Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Bigfoot Licking Trail Camera - Enhanced and Stablilized

Continuing the project to use my new software to stabilize and enhance older videos I have posted the Bigfoot licking the trail camera video. 

Many critics have claimed this is anything from a "porcupine" to a "hairy teenager". I must point out the location of this camera was in the National Park, not near a trail, and the camera was mounted nine feet off the ground. The trail camera is in the same area where I collected hair samples that are in the Ketchum DNA study.

For me, the most convincing aspect of the video is the speed of the subject. The lick happens in a less than a second. The video camera is recording at thirty frames per second. The lick happens in less than thirty frames. I find it highly unlikely that a human could lick the camera and move that fast.

Below is the lick sequence, note how the face blurs and elongates because the subject is moving so fast.

Also the trail camera was inside a custom built steel box. I used a circular saw with a steel cutting blade to cut the hole for the camera lens. The edge of that cut was sharp and rough. I can imagine it would be a very unpleasant experience to lick that camera, most likely cutting the tongue.

I always find it entertaining that some of the critics come up with theories and explanations for what licked the camera that are more extreme and improbable than my claim that the subject is a Bigfoot. 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Bigfoot Blur Over the Shoulder

On a recent causal outing in the National Park I was attempting to just enjoy myself. No research, no cameras, just some peace and quite, birds singing, stream bubbling, and the scent of fresh air. But what seems to happen more and more lately is my large hairy friends or better a large hairy something had different plans.

I was walking along a trail when I heard something stomping around in the underbrush as if it wanted my attention. In an effort to get a picture I pretended not to hear the noises and took pictures back over my shoulder with my iPhone hoping to get picture of the noise maker.

Below are the product of my effort, one of the three has something familiar looking in it. It is "blobsquatchy" but interesting....

What is the dark object in the photo below?

Is this a Bigfoot or something else??


Friday, August 22, 2014

Bigfoot or (Blobsquatch) Pareidolia?? (Updated Repost)

Now days it seems every critic out there is now throwing around this big fancy smart sounding word "Pareidolia". This appears to be the new explanation for any Bigfoot footage that shows a partial face or body in heavy dense foliage that other wise cannot be explained.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Bigfoot at Dusk - Stabilized

I continue my series of using my new software to stabilize and enhance my older video clips. In this clip I have just witnessed this Bigfoot running between the trees. The Bigfoot made a one word vocalization. I had my dog with me and she heard it and completely freaked out. While I am attempting to find the Bigfoot using the video camera she is pulling on the leash wanting to leave the area.

This is a very strange looking fellow. It blends in very well with the foliage and was difficult to locate do to the loss of daylight. 

Below is the video:

Still Captures/Sketches


Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Creature Under the Log

Back in August of 2011 I was exploring the National Park with my friend David Paulides. Something caught our attention on a hillside across the way. As we are looking for movement something black catches my eye to our right. I see it duck down under a blow down very quickly then begin rocking back and forth. 

I attempted to zoom in but was only able to capture what appears to be the right side of the "creatures" face. We went to investigate the area but the subject was long gone by the time we traversed the thick under growth. What was it? Bigfoot? Something else?

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Analysis - Video "Bigfoot Sighting near Sundance Utah" posted by AnythingWhatever - Real or Hoax?

Still Capture from the Video
This video is intriguing. At first glance I thought man in a suit, but after taking the time to look into it I thought to myself not so fast. What makes this video interesting is the follow-up done by the people who posted the video. Once you look at the shear mass of the "subject" compared to the normal person it makes you think this could be real. 

The resolution of course is poor and not many details of the face or body can be gleaned from the video which is the hallmark of a hoax. But if this is a hoax it is a good one because of the size and mass of the subject. 

I have completed some enhancing of the video and pulled a few still captures from the video. You can see some facial features after applying a deblurring filter. The question is are we looking at a mask or the face of a real Sasquatch? I am leaning heavily toward the conclusion this is the real deal, but with the sophistication of the hoaxers recently it is difficult to come to a conclusion so I will let  you decide real or  hoax?

Friday, July 18, 2014

Bigfoot In The Brush - Back Trail Footage Still Captures from 2011

Sketch based on actual still capture
As I continue to review the hundreds of hours of video I have taken since 2009 I continue to find these "little nuggets" of interesting "things" watch me. The following are still captures from what I call my "back trail" camera. I mount a video camera on my shoulder then film behind me the entire time I am in the field. Once I return home I then review the video for anything that may have been following or watching me from behind. In this February 2011 video I found one of those "nuggets". The subject is only visible for a few seconds as I an walking away from its hiding spot in a brush pile.

The series of still captures below show the possible Sasquatch hiding in a brush pile.