Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bigfoot Captured on Plot Watcher Follow-Up

I have posted a follow-up video on YouTube. I cover camera model, distance from camera, size of subject, the casting of shadows, and the software used to review the jpg pictures.


 Primos Truth DPS Camera, Model: 63070. The camera is set to take one picture every 10 seconds.
Web Site: www.primos.com

Still Capture Viewing Software:

 The software that allows you to play back the jpgs as a video is called "At a Glance". You can watch a full day in approximately 15 minutes or less. You can control the speed of the play back, make still captures, and build short video clips. If is a full functioning viewer with a "slider bar". It basically turns the still frames into a movie that you can completely manipulate.

The Bigfoot's distance from the camera:

I stepped it off at 29 paces. At an average of 3 feet per step that would be 3 x 29 = 87 feet. Rounding up for having to short step I estimate the subject is 90 feet from the camera.


The idea has been floated that the Bigfoot is just a group of shadows that form a face. The human brain then takes over and thinks it sees a recognizable face in the shadow patterns. This is know as "pareidolia". A interesting point is that the critics say "it is probably  pareidolia, but if it is not then it has to be hoaxed, a monkey suit".  Sorry guys can't have it both ways.


1. The camera is mounted on a tree due east.
2. The subject is directly west.
3. If the subject was formed by shadows then the "face" should be visible each day at the same time. The angle of the sun and the shadows would form it. Over the 4 days that the camera was operating the Bigfoot was only visible on 5/29/2012. The other 3 days no "face" was present.
4. The sun was rising the shadows would be getting shorter, the Bigfoot is leaning out then raises upward behind the tree. It would be impossible for the "shadow" to move upward or longer if the sun is rising.
5. The Bigfoot goes from leaning out behind the tree to hiding behind it in 10 seconds. The sun would have to rise a considerable distance to cause this change shadows. It is impossible for the sun to travel that distance in 10 seconds.

My Location: On the day the video was taken I was at work over 80 miles away with over 30 witnesses that can verify my location. 

The Bigfoot is not present on the previous or subsequent days. If this was a "pareidolia" affect caused by shadows and the position of the sun, then the face should be visible each day at 8:43 AM. It is not, it is only visible on 05/29/2012 at 8:43 AM.


 Size of the Bigfoot: 

In one word HUGE!!! 

I took a HD screen capture of my son beside the tree, then cut out the Bigfoot from the jpg photo and inserted it into the location. I also made sure to scale the Bigfoot correctly so the size comparison is accurate. My son is 5'11" and 170 lbs.


  1. Very well done...thanks for all you do. I'm curious to know if the camera picked up the being sneaking up behind the tree or leaving it afterward. If not, what are your thoughts on this?

    1. The undergrowth is approximately 2 to 3 feet high and with the time lapse between photos (10 seconds) he could have belly crawled or even walked out of the field of view. I would say he stayed low until he was around the back side of the camera. The other camera was a traditional trail camera, it was triggers once but nothing on it. It was facing the opposite direction about 100 feet behind the "Plot Watcher"

  2. Also, if I remember correctly, you had set up two trail cams in relation to the plot watcher...did they pick up anything?

  3. Excellent follow up. I really appreciate all the hard work you do.