Thursday, May 28, 2015

Mk Davis - Hair Sample Video - A Piece of the Bigfoot Cloaking Puzzle?

Hair photo from the MK Davis video
MK Davis has just posted an excellent video where he examines a reported "Bigfoot hair sample" under the microscope. The hairs are multi-colored in this one sample. From brown, black, to translucent. If this is a "real" Bigfoot hair sample the implications are staggering!

MK points out the camouflaging affect this would have if you were looking at the creature. In one slide you can actually see a clear hair refracting the light. This raises the question, is this part of the mechanism that causes what we know as the "cloaking" phenomenon ? Does this explain the videos, pictures, and sightings where the Bigfoot appears to be "cloaked" or exhibiting a "predator" like effect?

Possible "Cloaked" Bigfoot
Also, I also wonder is this contributes to the "blurring" of photos and videos? I have experienced it and many others. I will receive a "blobsqautch" photo and the person sending it to me will swear, "I could see it clearly with the naked eye, but when I took the picture the Bigfoot was all blurry". I have also had instances where I first saw the Bigfoot with the naked eye, then took video of the Bigfoot. Even though I could see the Bigfoot clearly the video was "blurry" or "out of focus". In these cases I was using a High Definition video camera recording and 1080p.

Below is an example of this, I rounded a blind corner in the trail and this Bigfoot was caught on top of a ridge out in the open. I watched as it side stepped toward the heavy vegetation. When I raised the camera to film, the Bigfoot immediately squatted down into this "stump pose" and froze.

Though you can still see the Bigfoot, note how it is blurry. How the vegetation around and near it is clear and in focus, but the Bigfoot is not, how can this be? Does the mixture of hair color that MK has pointed out contribute to this? Does the hair plus other abilities such as infrasound or some other ability we are unaware help the Bigfoot "cloak"? Does this help explain what many considered to be the "supernatural" ability of invisibility?

If this is Bigfoot hair and it has this camouflage like properties then why do we not see this in other primates or animals? Is this an artificial genetic enhancement?

This trait would give the Bigfoot a major advantage and go a long way in explaining the difficulty in both seeing and videoing the Bigfoot. Thank you MK for this video.

 I realize more study with have to be done and the results verified with other Bigfoot hair samples, but this is a major break through in my opinion. If these results hold up under further study it will definitely add to our knowledge base about the Bigfoot.


  1. Amazing what a big brain that has all parts working can do .

  2. Translucent hair is known in the mammal world. The polar bear comes
    to mind. The main question is whether or not bigfoot has the ability
    to change at will. That in and of itself would be a game changer. If that
    could be proven. Or if there are other forces at work, something that
    is controlling the change.

  3. Great discovery. But what´s the next step? Who obtained the hair sample? Will the sample be examined by a (top) scientific laboratory? Do you know anything about it?