Thursday, September 6, 2012

"Pareidolia" or Bigfoot?

February 2012
In February of 2012 I captured what I considered a Bigfoot standing behind me with my "Back Trail" camera. The critics howled that is was just "Pareidolia"

May 2012
Then in May 2012 again I captured what I considered a Bigfoot peeking around a tree at the "Plot Watcher" camera I had hidden in a small Fur Tree. Again the predictable chorus rang out, "its just sun light and shadows".

When I looked closer at the two Bigfoot I noticed something very interesting. They both had similar facial features! How could this be? They are only faces formed by lights, shadows, and my mind, right?

  Above are the two Bigfoot side by side. The Bigfoot on the left was standing behind me peeking around a tree. The Bigfoot on the right was peeking around a tree at a Primos DPS camera. Do you see any features in the face that are similar?

The first  similarity that I noticed was the nose. Both subjects have angled nostrils and the bottom of the nose comes to a point.

There is also white patch under the nose of both Bigfoot.

Another interesting "coincidence" is both these photographs were taken in the same general area of the National Park location. What are the odds that two faces with similar features would be formed by random shadows, three months apart, in different terrain, with different surrounding  foliage, and at a different time of day?

Just maybe there is a Bigfoot living in this area that I was fortunate enough to capture on video twice. 

Seems likely IMHO




  1. Scott, I am with you. It sure looks like the same being to me. If everyone listened to the nay sayers, we would still think the Earth was flat. Good work as always. Best wishes, Buster

  2. Now I guess we have to wait for DNA of a Pareidolia.
    This is getting so confusing. Thanks Scott. Good job.

  3. Hey, Scott,

    I'm not convinced these two are the same guy - "Plot Watcher"'s eyes are too close together, and his cranium doesn't come to such a pronounced point. (Maybe the hair and their appearance changes with the seasons, so I could be wrong.) I am, however, 100% certain that the big guy from the Feb 2012 "Back Trail" clip is the same dude who was standing just a few yards behind you in the older "Suspicious Hoot Owl" video you posted on YT way back.

    I have some images I captured from that clip and enhanced, if you'd like me to email them to you. (Knowing you, though, I betting you already know he's there in that clip.)

    Keep up the good work,

    1. DKP,

      You like to send them I would like to see them. I often see "suspicious" things in my videos, but if I can not definitively identify them I just keep my mouth shut. Just email it to the following:


  4. Lol..these critics are so annoyingly funny. They probably have never seen a Bigguy... and if they were face to face with one, they would still be denying it, looking for the seams of the costume....But if by some miracle they actually did see one, be assured they would be running in the opposite direction so fast, while messing their britches...The "experts"

  5. I'm not a naysayer screaming the P word at every find...but I have told you on youtube that I don't believe your first subject is a bigfoot and I told you why (under screen name 1311182244). You never replied so I'm assuming you didn't even take into consideration anything that I said.

    I'll grant that the plot watcher shot may be a bigfoot laying on the ground.

    As for pareidolia...I was staring up at the clouds I myself painted on my ceiling tonight and lo and behold, I started seeing anmimal faces and human faces all over the place in them and none of it was intentional.

    1. Karla,

      I apologize if I did not respond to your post, I get alot and there is only so many hours in the day. I know you think the first one is shadows etc, and that's cool. Given that it moves, and even though I change position by several feet the subject maintains its integrity gives me the impression it is not the "P" word. If it was the minute I moved a few feet it would have disappeared, just like if you move your head the shapes are gone..

    2. Thanks, Scott. I figured it must have been something like that. I'll have to rewatch that video and follow-up you did. I thought it was only a still from the video that you showed us.

    3. I was too hasty to answer and let you off too easy. Please answer my main arguement point about why the head of the bigfoot appears to overlap a tree that Y's in the foreground of the bigfoot?

    4. At what point in the video, really, I don't know, in your mind if its shadows then that's fine...I am not out to prove anything just showing you what I captured on video and giving you my opinion. I personally think this guy was fading in and out of what is known as "stealth mode" but most people are not ready to accept that concept.

    5. It isn't that it's shadows in my mind. It's that physical phenomenon does not add up.

      Rather than try to explain what I am seeing, just do me a favor: Go to 1:36 in your Bigfoot Behind Me 02-19-2012 video and pay attention to the location of the tree (or two trees together) that form a Y. You can see that it is at least a couple of feet into the foreground of the larger tree that the subject peeks around.

      Now compare the location of that tree to the bigfoot at 6:02. It is obvious to me that the right shoulder of the bigfoot is actually the right side branch of the Y tree, and oddly, the head of the bigfoot is overlapping this branch of a foreground tree as well.

      How does this happen? Am I the only one who see this?

      I'm not trying to badger you. I know you are a very thorough researcher and I have a lot of respect for you - I just want to know that you are at least considering what I'm telling you.

  6. Scott, as an old woods bum, I am extremely aware as the
    changes in the seasons. Early turkey season one can see
    far, at times several hundred yards. I have seen this
    change from Monday To Friday the first week. Monday you can see 100 yards by Friday 50 yards. What has been your experience when the leaves are not present to restrict eye and camera. Do the beings change their habits without as much cover?

    1. Yes, they do not come as close and they become "tree peekers" I get alot of forehead and one eye shots that I never post because most people can't see it and if they do its pareidolia, though I have collected some dern good hair samples from the elusive pareidolias!