Friday, November 22, 2013

To Prove Bigfoot Exist - Only a Body Will Do.....

With the majority of the Bigfoot World and Mainstream Science refusing to accept the Ketchum DNA Study and Dr. Sykes' farce the “Bigfoot Community” is in a major funk. Some would even argue shock. Dr. Sykes managed to disappoint and anger all sides of the debate in the Bigfoot World. He was a “Universal Wet Blanket”. The Ketchum Haters, Ketchum Supporters, Bi-Pedal Ape, Human Hybrid, Paranormal Bigfoot, Underground Bigfoot, UFO Bigfoot, you name it and all factions were disappointed in the “findings” by Dr. Sykes.

This left the whole community with the collective realization that only a body will do. DNA studies will not do, High Definition Video will not do, multi-witness encounters will not do, footprints will not do, sound recordings will not do, only a Bigfoot laying on a slab for the world to dissect and examine will do. Though many like myself hate to admit it we all know this is the truth.

The debate now moves to how do we get a body? I am a “No Kill” proponent. Since I know they are a Human Hybrid I cannot condone murder to satisfy the demands of “Scientific Proof”. So how then do we get a body. After much thought and discussion this is my “proposal” on how to obtain a Bigfoot body.

Even though most of the time the Bigfoot demonstrate an ability to elude humans with ease for some reason they have not mastered the simple task of crossing the road without getting run over. Do not ask me to explain it, but it appears to be true. A posse of men on horseback can corner a Bigfoot in a box canyon and it can literally vanish into thin air, but granny comes around the corner in her Buick and bam the Bigfoot can’t get out of the way??

 With that in mind here is what I think we should do. Organize a group of donors who will put up $100,000.00 in cash up front. Then assemble a group of volunteers on a “rapid recovery team”.  This effort should be centered in the Northern California/Oregon/Washington State area. Have a team of two people take the cash around in a brief case and began approaching state and local highway maintenance and cleanup crews, those fellows that have the unenviable job of cleaning up “road kill” from the highways and back roads. Sit down with the men/women and open the case and show them the cash, then tell them “Next time you come upon a road kill that has arms, legs, genitals, and looks like a large hairy man or ape and you know it’s not a bear or any other animal, instead of calling Fish and Game or local law enforcement and reporting you have a dead hairy person looking thing on the road, throw it in the truck and call us. Call us any time day or night and we will come to you and hand you this $100,000.00 in cash, no questions ask in exchange for the body.” Hand out your card and then wait.

In my opinion we would have a body within one year and we would accomplish the goal of obtaining a body without having to hunt and murder one. To be honest I often doubt hunting one could be done by civilians. It would take the logistic assets of our military to pull off a live kill scenario in my opinion.  So why not take advantage of the most elusive creature in modern history’s “Achilles Heel”, crossing the road.


  1. Scott, while your idea does have some merit, I think granny is going
    to need a police report to get the insurance company to fix her Buick.
    Why not put posters up in the forest telling bigfoot to sign up for health care. Oh, wait that ain't working either.

  2. Hello Scott

    I really appreciate your research, innovation, and insight in such a controversial field.
    I'm a 47 year old former U.S. Marine that has believed since childhood their was validity to the Bigfoot/Sasquatch phenomenon.
    The arrogance and ignorance of supposedly "educated" scientists seems baffling until you consider the fact that mankind is much easier to control when the populace is kept in the dark.
    Consider the scientific, educational, social, religious, and economic ramifications of undeniable proof this human hybrid would cause.
    I'm a firm believer that we, as human beings are being kept in the dark about a great number of things that would shake the very foundation of society.
    I feel it's incredibly ignorant to say that people throughout history have been mistaken about hairy men/sasquatch/yeti legends and sightings.
    The story of Gilgamesh and Enkidu is one of the oldest tales of giant hairy beings. The cave drawings, oral traditions, and carvings of indigenous peoples worldwide was proof enough for me a long time ago.
    The debunkers would have the close-minded believe that a handful of hoaxers explains away a global occurrence that's been with mankind for far longer than the Patterson/Gimlin film. The countless newspaper articles from the 1800's and early 1900's that refer to "wildmen" should be enough to quiet the debunkers but some people are uncomfortable with things that don't fit into their narrow worldview. It's amazing to assert that aboriginal people in Australia, Native Americans, Indonesians, Tibetans, and various others who've been seeing hairy men for ages could ALL be mistaken.
    I urge you to continue your research because I and many others are learning from the work yourself and others are doing. I admire Dr. Ketchum for risking her career and reputation for getting involved in such a vicious arena.
    As far as the kill/don't kill argument goes, I'm with you and Dr. Johnson, the Sasquatch are people and shouldn't be murdered to satisfy close minded society's need to "see a body".
    I like your road kill idea and have no doubt that a highway worker would be more than willing to turn over a body for a large sum of cash and the opportunity for instant fame and all that comes with it.
    As a former U.S. Marine I must agree with you that a group of special forces types could capture a live sasquatch with proper planning and resources. Does anyone ever go after sasquatch with a heavy duty tranquilizer gun? Just a thought. I'm sure there are military vets that would attempt a capture for the right price.
    The Matt Moneymaker approach, though highly entertaining , has absolutely NO chance of getting IRREFUTABLE proof. I don't like the way the Finding Bigfoot team ALWAYS refers to sasquatch as "animals" and "creatures" despite their obvious human-like features and qualities, not to mention DNA. Finding Bigfoot continues to use the same silly monstrous figure when so many have reported otherwise.
    Thanks for your efforts and keep up the great work,
    Allentown, Pa.

  3. The idea of a bounty is a good one. It could be available to any person or group. 100K is plenty. Offer less but substantial amounts for body parts.

    The road crew idea is pretty clever. Advertise the bounty among cops, road crews, and forest service workers, and along highways, at rest-stops, tourist traps, at campgrounds and at trail heads. Put up a flyer at REI Why not? If everyone is trying to find bigfoot, that ups the chances.

  4. Scott,I would say I understand your frustration,and/or situation,but I can't. Because I don't. You've been among them. You've seen them. They know you,obviously,lol. What you've just described may be very plausible,and a win-win for everyone,however,let's consider something else first.
    I understand the need for species classification,and protection. But,do they actually need protection? Like you said,they can do amazing,mind blowing things,but,when it comes to roads,that may be their most lethal adversary.
    And,now,mr mainstream and all his cohorts,have made their feelings about this arena of study known. If the past is to be any guide,may some have mercy,on folks like you,and everyone else who's ever stood in awe,and spent countless hours in the woods,searching,trying to learn,and understand. Can you imagine your favorite researching area,tommorow morning,just as you get into the woods,and then hearing 13 "scientists" yuking it up,talking and making a general disaster out of the peaceful place?
    And then,with recognition comes others out there,the "redneck-going-to-kill-it-cause-it's-out-there-and-I-can-types". Now,surely this may not be that big of a problem for the forest folks,but,if there's a massive increase of these scum bags roaming the woods,armed and ignorant,well,I hate to think about it.
    Maybe it's 50/50. One of those darned if you do,darned if you don't. Myself,I have a long ways to go and a lot to learn,and honestly,I can't wait,lol.
    Take care my friend.

  5. Why "give in" to the scientists and people that don`t/won`t believe ?

  6. They are interesting, I like to take their pictures, and I don't want to hurt them, but WE need protection on this end.

    If it takes a body, well, just one, if you already found it dead......I am okay with that. If you have to kill it in self-defense, so be it.

    I don't want them to kill one just for a specimen. The point of your bounty is that there are already bodies without purposely killing one for the money.

    I don't think they need our protection. I think their habitat does, because the smaller it is, the more of them will move closer to or into towns. THAT I don't want.

    Had a rock hit my bedroom window last night. The rock didn't break it, but it's unnerving to have them in the middle of freaking town throwing large pebbles at the window at 3 AM! House slams and window tapping and rock throwing have happened right here, half a block from a canal but also in a suburban area that is part of a 1/2 million population metro area.

  7. It might be cheaper, quicker and easier to clone a Sasquatch.

    New England BioLabs offers cloning and synthetic biology, along with a host of other custom DNA services.

    "Molecular cloning refers to the process by which recombinant DNA molecules are produced and transformed into a host organism, where they are replicated. A molecular cloning reaction is typically comprised of the following two components:

    1. The DNA fragment of interest to be replicated
    2. A vector/plasmid backbone that contains all of the components for replication in the host

    Take a look around:

    Also - new technology allows physical reconstruction based upon DNA. This might also be another avenue to investigate - although the unique DNA of Sasquatch might present difficulties.

    Here is the story of a woman who collects hair and used gum:

    "Dewey-Hagborg’s odd habit has a larger purpose. The 30-year-old PhD student, studying electronic arts at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York, extracts DNA from each piece of evidence (that's hair and used gum) she collects, focusing on specific genomic regions from her samples. She then sequences these regions and enters this data into a computer program, which churns out a model of the face of the person who left the hair, fingernail, cigarette or gum behind.

    It gets creepier.

    From those facial models, she then produces actual sculptures using a 3D printer. When she shows the series, called “Stranger Visions,” she hangs the life-sized portraits, like life masks, on gallery walls. Oftentimes, beside a portrait, is a Victorian-style wooden box with various compartments holding the original sample, data about it and a photograph of where it was found.

    Read more:

    An interesting video - Jim Marrs - Our Occulted History (touches on Giants and the Smithsonian amongst other topics)

  8. "Then what" what happens after they have a body? Do all of the shows on tv end?? Do all of the websites go away? Or is the next step to capture a live speciman so they can be bred and populate the zoos around the world? This is a serious question what will happen in the bigfoot world once a body is found?

    1. Good point. What then in deed. I don't think anyone has yet
      thought this through. Our species does not have a good track
      record when dealing with the other members of this planet.
      Plants, animals and humans, even air gets exploited to the
      point of extinction. Maybe we should give the " what then "
      question some thought first.

    2. Thank you for the reply. It isn't just me then that hasn't a clue to what is next. I wonnder if this topic is ever discoussed at the conferencens?

  9. I assume you think we "need" to prove they exist so that we can work toward laws to protect them. However, the more I see of people's reaction to even the scientific proof given, I worry that proving their existance will do them more harm than good.

  10. Scott. Ok. Highway workers. Who else sings all the no disclosures on government contracts. Western Timber workers. Deep forest skidder operators. Crane operators. If your gonna float a cash bounty out there these guys are on the front line as well in high probability contact areas. I believe in my heart of hearts I could at one time have put one in harms way. Not from me. But from someone capable of making such a sacrifice for science. It took me very little time to dismiss it. You yourself know what it feels like to have proof one was just feet away from you yet you saw nothing. I'm no kill. All the way. But I wish someone would implement a plan similar to what you suggest. Highway department and logging industry. I think at some point. Someone with bills to pay would want that briefcase. No questions asked. Very thought provoking. Take care. M