Friday, October 19, 2012

Talking to Bigfoot

When I am out in the field I will often try talking to the Bigfoot if I think they are nearby. I will talk to them in English and say hello, ask questions, etc. I will also put together phrases using both Cherokee and Cheyenne words. Below is a list of the most common words I use when attempting to talk with the Bigfoot.

Hi Tai = Hello Friend

Whoo Chaa = Come here

Is Wa Is A To = Come visit me

Nenepi = humans (malevolent little people)

Nocona = Local Bigfoot Clan Name

Hituwe He - Who are you?

Wa Do = Thank You (Cherokee)

O-Si-Yo =Hello (Cherokee)

U na li i = Friend (Cherokee)

Saa-Taa = Apple (Cherokee)

Eye-Yaa = I

Eye-Yaa U na li i = I am a friend (Cherokee)

Do dah ugh = Name (Cherokee)

 Sometimes I will get reactions in the form of grunts, twig snaps, and what sounds like someone clearing their throat. On a few occasions after attempting to talk with them I will hear whats sounds like people whispering or talking softly nearby. It is usually faint and I have never been able to understand what is being said. The utterances are so faint that the video camera will not record them. I will always comment and "mark" the video by mentioning I am hearing voices but when I replay the video I can hear nothing.


  1. Scott, I have wondered since I first heard you speak and saw you put up the sign with the Cheyenne and Cherokee languages where you learned them. Are you Native American or at least part or did you take some Native American language studies or are you self taught? Regardless it sure is interesting, especially to hear that you get the sort of responses you do. Ever think about using one of those disk devices...but I guess that might add to their fear/reservations about trusting you...another strange object on that little hairless being! 8~) I wonder if they might also know/have heard Spanish or French. Just wondering. Maybe one day we'll all know...

  2. This makes me wonder about the practice of call blasting
    just what the heck bigfoot thinks when he/she hears that
    racket coming through the timber.

  3. The sign language you used in one video I saw you in could really give you a good starting point to communicating and helping them to learn your language or vice versa. It has been very successful with the Gorillas and other apes. Especially since the intelligence is there with the big guys, just thinking "out loud".