Thursday, October 24, 2013

Bigfoot Species Name Accepted - Homo Sapiens Cognatus

The governing body that assigns species names ZooBank, which is an adjunct to the International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature or ICZN, has accepted the registration request for the species name Homo sapiens cognatus. The request was made by Dr. Ketchum on behalf of the Novel North American Hominins, Next Generation Sequencing of Three Whole Genomes and Associated Studies. Cognatus is from the Latin which means “related by blood.”

 The Website Ghost Theory has the complete story, but here is an interesting excerpt from the article:

What does all of this mean? I contacted an expert and he had this to say:

In direct answer to your question: ZooBank and the ICZN do not review evidence for the legitimacy of organisms to which names are applied – that is outside out mandate, and is really the job of the relevant taxonomic/biological community (in this case, primatologists) to do that.

When H. s. cognatus was first registered, needless to say we received a lot of inquiry about it. We scrutinized the original description and registration of this name as best as we could, and as far as we can determine, all the requirements for establishing the new name were fulfilled. Thus, at the moment, we have no grounds to reject the scientific name. This says NOTHING about the legitimacy of the taxon concept – it’s just about whether the name was established according to the rules.

It is my hope that now Dr. Ketchum will be able to upload the 3 complete genomes to GenBank using this species name with out it being rejected because she does not have a "Privacy Release Form" for the owner of the DNA, a Sasquatch!

Having the genomes in Genbank would give the geneticists around the world the ability to examine and scrutinize the genomes.  I fail to see how the scientific community and the critics can object to this happening and allowing a analysis of the genomes.

 If the genomes are the result of a "hoax", "flawed processes", and "contamination" then is should be apparent and the opinions will be rendered as such. But if the genomes are legitimate it will be interesting to see the reaction, will the main stream scientist have the integrity to report the truth in this case or will they remain silent? In either case I say to Genbank accept the genomes and let the chips fall where they may.


  1. Life used to be so simple. Before we had a name and no proof.
    Now we have proof and no name. Come on folks, I ain't gonna be
    around much longer. Get'r done.

  2. Little confused here Scott again sorry but Ketchum just admitted via her online journal that she DID NOT pass peer review and had to self-publish.

    Could you possibly clear this up?

    Thanks a bunch man !

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. According to her on HER website she did not pass peer-review and had to self-publish. Please read all about it right here:!press-release/cm8a

      Her work and manuscript were rejected by NATURE in November of 2012, then rejected again by JAMEZ in January 2013, and promptly rejected again by another scientific online journal toward the end of January / beginning of February 2013.

      We established an online publishing system through "Advanced Science Foundation Publishing" - founded by Robin Lynne in Big Rapids, Michigan. This gave us the ability to self-publish like other scientist in the field have done repeatedly.

    3. Ed, please stop lying and trying to confuse the reader, I checked this link of her so called "Journal". Dr. Ketchum did not set this up nor did she make an entry. The "admission" you are referring too is a statement made by "Melba's friends, family, and closest loved ones... "

      Below is the actual quote. If you cannot be more honest in the future I will have to block you from commenting. I do not mind you stating your opinion, but when you purposely attempt to mislead (LIE) then I will have to draw the line. Ed, you have been warned, do it again and your banned.

      Here is the quote:
      As Melba's friends, family, and closest loved ones... it became our intent to facilitate and establish an online platform where Melba could freely self-publish her ground breaking science. Her work and manuscript were rejected by NATURE in November of 2012, then rejected again by JAMEZ in January 2013, and promptly rejected again by another scientific online journal toward the end of January / beginning of February 2013. All of these three American Journals as well as the International Journals who rejected Melba should be boycotted for their blanted scientific bias against Melba and her work. She is a brilliant scientist, self-taught geneticist, and loving veterinarian.

  3. Edward:
    Domain ID:D167596106-LROR
    Created On:15-Jan-2013 05:45:18 UTC
    Last Updated On:17-Mar-2013 03:45:36 UTC
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    I would do a WHOIS and you can find out.
    I do not think it is any one in Melba's camp who set that up.
    Do your own research its not that hard.

  4. Really CathJohn because David Paulides was referring people to this website in interviews and Ketchum herself has been referring people to it.

    here let me Google that for you since you're too obtuse to do it yourself.

    1. I see Edward as Scott suspected you are just a troll.
      Since you use the CathJohn in reference to you believing some stupid hate blog about me.
      Grow up.

  5. Jessica AsheLynne Jordan (full name) is Robin (Forestpeople) Lynne's daughter. She setup the domains early on.

    1. Thank you didn't know that.
      Just didn't match Robin is what I saw.

  6. I take this as good news. Thanks for this update Scott!

  7. so much for Matt "MonKeymaker" and the rest of his ilk. this kind of explains why they're smart enough to hide from human beings. this is the theory i've supported from the get go.