Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What is really out there???

In my recent video post, Bigfoot Research – A Day In The Field – Part 1” I dropped a hint that I had discovered another “cryptid” in my research area. When I first started researching I thought the Bigfoot was some sort of ape/human creature. The more I learned the more I came to the opinion that the Bigfoot was basically a human of some type. When you see one and look into its face it is hard to deny that they look like us and display the same if not greater intelligence than us. So to be honest I never thought of them as a cryptid. They did not have horns, large fangs or claws. I am pursuing and researching what I consider to be a large, hairy, indigenous people that live in the forest.

I was very happy in my little Bigfoot world until last Spring (2011) when I got the shock of my life. I know you want details and I do not like doing this but for now I do not want to reveal what cryptid messed up my “Bigfoot world”.  Some will be able to figure it out and that is fine, but for now it is best for me to keep this “secret”.

Possible Track of The Unknown Cryptid
I will say that the Bigfoot does not like this creature. They completely left this area, which was once a prime bedding area. It was also a feeding station where the Bigfoot were given fruit and candy bars. Gifts were also exchanged at this location and hair samples were collected for the DNA study.  When the new cryptid arrived all the Bigfoot activity completely stopped in this location. I had to establish a new feeding station almost a mile away from this area.

Possible Cryptid Track
The feeling in this area also changed. It has become a very “spooky” place. I refuse to go in to this area alone. When I do take someone with me they will often comment on the “bad feelings” they get in this place. The “stick shelter” that was once maintained by the Bigfoot has now fallen in disrepair. I find no tracks or any sign of Bigfoot activity in this area.

Just being a Bigfoot Researcher is tough enough. Most "average" people think your nuts, but to add these other cryptids into the mix, even other Bigfoot researchers think your nuts. In this field we have “classes” of “crazy”. If you have seen one of the “non-approved” cryptids then your classified as a “nut job”, “loon”, “wacko” or my favorite “he is waaaay out there”.

Ray Crowe once told David Paulides, “the more you learn about Bigfoot the weirder and stranger it gets”. I have heard David repeat this in several interviews and I completely agree. The more knowledge you gain about the Bigfoot the stranger it gets and then out of no where other cryptids start popping up and it goes from strange to unbelievable fast.

Crytpid "Claw" Mark On Tree
So where does that leave us? For now I have chosen not deal with this “new” cryptid. I am aware of their presence and I take the necessary precautions.  I try to avoid them and their area if I can. If the Bigfoot do not want to deal with them then I definitely to not want to tangle with them! I am going to concentrate on my Bigfoot research and the DNA Project. Once the DNA paper is published and all the hoopla from that dies down, then I will concentrate on this “new” cryptid.

The one thing I have definitely learned over the past couple years is the monsters are real and they are out there!


  1. Oh Scott, be very careful. I totally agree if the Biggies stay away that is a very clear sign. I'm not sure all the guns and ammunition in the world would help in a situation like that!

  2. Scott you cant leave it just hanging there like that... You gotta tell us more, PLEASE...

  3. Please be careful. I hope you can tell us more soon.

  4. You've already taken the step to establish that you don't care about what other people think by starting this blog, but the "I can't tell you yet" thing just made me question you for the first time ever...and I've been a fan for a while. I would rather question your reality based on your character than to feel like I just lumped you in with the rest of the "I might tell you later" people. :(

    1. There are enough "hints" in the post, if you use a little common deductive reasoning you should be able to figure out what the cryptid is, I will give you a hint, the negative photo at the top of the blog, it is not a drawing,it is a real photo...

    2. Wow. I guess when I saw that picture and let my mind go with it, it seemed impossible. So, my apologies and that kind of makes me want to curl up in the fetal position and cry...
      Saying "Be Careful" seems a little ridiculous, so I will second "old man" and request that you arm yourself and be prepared for what is obviously worse than anything I could have ever imagined.

    3. If the picture is of what the cryptid is
      you have confirmed my greatest fear. We are
      being invaded by Japanese cartoon characters.

    4. I assure you that is no Japanese cartoon character....

    5. Sorry Scott, I couldn't help it. My friend
      you have my utmost respect. Just be careful
      out there.

  5. Okay, it has claws, it is meaner than bigfoot, and spooky....I have only heard of one thing that might fit this description.

  6. I see the foot prints and the clawmarks you documented...Now for the real question..Have you actually seen one? I can tell you feel strongly about something what happened for them to reveal themselves? I am one of your YT subscribers so I am following this closely. Really enjoy your work!

  7. Scott, if you go out and don't come back, I for one will
    be very upset. Watch youself until you know what you are
    dealing with. Packing a firearm of suitable caliber for
    a while may be prudent. Silver bullets may be required.
    I mean HEY if we are going there, let's do it right. All
    joking aside, do not assume you are dealing with another
    gentle forest resident. I have a theory about bigfoot and a few other cryptids that involves another subject
    of speculative nature. Just what we need another theory.

  8. My goodness brother! I am in my 40's and just now got over my fear of being alone in the woods at night and now this! I used to tell my 6 children - "There's nothing out there to be afraid of......" Yeah right! Now I teach them not to fear, but to be aware and prepared, but still, this is the stuff that as adults we were supposed to "grow out of". I am thinking that as adults we have been taught to stick our fingers in our ears, close our eyes and go "lalalalalalalalalalalalalalala" over and over again until the 'boogey man' goes away and then I can get back to eating processed foods, drinking diet Pepsi and watching 'the game' or what ever else lulls us like soma in 'Brave New World. I digress - great work as always - you didn't have to tell us what you have, and I truly appreciate it!

  9. Sounds like a Mandingo

  10. This makes me think of the story of Tumack that I read on BigfootEvidence. The bigfoot told a person that they were going to leave the area because the ones with the red eyes were coming. These were similar to bigfoot in size, if I remember correctly, but they were not peaceful.

    Oh, come on Scott - tell us!

  11. Ruff, Ruff...looks like a big doggie to me...just the face...not the prints, per se...Dogman?
    I have heard nothing good about these's been all careful out there, Scott...and keep us all posted...thanks
    Just keeps getting stranger...doesn't it?!

  12. I knew it was the Dogman aka Windingo. Yes PLEASE be safe out there Scott.

  13. Alot of you folks out there do not want to hear this, but there is much more then Dogman or Windingo and such "out there". I have seen with my own eyes. Have watched a "Bear" become invisible,for example. Pics and vids to back it up. Looking for BF just opens many, many more questions. I know exactly what Scott is talking about. Believe him and what he is saying. And it can scare the @#*# out of you. What you see out there is not by chance or a coincidence. You are being tested so to speak. I did not see w/my own eyes till i was ready. "they" know when your ready and its only in bits and pieces as you progress in your own mind and thoughts.

  14. The one bonus for Bigfoot is he doesn't have a neck to be shredded.

  15. I am really interested in learned what this new animal may be described as. I am a new comer to the Big Foot world and now I am fascinated by the fact so many people have had an encounter of some kind. Some of the best stories I have read were on the web site their are 3 stories in the San Diego County Flynn Springs category that are interesting along with many all over the country. I really enjoy the 'old time' stories. Also the Edwards Air Force base stories are cool.
    Thanks ,
    Jen in Arkansas

  16. Scott, I'm just now reading your blogs and enjoying them very much. I have some advice. I don't know if you are a believer but I am. Put the blood of Jesus over you as you do your research and go into the field. I've had experiences I can't even explain but Rev. 12:11 says, "they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony." I should not be alive now but am and because of this very fact. I'm praying for you.