Friday, August 16, 2013

The Orbs - Video

I have posted a video describing the events that occurred when I recorded the orbs on camera.


  1. Thanks Scott, interesting things are still
    interesting even if they don't leave large
    footprints. Those of us with the desire to learn
    are always ready to hear new experiences.

  2. Very interesting. I noticed a privacy fence between your next door neighbors house and yours. Has it had any effects on bigfoot visiting your home since they were crossing the chain link fence before. Are you still having visitations? If not do you think they are sending the orbs instead to get your attention? Very interesting to say the least.

  3. Hi Chris, I've been following your posts for a while and, as this is the latest, decided to finally (hopefully?)get in touch. I'm currently working towards my PhD and have found a number of your experiences of interest. I wondered if you would be interested in getting in touch?

  4. Scott,thanks for sharing this. Absolutely interesting. I have had a few experiences with this phenomena,and captured a few on HD Olympus Camera,although the ones I've seen are not nearly as amazing as this one! I have been fortunate,in having a couple friends that know a good amount about these strange occurrences. Wm Michael Mott,author of "Caverns,Cauldrons,and Concealed Creatures",has studied this phenomena extensively,and has made some really intriguing,and startling findings. Definitely worth looking into,IMO!
    Apparently there is several kinds of these interesting entities. The ones I've experienced,and took pictures of,look like dust specks and etc,at first glance,,like the skeptics constantly state,however,when zooming in on many of the photos available,strange features can be seen,sometimes including faces! It's interesting in the extreme.
    High Strangeness,is a vast,and mysterious subject,,some consider many instances of unknown,irregular,and unnatural incidents,occasions and experiences,that appear completely and totally unrelated,that others researching these areas,think that quite possibly(or some state with certainty!)they are related,and layered in interchangeable and,for the time being,inconceivable ways. Personally,I find these subjects fascinating indeed!
    Thanks again Scott,and take care out there!!

  5. Btw,,I forgot to mention,I know you've referenced "The Hunt For the Skinwalker" in your blog a few times in the past,so I am sure you know about the terrifying incident,with Tom's cattle dogs,and the "Blue Orb". For those who are not familiar,I highly recommend looking into this,for this is a very interesting,and intriguing phenomena,and seems to be not restricted to certain locations,like much of the cryptid,and/or paranorm activity can be,although it does occur more often,and with greater intensity,at some strange areas,,however,,as this account mentioned in the above study,by Dr Kelleher,and the phenomenal investigative reporter George Knapp,a strong word of caution must be made clear. In reading the account,it becomes clear that some of these situations may not have benevolent intentions,by any means,and,or motivations that are not in the best interests,of the folks residing on the property orbs frequent. The blue orbs,are known to cause extreme stress in farm animals,and family pets,and maybe hostile in their nature.
    Scott,I don't know if you've heard of this individual,but if your interested,and would like to learn more,and read about some very perplexing accounts,,including a very well known one,in the community's around this area,where a huge Bigfoot was witnessed by more than one persons,at very close range,crossing a road,carrying an orb,like one would a basket ball,I highly recommend the research and studies,and accounts gather by a Mr Stan Gordon,,from Pennsylvania. Stan is extremely dedicated to his research,much like yourself,and has made some amazing discoveries,in his "neck of the woods",and has indeed contributed much to the local lure,data base,and links in understanding these unknown circumstances. He has his website,at
    Stan has been on this pursuit for many years,(decades in fact!) and his knowledge and investigations are exemplary. Also,you may find of interest,,his book "Silent Invasion,The Pennsylvania U.F.O-Bigfoot Casebook",witch was written in 1973-74,and exposes incidents that unfortunately may be a touchy subject with some folks,but the data collected,and the encounters and situations that changes many lives forever,still haunt that region today.