Friday, July 18, 2014

Bigfoot In The Brush - Back Trail Footage Still Captures from 2011

Sketch based on actual still capture
As I continue to review the hundreds of hours of video I have taken since 2009 I continue to find this "little nuggets" of interesting "things" watch me. The following are still captures from what I call my "back trail" camera. I mount a video camera on my shoulder then film behind me the entire time I am in the field. Once I return home I then review the video for anything that may have been following or watching me from behind. In this February 2011 video I found one of those "nuggets". The subject is only visible for a few seconds as I an walking away from its hiding spot in a brush pile.

The series of still captures below show the possible Sasquatch hiding in a brush pile.


Monday, July 14, 2014

The Sykes Farce aka Genetic analysis of hair samples attributed to yeti, bigfoot and other anomalous primates

Sykes has published his “paper” and in my opinion is a complete joke; there is no other way to say it. He did not set out to find the truth but to sabotage the Ketchum DNA Study. Here are just some of the areas that show bias and major inconsistencies.

His abstract makes the erroneous claim “In the first ever systematic genetic survey, we have used rigorous decontamination followed by mitochondrial 12S RNA sequencing to identify the species origin of 30 hair samples attributed to anomalous primates.” Ladies and Gentlemen, in my opinion that is just an outright LIE, no other way to say it, the Ketchum DNA study tested over 100 samples, used strict forensic protocols, used over half a dozen independent labs and suffered through exhausting and unfair reviews and critiques for over three years. (Click here to review the entire Sasquatch Genome Paper)

Some other items of interest concerning the “Sykes Paper”.

1.      It appears, but is not properly documented, that the Oxford lab facilities did not test the hair samples, but a lab named Mitotyping Technologies located in New York??? (Ref 9 and 10 Sykes Paper)
2.      Rhett Mullins is listed as the second author he is not a scientist, and non-scientist are never listed a co-authors of scientific papers.
3.      Incomplete materials and methods section.
4.      Incomplete references for the materials and methods.
5.      No statement to which lab or lab(s) tested the samples.
6.      References the Ketchum DNA study on contamination without proof.
7.      Only a total of 503 bases were sequenced for mtDNA only.
8.      The human sample was not tested on any nuDNA loci to determine species or unknown sequence.
9.      It appears that the US Fish and Wildlife screened the hair samples for testing. Is the US Fish and Wildlife Forensic Laboratory so incompetent that they would pass on to Sykes easily identifiable samples such as Horse, Black Bear, Wolf, Dog, Coyote, and cow????? It seems to me Sykes did not want to test real “Bigfoot hair” and wanted negative results.
10.   Dr. Sykes makes the laughable claim on just 503 bases: “The techniques described here put an end to decades of ambiguity about species identification of anomalous primate samples and set a rigorous standard against which to judge any future claims".
11.   Some samples would not amplify. Are these the “real deal”? Dr. Ketchum discovered during her study that genuine Sasquatch hair will not yield mtDNA, it is a unique property of Sasquatch hair. You must have a skin tag in order to get DNA that will amplify. It appears Sykes did not do his homework. He processed hair only samples with no skin tags that may have been Sasquatch hair and of course these hairs would not amplify or yield usable DNA for testing. 

This paper would have never stood up to the peer review process that the Ketchum DNA Study was subjected too  by the Journal Nature. In short this paper in my opinion was no more than an attempt to discredit the American Bigfoot Community, muddy the water, and discredit the Kethcum DNA Study. I say MAJOR FAIL Dr. Sykes…..

Click here to read a critical commentary by  Norman MacLeod, The Natural History Museum, London, UK

Friday, July 11, 2014

The Bigfoot World Loses A Legend and I Loose a Dear Friend Chuck Prahl has Passed

I write this with a heavy and sad heart. My good friend Chuck Prahl has passed away. He was my buddy, some one to call and bounce ideas off of, someone I could debate and argue with yet it was always respectful and no matter how heated the debate you never got angry with Chuck.

There was no one in the Bigfoot world Chuck did not know. He interviewed the "Big hitters" of our time and many "Famous" people would take his call without hesitation. As far as I know everyone loved Chuck. He was fair, honest, and a good man.

I was blessed to call him friend. You will be missed Chuck, the Bigfoot world has truly lost a man that was its "behind the scenes heart and soul".

The "Bigfoot World" has lost an advocate and good man and I have truly lost a close dear friend..

I will miss you "Chucker Boy" and I love you brother.......

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Sneering Bigfoot - Enhancements and Stabilization

This is footage from 2010 that has been stabilized and enhanced. During this encounter I was subjected to what I think was infrasound. I had no recollection of the event. I obviously saw something and was trying to film it when I inexplicably turned away paused for a moment then walked away. I have done a extension blog post on the possible infrasound that was being created around me that day.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Bigfoot Captured Moving On Back Trail

Enhancing and stabilizing this video revealed some new information. The footage was recorded with again a "backtrail" camera. I strap a video camera to my shoulder and it films behind me the entire time I am in the field. Then when I return home I review it. It has been a very productive method of capturing video of the Bigfoot. It frustrates many because they do not understand the concept and the fact I am unaware of the Bigfoot's presence at the time of the video capture. It is a trade off you have to be willing to make if you want to capture any footage. They will not show themselves if you have a camera and you are looking at them, it is extremely rare, happening in the last 50 years only once in the Patterson/Gimlin footage. Below is my backtrail camera setup.

Backtrail Camera Rig

In this clip the Bigfoot is in thick foilage, so thick that the video cameras alogrhytm causes the face to turn green. The modern digital camera makes an image by taking the "average" on the colors. So if you have something grey in the middle of a green shrub the camera will record everything as green. Below is a demonstration of this using me as the subject. I am in the upper right corner and what I consider "Bigfoot" are in the rest of the frames.

With the background foundation laid below is the video footage. During the video you Bigfoot will step backward and the movement is visible.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Bigfoot Peeking and Moving Between the Trees

In October of 2011 my friend David Paulides was visiting. We went to the GSMNP and were in the location where I collected multiple hair samples for the Ketchum DNA Study. As we are looking around a small field I am in front and David is behind me. I have my camera pointed behind me toward David and the woods beyond him. While reviewing the video I note that Dave shields his eyes from the setting sun and looks into the woods for a moment. After a few moments he turns and continues to walk toward me. When I review the video closely a figure can been seen peeking from behind a tree. During the review at times the eyes of this figure will catch the sunlight and glow. Also during the video clip I and David move several times. As we are moving away the subject moves behind a second tree for a better vantage point as we walk away. Below are the enhanced still captures.

This first set of photos show the Bigfoot's movement from one tree to another.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Bigfoot Behind Me - Video Enhanced

Using my new software (Cyberlink Power Director) I have been processing and enhancing older videos. This is footage from 2010. This Bigfoot patiently watched me as I downloaded my SD card for at least 10 minutes. The head movement is very slight but can be observed. The eyes are so deep set they are almost impossible to see. Note the crows how they gather and react. Many of us in the Bigfoot research arena think that crows will follow and sound off when a Bigfoot is near. During the video you can hear the crows several times. The are very close and sounding off. At the time I had not yet put together the relationship between the crows and the Bigfoot. Also note how I know something is watching just do not know where it is.