Sunday, February 3, 2013

Bigfoot Research - Typical Day

This is a video of  my outing on 01/26/2013. This is they area where I have a couple of trail cameras located.

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  1. Scott , thank you so much for sharing your outing . I like how you carefully explain all the details of the landscape ,trails . The way you explain the behaviour of the bigfoot you have experienced really gives us a glimpse of their personality profile . This is so much more interesting than just looking at photos alone. In the short time I've watched the research you've posted , I've learned more than in all the years studying and books read about them previously . And so much more , such as what signs to look for when you're in the forest .Do you always go out alone ? Also you always notice an odour when they're around ? And I was wondering , it must be an adrenaline surge when you know they're around you , do you get used to being around them over time or is it still like the first each time ? Thanks again ....enjoy looking at the game cam pics .