Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Bigfoot Research - Subsribers Questions - Cameras in the Back Yard

I answer the often asked question: Why don't you put video/trail cameras in your back yard ?


  1. Hi Scott ....that was a well explained answer . It's clear to see the near impossible task of monitoring and carefully reviewing every minute of the mountain of footage you would have to keep up with constant video/trail cams going nightly . And you can really see how cam wise they are . People shouldn't be surprised about their being able to avoid or tamper with the cams . Even kids would be able to if they wanted to sneak around the neighbourhood incognito ! We buzz by every thing at high speed in life driving here and there at 80 or 90 kms ,stop at the store for food etc. , head back home to eat,and don't even notice all that whizzes by in between .These guys have to notice every single thing out there visually as well as by sound to eat their next meal and survive so we would be kidding ourselves to put them even in the same league as us in their ability to monopolize the cams.....they're actually way better than we could ever be. Your explanation also helped me to appreciate the amount of research you do out of your own limited time and funds , while holding down a job and raising a family at the same time .I've only ever heard you spoken of with respect for your research and conduct .

    1. Kay,

      Thanks for the support! I agree people think you should just be able to lay a camera down and walk off and the Bigfoot will just pose for you. It is a very complicated subject with many layers. People new to Bigfoot have issues understanding this.

  2. Scott,I agree with Kay. She hit the nail on the head! I've often thought about this,when reading a new post,or watching a video on your site,about the time and effort it must take,just for the Blog itself. And of course I couldn't imagine the time you have to spend watching/reviewing the footage of your backpack Cam alone,let alone if your carrying another one!!! IMO,when I used to visit other sites(now its here,N.A.B.S,and BFencounters only,lol,I love learning,cannot deal with drama,)it seems a majority of folks weren't happy with anything. I was guilty myself of a few of theses errors in judgement and thinking,when I started my online part of learning about Bigfoot from others. And I agree. Many,including some of my family,think we're chasing shadows and legends,for mankind has evolved into such a state of super technology,that if these gaints of the forest were anywhere in this country,we would have known for sure by now. Of course,I always tell them we do,as in a community of researchers,witnesses,etc. know they exist,and a few individuals,with the main one being yourself,have quite an impressive collection to add to this understanding. My friends and family that either never thought about,or never considered Bigfoot a reality,that I have shown your work on this site to,either walk away with a whole different view,or it didn't make a difference in the first place,and,as one of my dearest relatives put it recently "when a Bigfoot comes up to my door,knocks,and says hello,I'm Bigfoot,that'll be the day i will consider it."

    I know I've said this quite a few times,but I'd like to take this opportunity to say it again. Thank you for all your hard work,countless hours,and everything else that you've put into your research Scott. I guess it's easy for some to see how easy things should be,if they're not dealing with it first hand. I know a little about it,for I used to be one of them,only a couple years ago,lol!