Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Bigfoot Field Journal - Available in Paper Back

The Bigfoot Field Journal is now available in paper back. I have had many request for a paper book copy of this book. I have condensed it and it is now available via the Create Space Book store and will soon be on Amazon.

The link to purchase the book is:


  1. Congratulations Scott. I hope it does well for you as a reimbursement for all your time, effort and equipment cost.

  2. Awesome news Scott ! I agree with "Papsquatch" about receiving a little something back for all you've put out from your own pocket while raising your family . I already have a little list of who will be receiving one as a gift . I thoroughly enjoyed your eBOOK and can't wait to get a copy for my own bookshelf as well . Thanks Scott .

  3. Outstanding. Been hoping for this for a while. I'll be ordering my copy soon,and more than likely ill read it again,even tho I've read the Ebook version three times now,lol. Congrats Scott!