Tuesday, June 5, 2012

To Post Or Not To Post, That is the Question

Many researchers struggle with what to post and when. I think almost every researcher has that “special” footage that we are holding onto for just the right moment. For many of us that “right moment” is when the DNA study is finally published. When we can take advantage of the event and “ride the wave”.

This is also the cause of great frustration in the “Bigfoot Community”. We hear rumors of “clear, mind blowing” footage, announcements are made, interviews given, promises made, but in the end it always leads to nothing. Blog posts are pulled, footage is removed, and the organization or person that was thumping their chest goes silent. It always comes back to “we are waiting of the DNA study to be released”.

Let’s be honest with each other it is all about the money. That is not a bad thing; it is just the cold hard truth. I can understand this being a researcher myself. I receive no outside funding. All my expenses come out of my pocket and this “hobby” can get expensive fast! If I could recoup some of my expenses that would be great, but to be honest I am not holding my breath. But the question becomes “is there money in Bigfoot”?

A well-known and respected Bigfoot researcher/author once told me “there is no money in Bigfoot, the community is just not large enough”. So there is our dilemma. We are all holding onto our “money shots” when there is no money to be had. We are hoping and many are betting thousands if not hundreds of thousands that when the DNA results are published the public in general will become interested. When this happens we will all post our “money shot” videos, publish our books, sell our DVD’s, and make our TV specials. We will all make out like bandits and walk away with “bags full of money”.

I am afraid in the end only a few will profit and most will be left holding the bag. I suspect that across the country there are “regular” people who have captured video on vacation or even had a long term habitation, and these people will come forward and “flood the market” with videos and claims to the point that what we would consider the “money shots” will be completely worthless.

 I do not think we as the “Bigfoot Community” realize what is out there in the public’s hands. Afraid of ridicule, loosing jobs, and a ruined reputation many have just put the videos away, quietly sit on their back deck and feed them, or keep found remains hidden in a freezer. When Bigfoot becomes “main stream” then I think these people will come forward and the “flood gates” will be opened.

Now that I have busted our collective “money bubble” the question still remains, to post or not to post? I do not have that answer. I struggle with this question repeatedly because I have some footage I am holding onto. I am holding onto the footage for the same reasons other researchers are, I am hoping that in the end I can make some money on it, plain and simple.

Money is not the reason I became a researcher three years ago, and money is definitely not why I keep doing it. I do this because I saw and experienced something I cannot explain. I have a desire to answer the questions, what is it or better who is it, where did it come from, how does it live, why does it do the things it does, and to be able to stand in front of it one day and say “Hello, I am Scott, nice to finally meet you”.  These things may never happen, but for me that is the “why”, that is what draws me to this, keeps me going out there.

I do not think wanting to make money off of this endeavor we call Bigfoot Research makes anyone a “bad person”, we all have financial obligations but I think we as “Bigfoot Community” need a collective wake up call and realize what my author friend told me, “there is no money in Bigfoot”. 

Article by: Scott Carpenter aka Joe Black


  1. Do you think the "MIB" has stopped the release of the DNA results? Maybe if all the serious reseachers out there can combine and release their "money shots" together, it will force some action or more investigations by scientist?
    Do we really want the world hunting the BF down?
    IDK, just some thoughts.

  2. As a "newbie" to this world, I must say that the "community" is not what I expected, thought it IS very interesting! Maybe I can give some perspective as the Average Joe/Jolene. With regard to UFO's, Bigfoot and the Supernatural, I find it strange that anyone could be close-minded or arrogant enough to insist that such things don't exist. I've had a closeted fascination with all of these things over my 42 years, at some time or another. With the recent Bigfoot "trending" as the new social media world calls it, a lifelong interest has been brought to the forefront and there is more information out there and at our fingertips than ever. By "newbie", I mean that the real fascination kicked in with the Finding Bigfoot show. As much of a trainwreck as that show is, I just couldn't help myself...because it appealed to that life long fascination, I guess. While I had as much fun making fun of that crew as I did wondering about the real possibility, it did bring my to the internet to further satisfy my curiosity. I currently check BigfootEvidence.com daily, JoeBlack 1963's Youtube, siting reports at BFRO.net, NABigfootSearch.com and anywhere else I am led by the stories posted there...and here, for the first time today. I have never, ever posted on any of the comments on The Blog, but sadly, I have read most of them. What I have found, unfortunately, with that group, is that even though it's a blogspot meant to open discussions, mostly it's just like being back in high school with the cliques, bullies, popular kids and all-around idiots. I'm beginning to tire of it after only a few months. Fortunately, in this quest for knowledge, I have found people like you and your organization, and have learned to search past the "popular" sites and read about real people doing real research...and this is beyond intriguing. Now, as a mother of 4 who works full time, it is highly unlikely that i will ever get to research this topic on my own...all I have to further my own knowledge is what people like you do. Even as "newbie" to this world, it is pretty easy to pick out the people who are in it for fame. Yes, I get that everyone is in it for money, as would I be, but the Fame-Mongers are downright annoying and obviously who discredit the general population's belief in Bigfoot.
    So...to post or not to post? That is your question? Well, I know that if you don't, people like me will still remain closeted supporters, but quite frankly, it will suck because I will never get the chance to experience what you are...a freaking Bigfoot sighting! Though I have seen plenty of videos across the internet and heard plenty of howls and have read plenty of theories and siting reports, i still hunger for that money shot that you have. Why should you care about people like me? I don't know that you should! I mean, let's face it, when you play this thing out...you post the money shot and people believe, what will the reaction be? Pretty easy to imagine...a bunch of idiots heading out to Squatch Hunt all over the world, and how ugly would that be for the actual Bigfoot, assuming I'm correct that they exist? So, if you have the "money shot", you have a big decision. The reality is that whether or not you'll make money on it really has nothing to do with how you "play" it...timing, copyrights, great lawyers and a lot of luck might help, but probably not. It's likely that your hard work, real research and Fate will play a better role in things, though maybe only your credibility and not your pocketbook. I, "newbie" that I am, am glad that people like you are out there...the Real Deal, as they say. Eventually it will all pay off it one form or another...here's to Fate helping out the pocketbooks of the Real Deals, not the Fame-Mongers!

    1. Great post by working mom of four, yes it really does get tiring reading the high school stuff and I think grammar grade school stuff. If one tries to post as I have on other forums one just needs to have a thick skin but the iidiotic comments serve no purpose.

      Here it's just like the pictures along side this page,calm and peaceful. I don't expect to have to cringe when making a comment or reading them here.

      As for the money shot, many of us don't need one. Anyone who has had an actual encounter know what they saw and don't care what anyone thinks.

      I have seen things in the real researcher's videos. Those hard workers who get out in the mud,rain and snow who walk miles and miles who I respect and have always respected so much!

      Scott and Chuck have done a great service here and I appreciate it.

    2. Really looking forward to visiting this website daily (my guilty pleasure!), and thanks for the kind words!

  3. Look guys, I have followed this for more years than I care to admit. And will continue until I turn into worm
    food, but I think it's time to start connecting the dots
    and start paying attention to the whole story and not refute someone just because their story does not jive with your beliefs. This will get us nowhere and fast. We have got to start listening to all theories and analize each one as though they were the truth. I believe when it's all said and done the answer will be a combination of many theories. There may be no right or
    wrong. Rene Dahinden once said we are ignoring pieces of this puzzle. And I agree. We have to bring all of the information together and that means we have to work together.

  4. No amount of money can persuade nonbelievers. There are still those who claim that those trips to the moon were hoaxed and look how much that cost!If you've seen one and you caught it on film, people will still say it's fake. UFO's are denied, too. You'll never make back what it costs you to discover more evidence. If the world doesn't care about the creatures going extinct, you can't expect it to care about the ones it denies exist.