The Sasquatch Genome Project aka The Ketchum DNA Study aka The Bigfoot DNA Study

The Sasquatch Genome Project aka The Ketchum DNA Study aka The Bigfoot DNA Study

The study is now OPEN ACCESS and can be view via this link: Sasquatch Genome Project

Definition of terms

All cells in the body contain a complete set of DNA instructions regardless of the function of the cell.
There are two types of is DNA – Nuclear and Mitochondrial.
Mitochondrial DNA is found in cell mitochondria and is from the mother only.
Nuclear DNA if found in the cell nucleus and is a combination of genetic code from both the father and the mother.
Genbank is a institution that collects and stores DNA sequences for ALL life forms on the planet. Once a DNA sequence is placed into the database comparative analysis can be run on it using a special software program called BLAST.
BLAST is a software engine that compares a DNA sequence against all the DNA sequences stored in the Genbank database and reports any matches from this database.

The DNA Samples

Three DNA samples were collected and completely sequenced. This means a complete genetic profile of both the Mitochondrial DNA and Nuclear DNA was produced.
Sample 26 -  A piece of flesh, hide, and hair reported to be from Bigfoot that was shot in Northern California.

Sample 31 - Blood collected from a plate that had sand paper on it to cut the tongue when the Bigfoot licked it. This was collected in Alabama by the Erickson Project under the supervision of a PhD in wildlife biology.
Sample 140 - Blood collected of a down spout that had been bitten into and punctured. (Please tell me if you know of any humans that could or would bite into an aluminum downspout and puncture it with their teeth.)  This sample was collected in Illinois.

The Findings

Dr. Ketchum was able to extract good quality DNA from these three samples. The samples were good enough to run through a machine called a HiSeq 2000. This machine will sequence the DNA and produce what is known as a DNA profile or complete Genome. Once she had her sequences she compared the Mitochondrial DNA to the Genbank and found that this DNA was 100% human in all three samples. This means it could not be from an animal or an ape. She then compared the Nuclear DNA to the Genbank and she could not find a match for any of the three samples. This means that she had a life form that had a human mother and a father that was not in the known genetic database.

Dr. Ketchum began comparing sections of the Nuclear DNA to human DNA to find out where it was different. All humans have the TYR gene, which is associated with skin pigmentation, and the HAR1 gene, which is a “human accelerated region” associated with human neurological development. She found that the Sasquatch DNA from all three samples lacked these gene sequences. This means that the father could not be human as we know it!  Dr. Ketchum and the entire DNA project team has discovered a completely new and never before seen life form or hominin. When she compared the samples to each other they were a match or better from the same family or type of hominin.

Bottom Line

The DNA Study collected three samples for DNA, one flesh sample and two blood samples. The samples were collected at different times in three distinct regions of the country. The Mitochondrial DNA was human in all three samples which rules out animal or ape. The Nuclear DNA from all three samples did not match any DNA in the Genbank DNA database which contains 152,599,230,112 base pairs. The Nuclear DNA of the three samples does not contain the TYR Gene or the HAR1 Gene which ALL humans have so the father is not human and the DNA sample CAN NOT be contaminated by a human source since these genes are missing. If there was contamination the HAR1 and TYR gene would be present in the sequences.

Finial Conclusion

There is an unknown hominin in the United States of America that is a human hybrid. The mother is of human origin and the father is a non-human of unknown origin. Since eye witnesses saw the donor of sample 26 and sample 31 and they described the donors as being hair covered, bipedal, and in general appearance looking like the cryptid known as the Sasquatch, we can logically make the conclusion that the DNA is from a Sasquatch.

Please note: The Ketchum DNA Study contained a total of 113 DNA samples extracted from sources to include hair tags, saliva, blood, etc. The three samples mentioned above were of high enough quality for complete DNA sequencing. The complete study includes the hair morphology and other factors that show that these samples were from a unknown hominin.  I chose the three samples above to demonstrate the validity of the study because they were complete genomes. Below is a statement from the DNA study itself:

During the present five year study, approximately one hundred and thirteen separate samples of hair, blood, mucus, toenail, bark scrapings, saliva and skin with hair and subcutaneous tissue attached were submitted by dozens of individuals and groups from thirty four separate hominin collection sites around North Americ.

Here we report the morphological and histopathologic examination, whole mitochondrial and nuclear DNA sequencing and analysis, and electron microscopic studies of DNA extracted from fresh hominin tissue.
Overall the data are suggestive of an unusual contemporary hominin with mitochondrial DNA consistent with modern humans but showing marked anomalies in the nuclear DNA. These findings suggest the existence of a novel contemporary indigenous North American hominin.

Novel North American Hominins, Next Generation Sequencing of Three Whole Genomes and Associated Studies

The Sasquatch Genome Project aka The Ketchum DNA Study aka The Bigfoot DNA Study Part II

With the Sykes DNA Study about to be made public via TV specials I thought in important to go over the basics of DNA and how DNA Profiles are actually processed in simple terms. In the process I will also explain why the Ketchum DNA Study is so profound and why those scientists that actually understand the process and the ramifications of the study want it discredited and suppressed.

First let’s define DNA. DNA is short for deoxyribonucleic acid, it is the molecule that contains the genetic code of all organisms. DNA is in each cell in the organism and tells cells what proteins to make. A cell's proteins determine its function. DNA is inherited by children from their parents. The DNA in a person is a combination of the DNA from each of their parents. 

DNA has a double helix shape, which is like a ladder twisted into a spiral. Each step of the ladder is a pair of nucleotides. The four nucleotides in this ladder are adenine (A), thymine (T), guanine (G), and cytosine (C). The nitrogen bases are found in pairs. 'A' only pairs with 'T', and 'C' only pairs with 'G'. The bases are held together by hydrogen bonds. If you unzip the DNA so you only have one side of the ladder you still know what the corresponding nucleotide is because DNA can only pair in this order. This is important to understand for discussions later on in this post.

There are two types of DNA, Nuclear and Mitochondrial. Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) is found in cell mitochondria and is from the mother only. Nuclear DNA (nuDNA) if found in the cell nucleus and is a combination of genetic code from both the father and the mother. mtDNA is more abundant and easier to extract and test. nuDNA is more difficult to extract and test therefor samples in quality and quantity are required for successful extraction nuDNA.

Now that we have the basics down, how do you perform a DNA test? DNA is tightly wound together in its natural state. Think of it like a jumbled wad of rubber bands tangled and intertwined. In order to sequence the DNA the strands must be unwound or broken into sections and unzipped. Remember you only need one side of the helix or ladder to decode DNA because as I have previously pointed out,  A/T and C/G are always paired together. So if we have one side of the ladder we know what the other side has to be.  

Special enzymes are used to break down the DNA and unzip them into single strands. Once we have the DNA broken down into strands we need to stack like strands together. There are multiple copies of the DNA in the cell. So when the DNA is broken down we may have thousands of copies of the same sequences. We now need to stack these like threads together one on top of the other so we can see the sequences. DNA testing is like a transparency picture. If you only have one copy of the transparency it is light and difficult to see. But if you have 25 copies of the same transparency and you stack them together one on top of the other then you can see the picture clearly. DNA testing is the same way. The greater the DNA density the better, this will make the DNA easier to see or what is known as “Amplifying”. 
In order to “stack” the DNA together scientist use what is known as a primer. The primer’s basic function is to gather like strands of DNA together and stack them so it is easier to see the DNA sequence or amplify the sequence. In the early days of DNA testing primers had to be designed for individual species and even subspecies within a family of organisms. For example primers were developed for humans, bears, dogs, cats, pigs, cattle, etc. If you were trying to identify unknown DNA you would use the primer for the individual species on the sample. If the primer found and stacked the DNA together or amplified the DNA then you knew you had this species. If nothing was amplified then you knew you did not have this particular species. These primers still exist today but as scientific advancements were made in the field of DNA processing machines were developed that could process the DNA faster and more accurately. Primers were also developed to help speed up the process. What is known as a “Universal Mammal Primer” was developed. Scientist with the use of a DNA Sequencer and Universal Primers can now process DNA and get a profile faster and more accurately. Just like with the species specific primers if you use a mammal primer and the DNA does not amplify then your DNA sample is not from mammal. Here is a very important aspect to DNA testing. The test will be affected by the quantity, quality, and purity of the DNA sample. If you have multiple copies of the DNA strands, the strands are not damaged and intact, and the DNA is all from the same organism then the primer will amplify correctly and you will get good clear results. If you have limited amounts that are contaminated the results will not amplify well. To use the transparency analogy again, now you have two transparencies of two different pictures. Some parts of the picture may be alike some different. So when the primers stack them on top of each other the picture is fuzzy and blurred and not easy to recognize.  

The process I have just described in very simple language is known as Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR).  This is the method the independent reference labs and Dr. Ketchum used in the DNA Study to sequence the Sasquatch DNA. Since Dr. Ketchum was aware critics and the scientific community would be crying contamination she set up extremely strict processing methods in order to ensure she obtained non-contaminated DNA from a single source. She used forensic laboratories and processes to gather, wash, and then process the DNA. The same processes and standards were used that law enforcement laboratories use when processing DNA.  She also used forensic laboratories in blind studies so the laboratories did not know what kind of DNA samples they were receiving. They received the DNA, forensically processed it, and then returned the results to Dr. Ketchum.

The study also used a DNA Sequencer machine. This machine is called a HiSeq 2000 and the DNA test were run by an independent lab on this machine. This machine has the ability to measure the quality of the DNA sample. The HiSeq 2000 uses what is known a “competitive” process. If the sample placed into the machine is contaminated then the primer will split and some of it will try to stack DNA strands from one organism while the other primer will try to stack DNA from the other organism. The machine can measure this split in the primer and determine if the sample was from a single source (pure) or from multiple sources (contaminated). This measure is known as a “Q30” score. When the DNA samples were run the average Q30 score was 85. According to the manufacturer of the HiSeq 2000 any score greater than 80 is considered PURE and NOT contaminated. A contaminated sample would return a Q30 score of 40 to 50. This is an extremely important FACT. This means that the DNA results from the Sasquatch samples were NOT CONTAMINTED and from a SINGLE SOURCE. 

Now that I have explained how the DNA was processed here are the reasons why the mainstream scientific community is ignoring the study and attempting to mislead the general public about the study. This is why the critics and the blogs have sought to discredit the study by destroying Dr. Ketchum personally. This is why the bloggers and critics drone on about “flawed method” and “the samples must be contaminated or faked”.  They know by exclusion alone the DNA Study has proven the existence of an unknown hominin.  Let me explain what I mean.

If you have a DNA sample obtained from hair, flesh, blood, etc. and you had an eye witness watch the subject (Sasquatch) leave the sample. If this sample was then forensically collected in the field and was also a high quality sample in both amount and purity , then forensically processed by the lab to ensure it was not contaminated. If you then used primers on the samples designed to amplify human and mammalian DNA and NO DNA amplified then this would mean by process of exclusion the DNA you had collected came from an unknown hominin that has DNA that does no match any know human or mammal. You have proven a new species of hominin exist. This is what Dr. Ketchum has done and this is why the critics claim the samples “must be contaminated”. The DNA Study documents in detail and proves the DNA samples were not contaminated and pure. 

The DNA Study also proved a new species of hominin exist by the 3 complete genomes produced using the Hi Seq 2000 DNA Sequencer. The samples that produced the genomes were pure and this was proven by the Q30 scores. It is a fact that cannot be argued. The DNA is pure and non-contaminated. When the contracted independent labs took the 3 genomes and compared them to the world’s largest depository of DNA (GenBank) for all known animals to include humans  none of the three genomes matched anything in the database. This proves again that there is a new species of unknown hominin living the forest of North America. 

One of the issues that conflict scientist about the study is how unusual the Sasquatch nuDNA is. When the scientist (those that even dared to read the study) looked at the nuDNA they noticed key DNA sequences either missing or severely mutated. The scientists understand that a human with these DNA sequences would not be viable. A living, breathing, biological entity with this DNA “cannot exist” in the minds of the scientist.The fact that the DNA study has documented the collection, processing, and purity of this DNA and that this DNA did come from a living entity is a fact their minds just cannot fathom. Therefor in the scientist point of view the only acceptable answer is the samples must be contaminated, the processes in the study flawed, and the results fabricated. This conclusion is irrational and unscientific based solely on a belief system and not the facts.

Another conclusion of the DNA Study that baffles the scientist is the fact that the Sasquatch is a human hybrid. All of the 113 DNA samples in the DNA Study had mtDNA (DNA from the mother) that was human. This by default rules out that any of the samples were bear, dog, wolf, or any other animal. To make sure the DNA was not from a bi-pedal ape or a Neanderthal the DNA was processed with primers for both and the DNA did not amplify meaning it was not ape or Neanderthals.  When nuDNA was extracted from 3 samples and the genome sequenced the father did not match any known animal in the Genbank database. This meant that the Sasquatch is a hybrid species produced from a human female and an unknown (novel) hominin male. This is a fact the scientist and most critics just could not accept. In their minds if Sasquatch did exist it had to be a bi-pedal ape or a relic hominoid of some kind. Again their bias would not allow them to accept the facts.

 I should also note that many “Big Names” in the “Bigfoot World” are heavily invested both professionally and financially in Bigfoot being a bi-pedal ape. Many have built their carriers on this theory and a human hybrid would be disastrous for this group.

It boggles my mind that people in the "Bigfoot World" would expect the Sasquatch that has extraordinary abilities to have "normal" DNA. It just makes no sense to me. Let me be frank for a moment.  The big names in the "Bigfoot World" people like Matt Moneymaker, Jeff Meldrum, Derek Randalls, Adrian Erickson, John Green, Bobo, Cliff, and the list could go on. They all have experienced these extraordinary abilities that the Sasquatch have to include Zapping, Infrasound, Mind Speak, Cloaking, Orbs, and eyes glowing with no external source just to name a few. They will NEVER admit it publicly because they do not want to be called kooks or crazy so they keep it to themselves. Trust me folks they know!!! So again how one "in the know" would be shocked that the Sasquatch's DNA is strange is baffling.

The Sasquatch Genome Project aka The Ketchum DNA Study aka The Bigfoot DNA Study

Over the span of almost 3 years I submitted numerous hair samples and candy wrappers that I suspected contained saliva. The DNA Study was officially published on February 13th, 2013.

I submitted numerous samples to the study of hair and saliva.  Eleven (11) hair samples passed initial review as being possible Bigfoot hair. The below is a exert from the study "Materials and Methods S1"

Hair Analysis:
Hair samples were sent to the Southwestern Institute of Forensic Sciences (Dallas, TX) for analysis. The samples were evaluated visually, stereoscopically, and by light microscopy to determine human or animal origin. Hairs that were classified as potential novel hominid were also evaluated for DNA typing potential by examining for root material. Only hairs that were not human in appearance and could not be identified as any other species were utilized in this study.

 The samples were processed and the mitochondrial DNA extracted and sequenced. The 11 Samples that were chosen from the samples I submitted were determined to be Sasquatch (Bigfoot). The sample numbers from Table 1 of the Study are 2,3,11,38,42,70,82,122,125,126,127. From this group of samples three had enough genetic material to run a full mitochondrial DNA sequence. These samples numbers were 2, 11, and 38.

It was determined that the female linage of the Bigfoot was human and the male linage was from a still unknown hominin.

During the collection of hair samples I was able to capture a night time infrared video of four Bigfoot taking turns peeking at my trail camera. I subsequently place a hair trap consisting of packing tape around the tree that the Bigfoot had used to hide behind. When I returned at a later date I found tape had been torn off the tree and contained a large amount of hair that was extracted with the root or skin tags still intact. This would be sample number 38 in the DNA Study. Below is the video documenting this entire process from the placing of the tape to the collection of the hair samples:

Below are the actual still captures from the video. One of these Bigfoot is the probable hair donor of sample 38.

Below is the actual hair sample:

Hair samples collected and submitted to the DNA Study

With this success we came up with a method to collect hair samples. I placed bacon grease high up on a tree and below the bacon grease wrapped packing tape sticky side out. This method was extremely successful yielding multiple hair samples that led to the 11 that were used in the study. Below are examples of how the hair traps were set and worked.

Actual "Tape Trap"
Hair samples collected using the "Bacon Grease" method

 Another way I collected samples was to use a "natural hair trap". I would snap off saplings and limbs around four feet high along known Bigfoot routes. The splintered saplings would catch and pull out the hair when the Bigfoot would bump against them. Below is an example of hair I collected using this method.

The Sasquatch Genome Project aka The Ketchum DNA Study aka The Bigfoot DNA Study
Answering the Critics

November 2014


October 7, 2013

The Sasquatch Genome Project is beginning to release independent documentation that supports the findings of the DNA Study. Below is an email from one of the reference labs concerning a sample they were sequencing. In the email the Project Manger from the lab notes: "I tried blasting the consensus and get no hits with any organism, which is so bizarre. What is this???? Have you discovered a new species???

The email is from a lab documentated in the Ketchum DNA Study as a "Analysis for Hire Laboratories Used in the Blind Study". The lab is
SeqWright, Inc., 2575 W. Bellfort St. Suite 2001, Houston, TX 77054

October 5, 2013

 Via Face Book

Robin Lynne - Spokes Person Sasquatch Genome Project

This needs to be said:

To clarify: I (Dr. Ketchum) do not know Todd Disotell. When Adrian Erickson came to our project, he told me that he had sent an aliquot of the red Sasquatch's blood to Disotell for testing. AE has results and correspondence as proof. He was extremely upset because Disotell had destroyed the sample. Disotell got human mitochondrial DNA sequence when he tested the sample and didn't believe that it came from a Sasquatch. He told the PhD on Erickson's staff that somebody must have hoaxed it. He said this in spite of the fact that the study was well monitored by Dennis Pfohl who is extremely credible was in control of the food trap start to finish. If it was hoaxed, our genetic testing showed the suspect would be a red headed female, which obviously Dennis is not. In addition, the whole genome SNP testing excluded this individual (the red headed female) as being 100% human with results close to 20% below the human threshold.

After Disotell destroyed the DNA (Mr. Erickson's staff had requested the remaining sample be returned), another aliquot that had been retained by Erickson was sent to Paleo labs in Canada. They also obtained human results on the mitochondrial DNA. Finally, AE sent the remainder of the DNA to our study and had Paleo labs send what they had left also. Our lab also obtained human mitochondrial sequence. These were all independent tests using different laboratories. We then began testing the sample using several platforms to obtain nuclear DNA sequences and profiles. This sample like all of the other samples in the study yielded human sequence as well as unknown sequence.

Disotell specializes in evolution using mitochondrial DNA. He is not qualified to comment on the genomics or other disciplines in this study. Like he said on the Joe Rogan show, our project used "some of the latest cutting edge science" that he is not expert on--he admits "I can't follow 3/4 of that paper." The raw data for this paper continues to be available as separate files with the manuscript. He is a perfect example of the scientific bias we have faced.

September 16th, 2013 - EXCLUSIVE - Newly leaked Information shows that the Ketchum Bigfoot DNA Study PASSED PEER REVIEW - UPADTED

This is Dr. Kethcum's Response to the leaked information I received below from her FaceBook Page:

I am so upset that the reviews got leaked. That means I was once again betrayed by an insider. On the up side, I feel a huge relief about it. Now I don't have to sit on this horrible secret anymore. The world now knows how unethically the scientific has behaved. It also knows that we DID pass peer review and with reviews that came from geneticists that work with whole genomes. At least that is what I was told.

Dr. Ketchum's DNA Study  the "Novel North American Hominins, Next Generation Sequencing of Three Whole Genomes and Associated Studies" did pass peer review in January 2013. The journal then known as the "Journal of Advanced Zoological Exploration in Zoology" (JAMEZ) gave the Ketchum DNA Study passing reviews and was planning to publish the study in its inaugural edition on or about January 11th, 2013.

Late in the evening of Wednesday January 9th, 2013 I received a phone call from David Paulides, Director of North American Bigfoot Search (NABS) the primary partner of the DNA Study. David informed me that he had just hung up the phone with Dr. Ketchum and she had been given notice that the DNA paper had passed peer review with JAMEZ and the publishing date "would be on or about Friday, January 11th, 2013". David said we should be prepared for some moderate media attention and possible interview request.

Then inexplicably the next day, January 10th, 2013, I receive the following email from David Paulides:

Apparently  someone had gotten to the staff of the JAMEZ and intimidated them so severely that they were now refusing to publish the paper. Even the attorney for the JAMEZ was under so much pressure from some outside source that he had threatened to resign if the JAMEZ published the DNA study. (Editors Note: The above information was previously disclosed by Dr. Ketchum during radio interviews in February and March of 2013. This email is provided as independent collaboration of her claims made during these interviews)

To prove the journal did exist below is a screen shot  of the JAMEZ's "Calls for Papers".

Later Dr. Ketchum purchased JAMEZ in order to preserve the passing per reviews. The JAMEZ was renamed  Denovo ( Dr. Ketchum then published the "Novel North American Hominins, Next Generation Sequencing of Three Whole Genomes and Associated Studies". Critics blasted her for doing this and claimed the paper never passed peer review. Due to confidentiality rules Dr. Ketchum could not make public the passing peer reviews from JAMEZ. Many critics, knowing these rules, used this against her and mounted an unprecedented personal smear campaign to discredit her and the DNA Study.

On Sunday, September 15th, 2013 I received a Facebook friend request from an individual I did not know. But since we had several "Facebook mutual friends" in common I accepted the friend request and did not think anything else about it.  Late yesterday afternoon I received a Facebook message from this individual telling me he wanted my email address. He expressed his extreme dismay at the treatment I had received in the group "Bigfoot Community" the previous two days ( and was tired of the treatment I and the other supporters of Ketchum DNA Study had received over the past few months. He told me that he had inside information that would "Blow the lid off this thing and shut the critics up". He would not tell me what he had, he said "you will understand when you get my email". He also made me swear that I would keep his identity secret because the information he was giving me was "extremely sensitive". I gave him my email address and waited.

On Monday, September 16th I received his email. It contained a screenshot of an email from Scholastica, the publishing house for JAMEZ. Along with this screen shot I received the JAMEZ Peer Review with the authors' (Dr. Ketchum) responses and the Journal Nature's Peer Review from the second submission with authors' responses.

The email print screen that I received from the anonymous source clearly states that the Ketchum DNA Paper - "Novel North American Hominins, Next Generation Sequencing of Three Whole Genomes and Associated Studies" DID PASS A INDEPENDENT PEER REVIEW FROM A SCIENTIFIC JOURNAL. The status for the manuscript read: "ACCEPTED for publication with revisions" Below is the screen shot of the email:

Click here to view the PEER REVIEWS

September 2013 -  Bigfoot DNA Study Update - Leaked Documents Show Bias Against Dr. Ketchum and the DNA Study

The recent leaking of the Peer Review of Dr. Ketchum's DNA Study by Journal Nature and her cover letter show the blatant bias she was up against. The reviewers showed how ignorant and biased they were with their criticisms of the study. It appears except for "Referee #1" none of the other reviews bothered to read much of the paper if any of it at all.

The cover letter also details the unethical behavior of the Journal Nature in leaking confidential information and how this had a detrimental impact on the study.

Below is the letter from Dr. Ketchum to The Journal Nature:

I am the corresponding author for the above mentioned manuscript. We (the authors of this manuscript) are extremely unhappy with the ethics of the reviewers chosen by Nature. Please consider this letter as a formal appeal of your process on the previous manuscript, 2011-09-11671 and 2011-09-11671A-Z. We are resubmitting a revised manuscript in an effort to vindicate our reputations and also to give Nature a chance to rectify the scientific bias and the unethical behavior exhibited by the previous reviewers by giving our manuscript a fair chance at publication. Our manuscript and our reputations were tarnished by the reviewers as follows:

  1. Release to the public of the first peer review as well as the fact that our manuscript was at Nature. One of the reviewers leaked the original peer review to a “celebrity” that is involved with our subject and it was put on the internet.  Since it has not been published in Nature, this “celebrity” is now calling our study a “fake” on Twitter and elsewhere. This is highly damaging to our careers and never should have happened.  The link states the source of the information as being one of the reviewers. (
  2. Reviewers accused our genomes of having contamination even though we went to great lengths to explain how the samples were extracted and screened to rule out contamination. To tell us, as scientists, especially those of us that are forensic scientists, that our samples are contaminated can be likened to accusing us of hoaxing a scientific study or perjuring ourselves in court. As forensic scientists that testify in court, this can be highly damaging and has caused all of the authors tremendous worry and concern. Since we were not given a chance to defend ourselves on the second peer review and our manuscript refused because of these accusations (since all other revisions were verbiage and extremely minor), we contacted Illumina (manufacturers of the HiSeq 2000 next generation sequencing platform that we used to sequence the genomes) in an effort to prove, once and for all, that the three genomes were single source and not contaminated. We spoke with two supervisors specializing in technical support for next generation sequencing. We asked them if it was possible to prove if there was contamination in a genome or not.  They immediately answered “yes”!  They told us that the average Q30 score for a genome was 85, but if there was contamination, which would cause the divergent sequences to compete against one another, that a contaminated sample would have a Q30 score of only 40 to 50.  A pure, single source sample would have a Q30 score of about 85.  When we checked our Q30 scores for the first read, our three genomes had Q30 scores of 92, 88 and 89 respectively.  The second read was a little lower 88, 84.25 and 83.66 but still very close to the average of 85.  The Q30 is the percent of the reads that have the statistical probability greater than 1:1000 of being correctly sequenced.  Therefore, with the help of the scientists at Illumina, it was determined that not only were the sequences from a single source, but the quality of the sequences were far above the average genome sequenced using their platform. I can furnish contact information if you desire it. We attribute the high quality of the genomes to the stringent extraction procedures utilized whereby the DNA was repeatedly purified.   This gave us greater than 30X coverage of the three genomes.  Furthermore, it supported our original findings of human mitochondrial DNA since the whole genomes yielded human mitochondrial DNA consistent with the original individual mtDNA genome sequencing.  The nuDNA findings were also supported in that there was novel primate sequence in the nuDNA. So, the original submission was indeed supported by the next generation sequencing that we included in the revised submission. The three genomes aligned with one another also supporting that all three genomes came from the same species and they were NOT contaminated. Most importantly, the Q30 scores absolutely disproved the reviewers’ assumption that the whole genomes were a mixture of human with animal DNA contaminants.  The summary of the next generation sequencing generated by the Illumina HiSeq 2000 sequencer is now furnished as Supplementary Data 7 to support this discussion that is now included in our manuscript, Lines 544-558.
  3. The peer reviewers failed to even read the manuscript because we were asked for data or criticized for not having data that was already in the manuscript or supplementary information.
Because of the ethical problems listed above, our group is therefore re-submitting this revised manuscript having addressed all of the concerns raised by the reviewers. We are supplying the authors’ response to each concern the reviewers had as proof of the bias and in defense of the manuscript.  We have corrected all of the verbiage concerns and added the definitive proof that the genomes are not contaminated. We are also available for questions and any further requested revision. We also added a conclusion concerning human hybridization likened to Neanderthal and Denisovan hybridization to satisfy Reviewer 3.  If it is preferred that the data speak for itself without theory, we will gladly remove the added conclusion.

We want our findings published in Nature since it is perhaps the best journal published and our manuscript is being called the largest scientific find in the last 100 years. If it was not a Nature worthy manuscript, it would not have been given a second chance with revision, revision that we completed beyond what was asked of us. Besides fair review, we are asking for expedient treatment of our groundbreaking discovery since we have provided more proof of existence of these hominins than any manuscripts describing other novel species to date.  We also have other scientific groups that are headed by “famous” scientists still trying to beat us to publication even though we have by far the most data. We know our manuscript is worthy of publication because we have had private peer review that was positive as well as your Reviewer #1.  We just hope Nature is brave enough to do what we all know is right and that is publishing this manuscript. We would also note that a new monkey was found in Africa and published recently (PLOS One: Lesula paper) with only 6.8Kb of sequence.  We have 20 samples with 16.5 Kb of mtDNA and 10 more with partial sequence but enough to obtain haplotypes with most of them coming from non-human hair yielding human sequence. This includes hair from 26, the first whole genome sample. We have three whole genomes comprising millions of reads and greater than 30X coverage.  We have 2.7 million bases aligned to human chromosome 11 that are novel primate which is no small feat considering the sequence is novel and therefore difficult to align.  That is not counting all of the other disciplines involved in our manuscript including forensic hair analysis, histopathology, forensics and electron microscopy.  It has been stated that extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.  We have provided more than enough extraordinary proof.  We even have high definition video of the donor of sample 37 sleeping in the forest and breathing at 6 breaths per minute (Supplementary Video 1).  This sample was part of a field research study overseen by a PhD in wildlife biology so we are certain of the source of this sample and the video attached to it. We have a full facial video of her also that will be released after the paper publishes. I could arrange for the Editorial board to view it if they so desire and perhaps a copyright arrangement could be reached so that one frame could be used for the cover of the journal. The face is stunning.

We understand our subject is controversial; however solid scientific methods were used in this study.  We are also attaching to this letter an overview of the laboratories utilized in the study to show how the data was produced using blind studies and reproduced and verified by other laboratories (see below).

If there is still any doubt concerning the existence of these hominins, we are also willing to allow a representative from Nature to travel here and see these individuals personally, preferably during a full moon to increase lighting since they are primarily nocturnal.  Though there is never 100% guarantee that a sighting will occur, if a few (about 3) days are allowed, we predict that the chances of seeing one of these hominins approach 99%.  So far, everyone that we have invited has had an experience, including myself and some of the co-authors.  Seeing is believing and that is why we offer this opportunity.  We will do whatever is necessary to support our manuscript.

Thank you in advance for fair unbiased treatment of our manuscript and for accepting it in its revised format. 

Kind regards,

Dr. Melba S. Ketchum
Corresponding author

Dr. Ketchum addresses the Sasquatch "Matilda" - 07/26/2013
OK, the Matilda questions. Her mitochondrial DNA was tested by Disotell with human results like all of our samples. He said it had to be human contamination and threw the sample away according to Adrian Erickson. Fortunately, he kept back some of the sample. He then sent some of it to Paleo Labs where they also got human mitochondrial DNA. When we got the remainder of the sample, we got the same results. But, we then tested the nuclear DNA where the differences are in the Sasquatch. First, the DNA was female and we had very few females in the study. Some of the individual genes we sequenced on this sample were human while others failed even with universal mammalian primers. This sample behaved just like the rest of the samples. To add credibility and link the sample to the videos, we tested the MC1R gene for red hair color. She sequenced human for this gene and had the mutation for red hair. We ran the 2.5 million human SNP array on her sample. Even a degraded human sample will have greater than ninety five percent of the SNPs run successfully and our degraded human control sample ran 97%. Matilda's DNA was pristine but only ran at 83%. So, her DNA was obviously not completely human. I also spoke with all three members of the Erickson team and am totally convinced that the videos are legitimate. This is especially true since the DNA findings matched her sex and hair color


The HiSeq2000 - Used to prove Bigoot's Existence
I was reading the comments to a blog post about the Q30 scores from the next generation Illumina platform on the 3 Bigfoot genomes when the light came on! Dr. Ketchum has the goods, she has solid, repeatable, undeniable, independently verifiable proof that Bigfoot is a real, living, breathing, entity and those main stream scientist "in the know" are painfully aware of this and extremely afraid of it! This is why Dr. Ketchum did the things she did in the last year. I am not saying a I agree with everything she did, but I now understand it.

First let me explain the "Q30" scores that just zoomed over our collective heads. This is the key, this is why the critics are afraid, VERY afraid. Dr. Ketchum extracted and purified three samples (26, 31 and 140) with large amounts of high quality DNA. (Note that sample 26 came from the alleged killing of two Bigfoot by Justin Smeja aka "The Sierra Kills"). She then sent these samples off to the University of Texas, Southwestern laboratory for sequencing. The UT laboratory used a widely accepted and proven process known as "the next generation Illumina platform". The machine that processes the samples is known as a HiSeq 2000 next generation sequencer. Here is an excerpt from the DNA study that explains what a "Q30" score is and what it means.

"the HiSeq 2000 next generation sequencer provides scores, Q30, for run quality78. Q30 can also be used to determine if there was any contamination (or mixture) found in the samples sequenced.  According to Illumina, a pure, single source sample would have an Q30 score of 80 or greater with an average of 85. However, if there was contamination present in the sample sequenced, the divergent sequences would compete against one another prior to sequencing causing a contaminated sample to have a Q30 score of 40 to 50.   The Q30 scores for the three genomes sequenced had Q30 scores of 88.6, 88.4 and 88.7 respectively for samples 26, 31 and 140.  The Q30 is the percent of the reads that have the statistical probability greater than 1:1000 of being correctly sequenced. Therefore, not only were the sequences from a single source, but the quality of the sequences were far above the average genome sequenced using the Illumina next generation sequencing platform. The high quality of the genomes can be attributed to the stringent extraction procedures utilized whereby the DNA was repeatedly purified.   This ultra-purified DNA also allowed for greater than 30X coverage of the three genomes.  The summary and of the next generation sequencing generated by the HiSeq 2000 Illumina sequencer is furnished as Supplementary Data 7-10."

The "Q30" is a score that tells us how pure DNA is. The manufacture states that anything at or above a score of 80 is pure and NOT contaminated! Again let me repeat the scores were 88.6, 88.4, and 88.7 respectively.

 In other words the DNA is:
1. NOT Contaminated
2. All from 3 individuals (Bigfoot) not a mixture or contaminated
3. The results are repeatable
4. The SAME results were returned on 3 different samples from 3 different individuals, collected from 3 different locations, and at 3 different times.
5. The lab that ran the data is well respected, accredited, and independent
6. The results are rock solid and indisputable

Now imagine you are Dr. Ketchum, you know what you have, indisputable scientific proof Bigfoot exist. A major journal (Nature) has delayed you repeatedly with frivolous request and leaked your results to others (Sykes). You know mainstream science is trying to make an end run on you via the Sykes study. Sykes has the political power and financial backing to publish quickly. The collective scientific community has done everything they can to keep you from publishing your findings.

Also remember that Wally Hersom and Adrian Erickson have funded the study to the tune of over $300,000! Your professional reputation is ruined, and you just spent 5 years of your life on this project. You have the DNA, you have the solid proof and GenBank will not allow you to upload your sequences leaving the door open for Sykes or another scientist to zoom in and get the credit!  Armed with this knowledge and these circumstances what do you do?

Would you tell Justin Smeja to contaminate his remaining samples so no one else like Sykes could use his political connections and power to beat you and claim discovery for what you already have? Would you have preemptive press releases before your study is published? Would you purchase a journal that has passed your paper only to back out at the last moment due to political pressure in order to preserve the peer reviews and editorial independence? 

Though you may not agree with everything she has done, Dr. Ketchum had good reason. She was up against a "like minded" conspiracy. Main stream science knew then and know now what she has. They know it is rock solid and can not be refuted. Their only recourse was to destroy her personally in hopes of discrediting the results. They are AFRAID, afraid of the truth. What is this truth? A unknown, Veterinarian WOMAN from the SOUTH no less with the help of  common everyday people have made one of the greatest scientific discoveries of our generation. This is a fact,  a truth their belief system just can not tolerate. The religion of  Darwinism demands this can not be true and not be allowed to stand.

This is why GenBank cannot allow the Genomes to be uploaded. To allow this is an admission of the truth and they know it. The "well respected scientist" doing the independent review of the DNA Study are promising that they will make sure GenBank accepts the Genomes, I hope they can deliver.

I make a challenge to any one that has access to the BLAST application. Take the supplemental attachments in Dr. Ketchum's study that contain the raw DNA sequence data, convert those PDF files into the correct format and then compare the sequences to the GenBank database and see if there are any matches. We already know the data is good, it has been produced by the University of Texas. Have the courage to run the BLAST search and publish the results! Because you know they will show no match, that the species represented in the data is a NEW species, a NEW homo sapiens species  a BIGFOOT.....

 Blog Post From 02/17/2013

I am growing weary of reading the same criticisms of the DNA Study. Here are the top two "complaints"

  • "To state the obvious, no data or analyses are presented that in any way support the claim that their samples come from a new primate or human-primate hybrid,"  - Leonid Kruglyak of Princeton University 
  •  "All of this suggests modern human DNA intermingled with some other contaminant" - 
To paraphrase what the critics are saying, all 110 samples are contaminated with human DNA. In their opinions this is the only way to explain these "odd" results. Dr. Ketchum contracted the following laboratories to run BLIND test on the samples. All these labs duplicated the "odd" results. Remember some of these labs are forensic labs used by law enforcement. People are in jail because of the work of these labs. So the assertion by the critics is these labs contaminated the samples. If so there are many people in jail that need to be let go because these laboratories can not be trusted to process the evidence.

 Family Tree DNA Genomics Research Center,
1445 North Loop West, Suite 820, Houston, TX 77008

SeqWright, Inc.,
2575 W. Bellfort St. Suite 2001, Houston, TX 77054

University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
6000 Harry Hines Blvd. NA7.116, Dallas, TX 75235-9093

USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center
1441 Eastlake Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90033

Texas A&M University, Microscopy & Imaging Center, Department of Biology and Department of Biochemistry & Biophysics, 
College Station, TX 77843-2257

Texas Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory, College of Veterinary Medicine
Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas 77843

Southwestern Institute of Forensic Sciences
2355 North Stemmons Fwy., Dallas, TX 75207

This assertion of contamination and that "no data has been presented to support these claims" calls into question the integrity of the following Universities:

Texas A&M Microscopy and Imaging Center (Performed the structural analysis using electron microscopy)
Genomics Core Laboratory at the University of Southern California (Los Angeles, CA) (Performed the Whole Human Genome SNP analysis)

University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas - (Performed - Whole Genome Sequencing)

The critics are also calling into question the submitters and their samples. I KNOW I handled my samples correctly, following EXTREMELY strict protocols to avoid contamination. I have documented this in more than one video. The DNA Study also went to great lengths to make sure to avoid contamination. Serveral of the submitters hold Doctorates, below is the list: Dr. J. Robert Alley, Dr. Igor Burtsev,  Dr. Angelo Capparella,  Dr. Henner Fahrenbach Dr. Al Guinn, and Dr. Samuel “Webb” Sentell. I would think these gentlemen would know how to correctly handle DNA samples. Not to mention well respected researchers to include Derek Randles. So the assertion is we all mishandled our samples, I do not think so!

The study had great detail on how the samples were handled to avoid contamination. The study has a  complete subsection on the handling of the samples to avoid contamination: Prevention of DNA Contamination by Forensic Methodologies. Also remember many of the samples were not hair but blood, saliva, and a piece of flesh. The flesh was "cored" and a sample taken from the center of the flesh. This would make it completely sterile. The only way this could be contaminated is by processors inside the study or one of the University facilities mentioned above.

It is clear to me that the critics are not reading the paper or worse reading the paper and ignoring the documentation because of a personal bias. When the independent review is complete we will have our answers, until then I say again, and for the last time READ THE PAPER, provide POINT by POINT, DOCUMENTED, AND REFERENCED criticism.

Blog Post 02/18/2013

Dr. Swenson
Lately all we have heard from is the critics and their list of scientist that say the DNA Study is "bunk". Dr. Ketchum has posted a statement in support of the DNA Study from a scientist with credentials that rival the studies critics. David H. Swenson, Ph.D. who is a Biochemist and has over 39 journal publications to his credit.

 Below is his statement:
David H. Swenson
Brien Foerster, Jeff Kart, and other interested parties. I went over the manuscript by Melba Ketchum on Bigfoot genomics. My desktop had difficulty with a blast analysis of the consensus sequences. It helped me understand more about the project. This collaborative venture has done a huge project that taxes me to fully grasp. I see interesting homology with a standard human sequence with 99% match for mitochondria. From my abbreviated study, the nuclear genome seems to have human and nonhuman sequences.

My opinion of the creature is that it is a hybrid of a human mother and an unknown hominid male, Just as reported. For all practical purposes, it should be treated as human and protected under law.

Brien, selection of Melba's lab for your studies is a very good call.

Sasquatch is real, as proven by genetic analysis.
It appears Dr. Ketchum has made her raw genome data available to Dr. Swenson and he was able to confirm her findings. I am afraid we are now entering the "debate" phase of the study. We are going to have Geneticist and Scientist review her data and publish conflicting opinions on what the data means. But, this was the ultimate goal, to get legitimate scientist to take a hard look at the DNA and Bigfoot as a living, breathing, biological entity.
  Blog Post From 02/15/2013
Scientific and Forensic Experts Put Their Names and Professional Reputations On The Line

Dr. Ketchum's publishing of the DNA Study (Novel North American Hominins Next Generation Sequencing of Three Whole Genomes and Associated Studies) has the critics howling. These critics are showing their true color and demonstrating that this is not about science but about personal attacks and pure ignorance on their part. 

The DNA Study was a group effort headed by Dr. Ketchum. The team consisted of EXPERTS in genetics, forensics, imaging and pathology. 

These outstanding men and women put their personal and professional reputations on the line when they signed on to the team.

The critics are claiming that this paper is "junk science" and "fraudulent". The foundation for these charges are based on ignorance, malice, and personal bias.

Dr. Ketchum said the following:
"It seems mainstream science just can’t seem to tolerate something controversial, especially from a group of primarily forensic scientists and not “famous academians” aligned with large universities, even though most of our sequencing and analysis was performed at just such facilities.

We encountered the worst scientific bias in the peer review process in recent history. I am calling it the “Galileo Effect”. Several journals wouldn’t even read our manuscript when we sent them a pre-submission inquiry."

I completely agree with her sentiment, the "Galileo Effort" is defiantly a major reason for the extremely harsh, unwarranted,  and illogical criticisms.

Lets take a look at a just a few of the experts that are on the DNA Study team:

Dr. Andreas Holzenburg
Director,  Professor, Department of Biology, Professor, Biochemistry and Biophysics
Microscopy and Imaging Center
Texas A&M University
Fan Zhang, Ph.D.
Bioinformatician in the Academic and Institutional Resources and Technology (AIRT) at the University of North Texas Health Science Center.

Fan Zhang, Ph.D. is currently a bioinformatician in the Academic and Institutional Resources and Technology (AIRT) at the University of North Texas Health Science Center. He obtained his Ph.D. at the Harbin Institute of Technology in 2001 and completed his first postdoctoral work in the State Key Laboratory of Intelligent Technology and Systems, Tsinghua University from 2001 to 2003. He was an associate professor in the School of Biomedical Engineering at the Capital Medical University, China in 2005. He worked as a postdoctoral researcher in the Medical School of University of California at San Diego from 2006 to 2008 and in the School of Informatics at the Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis from 2008 to 2011. He was a Data Analyst at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine prior to joining UNT Health Science Center.

Click Here For Dr Zhang's Website 

Dr.  Pat Wojtkiewicz
Director of the Shreveport Laboratory of the North Louisiana Crime Lab System and the Technical Leader of the DNA section. He has been employed at the crime lab since 1977.

Click Here for Full Bio

Dr. Thomas M. Prychitko of Wayne State University in Michigan
Molecular biologist with a background that also includes evolutionary biology, microbiology and biochemistry.

 Click Here for Full Bio

The rest of the team: 

Ms. Aliece Watts of Integrated Forensic Laboratories in Euless, TX; Mr. David Spence, Trace Evidence Supervisor at Southwestern Institute of Forensic Sciences; Dr. Douglas G. Toler of Huguley Pathology Consultants in Fort Worth, TX; ; Sarah Bollinger, Ray Shoulders, and Ryan Smith of DNA Diagnostics.

The DNA Sample Submitters

The individuals who actually submitted the DNA samples of hair, blood, tissue, etc were also a select group that consisted of honest people from all walks of life including professionals and six Doctors! Sasquatch Genome Project Groups and Submitters

Handling of Samples

The samples from the study were FORENSICALLY processed. They were processed in accordance with criminal case handling of evidence and beyond! Below is an excert from the DNA paper's "Materials and Methods S1" Supplement.
Hair Analysis:
Hair samples were sent to the Southwestern Institute of Forensic Sciences (Dallas, TX) for
analysis. The samples were evaluated visually, stereoscopically, and by light microscopy to
determine human or animal origin. Hairs that were classified as potential novel hominid were also evaluated for DNA typing potential by examining for root material.Only hairs that were not human in appearance and could not be identified as any other species were utilized in this study.....

 DNA Isolation:
Since the presence of normal human DNA contamination of submitted samples was a primary concern throughout this study, all samples were thoroughly cleaned in a manner consistent with forensic testing procedures. In order to further rule out contamination from human personnel and lab workers, samples from submitters and scientists working with the samples were collected for comparison with the results obtained in the various DNA tests.

Dr. Ketchum used the following for hire laboratories in a BLIND STUDY of the DNA:

"The following laboratories provided sequencing and analysis of samples in the study on a work for hire basis and were not initially told the origin of the samples being tested until after the samples were tested:"

Family Tree DNA Genomics Research Center,

1445 North Loop West, Suite 820, Houston, TX 77008

SeqWright, Inc.,

2575 W. Bellfort St. Suite 2001, Houston, TX 77054

UT Southwestern Medical Center

6000 Harry Hines Blvd. NA7.116, Dallas, TX 75235-9093

USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center

1441 Eastlake Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90033

Texas A&M University, Microscopy & Imaging Center, Department of Biology and Department of Biochemistry & Biophysics, 

College Station, TX 77843-2257

Texas Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory, College of Veterinary Medicine

Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas 77843

Southwestern Institute of Forensic Sciences

2355 North Stemmons Fwy., Dallas, TX 75207

The authors that contributed to the paper and what area they helped in:

Dr. Ketchum, Dr. Pat Wojtkiecicz, David Spence, Dr. Andreas K. Holzenburg, Sarah Bollinger, Ray Shoulders, and Ryan Smith. performed experiments. 

Dr. Ketchum and Dr. Fan Zhang analyzed the genetic data.

Dr. Ketchum., Aliece Watts, and Dr. Pat Wojtkiecicz wrote and edited the manuscript. 

Dr. Andreas K. Holzenburg analyzed and wrote the EM portion of the manuscript. 

David Spence analyzed and wrote the hair analysis portion of the manuscript. 

Dr. Douglas G. Toler  analyzed and wrote the histopathology portion of the manuscript.  

Aliece Watts. also researched pertinent additions to the manuscript and helped with data collection.

Dr. Ketchum distributed samples, collected and combined data from the blind studies.

This study is complicated and it will take days or even weeks to read and absorb. I do not see how the critics have even had a chance to look at the let alone understand its complexity or grasp the concepts laid forth in this paper.

Dr. Ketchum has referenced this study and sighted multiple sources ad nauseam . Blind reference labs were used and DOCUMENTED. Even the editor of the paper was not Dr. Ketchum but Dr. Rayford Wallace. The paper was a group effort and written by many experts in different scientific disciplines. Many are FORENSIC experts which makes them perfectly suited for this type of study.

So I say to the critics READ THE PAPER and present a POINT by POINT, RESEARCHED, AND REFERENCED argument against the paper.

Until then I say SHUT UP!. You do not have a clue what you are talking about.

BLOG POST March 19, 2013 - Did a Major Science Journal Attempt to Sabatoge The Ketchum DNA Study?

 On March 15th, 2013 Robert Lindsay posted the following on his blog concerning the erroneous claims of critics that the DNA was contaminated:

"No contamination in Ketchum DNA findings. There is some little-known evidence that there is no contamination in her samples: Ketchum tested the Bigfoot nuDNA for several human genes, the names of which you can find in the manuscript. MC1R (human/Neanderthal red-hair color gene) showed up in the Bigfoot nuDNA as did the human antigen gene TAP1 (most of the time) and the jaw muscle gene MYH16 (which when present showed only a human profile rather than an ape one).
Not discussed in the manuscript are the tests Ketchum did for the TYR gene, which is associated with skin pigmentation, and the HAR1 gene, which is a “human accelerated region” associated with human neurological development. The human skin color gene TYR and human brain gene HAR1 were not found in Bigfoot nuDNA. Now that in and of itself is very interesting.

If the samples really were just bear or coyote or bobcat smeared with human contamination, all of the human genes should show up all over the place. The peer-reviewers for Ketchum’s manuscript only wanted positive, not negative, results included for gene tests, so the TYR and HAR1 data are not discussed in the manuscript. However, you can see the remnants of it in the Supplemental Data 12 appendix. The bottom line is the Bigfoot nuDNA is missing some important human genes that should be there if the nuDNA were in fact simply contaminated with human DNA.

Furthermore, if the samples were simply bears, coyotes or whatever with no human contamination present, the human genes listed above would not be there at all.

The conclusion is that the “contamination” meme bandied about is simply a red herring. Ketchum’s DNA results, whatever they were and whatever they mean, ere simply not a result of contamination in any way, shape or form. Critics really need to get over the contamination BS."


 The part of Robert Lindsay's post that peaked my curiosity was the following:

"The peer-reviewers for Ketchum’s manuscript only wanted positive, not negative, results included for gene tests, so the TYR and HAR1 data are not discussed in the manuscript. However, you can see the remnants of it in the Supplemental Data 12 appendix. The bottom line is the Bigfoot nuDNA is missing some important human genes that should be there if the nuDNA were in fact simply contaminated with human DNA."

If I am reading this correctly the "peer-reviewers" only wanted "positive results". I asked myself why? The conclusion I came up with is that having the "negative" results in the paper prove that the DNA is NOT from a known ANIMAL and NOT from a HUMAN. This is the point of the study! If the samples are not from a known animal and not from a human then WE HAVE A NEW PREVIOUSLY UNDISCOVERED SPECIES. Since the samples were collected in areas were Bigfoot/Sasquatch were witnessed and/or filmed the the logical conclusion is this new "SPECIES" IS A BIGFOOT.  Apparently this is a reality that the "peer reviewers" could not accept due to personal/professional bias. So they requested Dr. Ketchum remove the negative results from her study.

Folks the scientific community, the Team Tazer clowns,  and those who insist Bigfoot is an APE are using the general public's ignorance of DNA testing and the Scientific Protocols to misinform and LIE about the Ketchum DNA Study. I know the DNA results are difficult to interpret and I so wish Dr. Ketchum would have published plan language abstract of the paper for us layman, but she did not. I would encourage you to do your own home work and do not take the word of these so called "experts". We all have an agenda, at least I am up front about mine, I support the study and the work done by Dr. Ketchum and the DNA study team,  These critics of the study appear to have a large stake in discrediting , I have to wonder why?


  1. Mainstream "science" and the Moneymaker's of the world that think this species is an ape are in for a rude awakening. I know money and fame are a big part of it. I call for the truth be told. Just the cold, hard facts. We are dealing with a type of ''people.'' Accept it, then move on. The Sasquatch ''people'' need protection from being hunted into oblivion like every other "unique'' species man has encountered. I just hope that the Ketchum/NABS studies are looked at and accepted for what they really are. Proof, plain & simple. People need to stop drinking that Moneymaker/Meldrum "Kool-Aid" and realize that yes there is a human hybrid species living in the woods of North America. I pray for their acceptance and protection. Please Scott, be careful out there. Your friends and supporters love and enjoy you and your work. I will someday tell you of my experiences/encounters and why I know that Sasquatch are an interesting but complex people. For now I'll just call them distant cousins to mankind that need our help to keep them from being hunted down by the Smeja's & Dyer's of this cruel world. Let's lobby to keep the two legged murderers, pigs & liars away from what is to be one of the most important finds for mankind. Stay safe.

  2. Excellent Article. Its very knowledgeable of exactly the issue. Now if you try to explain this to someone who already has their mind made up, its kinda like trying to convert a Muslim to a Jew or a Jew to a Christian. Science is more a religion than religion is. If science needs to call the sample "contaminated", to ensure the world already proven flat is flat, it will do it easily and all the "believers" will flock to deny the validity of something in the proof the earth is round.

  3. Dear Mr Carpenter, thank you for taking the time to provide us all with such a clear and unbiased assessment of Dr Ketchum's undoubtedly groundbreaking paper. I myself have read it and ALL the supplementary date etc. published and completely concur with your assessment. It is therefore unfortunate that I have to point out two errors in your text.
    Firstly the statement " The DNA Study also proved a new species of hominin exist by the 3 complete genomes produced" is incorrect. As mitochondrial DNA is 100% human a new SPECIES has not been proved. A human-unknown hominin HYBRID has been proved to exist. Dr Ketchum et. al. have validly submitted this hybrid name to ZooBank as Homo sapiens cognatus. See link from her own website below:
    Secondly having read Dr Ketchum's paper and ALL the supplementary materials that go with it I find no mention of your statement " The Nuclear DNA of the three samples does not contain the TYR Gene or the HAR1 Gene which ALL humans have". As I am sure your are aware the TYR gene is found on Chromosome 11. This was the region of nuclear DNA that Dr Ketchum had tested using next generation whole genome sequencing. Her comments on this can be found at under the Could you please
    On the "View Nature reviews Second round" link. Her comments with regard to chromosome 11 results were:We explained that chromosome 11 is highly conserved in primates. In the paper: “Thus, the selective supercontigs comprised an abundance of neural associated and putative tumor suppressor sequences all of which are highly conserved in primates and humans and clearly establish that the Sasquatch is closely related to humans. The high homology with multiple primate lineages (including but not limited to, chimpanzee, macaques, gibbons and marmosets) and with humans as demonstrated in phylogenetic trees (Figures 19, 20, and 21) indicate that the supercontigs contain highly conserved human and primate gene sequences”.
    The goal of this manuscript was to prove that there exists an unknown primate living in North America since eyewitness reports consistently describe a creature with the appearance of a
    primate. It takes years to analyze a genome so in order to prove that we had a novel primate, it stood to reason that an area of the genome that is highly conserved in primates be the first area of the genome to be investigated. The supercontigs supported the existence of a novel primate using chromosome 11, wwhich was the goal of this manuscript." She does NOT mention a missing TYR gene as I am sure she would have were it NOT present.
    The HAP1 gene is found on Chromosome 20. It was therefore not sequenced in the the next generation whole genome sequencing of the nuDNA. If you have access to data not presented in the paper or supplementary information available from Dr Ketchum's website could you let us all see the source as it would be of great interest.
    These discrepancies at present mar what is otherwise a superb post.
    Best Regards NeilB

  4. I would like to say thank you for all of your dedicated hard work! Remember, everybody believed the world was flat until proven wrong! Keep up the great work!

  5. Hi Scott, great work by the way! Just a question on the DNA work, sorry for my uneducated questions. It's stated mtDNA comes from the mother and nuDNA comes from both mother and the 3 analyses mentioned before, the mtDNA were from a mother of 100% human origin, whereas the nuDNA shows the father is of non-human origin or any other animal in the current GenBank DNA database. Does this mean the mother was a regular human being like you or I, which then mated with a sasquatch and resulted in the creatures that left the samples? Or am I missing something obvious here? Thanks.