Friday, August 30, 2013

Bigfoot Captured on FLIR

During my camping trip I scanned the wood line with the FLIR before turning in for the night. There appears to be something watching me. When I attempt to focus in on this area the subject steps back into the foliage.


  1. Looks like it felt pretty safe exposing so much of its face. Really makes me wonder how they know when they are being captured on "film". Did you only know you captured it when you got home or did you have suspicions at the time? Did you hear anything during the night? You are so good at this. I would say you are blessed. Thank you again for sharing with all of us.

  2. It looks like a human face. Were you camping at a campground with other people around?

    1. it looked human because they are a people, not a monkey.... its quite obvious to me that Scott knows the difference between a human, on film, and a bigfoot on film. Come on, just look how pronounced the browridge is.

  3. I too am blown away be their ability to know about the camera. The fact is that they do know what a camera is, and they are keenly aware of it's ability to see them.