isolated places in the world, who must live in much the same way. Many ignorant "civilized" folks would call those people brutish savages, but those same folk would not last 2 days in the environments that those tribesmen and the Sasquatch live in every single day. Why not? Those Sasquatches and tribesmen are absolute geniuses in not only surviving in those places, but also in subduing it and being masters of their domains. Many of our ancestors gave up that particular kind of intelligence by completely changing our environment (urbanization and the industrial revolution). We are still masters of our own environment, but it is one of steel and concrete, not the pristine wilderness that the Sasquatch call home.

  17. If you're hunting deer, and see a feral dog trot through the woods, under normal conditions you wouldn't attempt to kill and eat the dog. However, times were rough and you're starving, of coarse, you're gonna kill and eat the dog. Not the preferred choice, but it'll do. Do all Sasquatch kill and consume humans.? No, but a small percentage may have and will continue under certain circumstances. We are NOT the dominant creature in the wilderness.

  18. Scott -
    I do like your conclusions about Sasquatch, very much.
    From reading all the information I could on the internet and from a few books, I'd already come to the same conclusions myself.
    With the exception of one, the outside control.
    Of course I don't have your experience from contact, but I do wonder if their preservation of distance from us Sapiens people is not explainable in other ways.
    * Their social culture which gets passed along instructs them to be very cautious with us.
    * Their inner or innate instructions do the same. Just as ours toward them is fright, and to run away.

    Now why should they fear us? We know that our culture has many attitudes of dominance which they've been subjected to, and many lethal and wounding attacks have been carried out on them. Why would they think some people are always going to be trustworthy friends?
    Are they themselves consistently trustworthy? Even Fox, who was "habituated", would kill a goat or calf, or strip a fruit tree, when hungry. And his kids would do worse.
    Their dependence on the handouts of "habituation" may have adverse consequences - forgotten meals, death or disappearance of the benefactor, overpopulation.
    Fox died partly of a tooth infection - does a diet of wheat flour, blueberry muffins, special cakes baked for them, other sweets, sweet fruits & veges like corn - you get it - subject them to our diseases?
    Then there is what Thom "Squatch" suggested - that their relation to us is one of deception. We are for them, a resource, in their busy life of hunting & gathering. Caring and information or affection sharing
    with us, not that important. Play is more compatible, but deception can be part of play.

  19. Great info Scott. If people would watch the legit bigfoot videos that are on youtube and pay attention to how they can just vanish with camera pointed right on them and in some the other-worldly creatures among a clan. that alone should scare some sense into folks. What gets me so mad is people finding big clans in one place but won't hold the camera on them. Instead they swing the camera all around. So much vital information is lost. I thought research was to study them not just get pictures to post on youtube. I thank you very much for what you do and the information you share with the public. It's up to all of us to listen to the wise.

    1. Can you give a few links to these legit videos?