Sunday, June 10, 2012

Chuck Prahl Recounts His 2008 Experiance with "Samurai Chatter"

My experience takes place in Dorchester County Md it began in February of 2008. Our family was awakened nearly 3-4 nights a week by our dog attacking the picture window in the living room between 12-2 A.M. This is how it played out, I would be awakened by my dog growling beside our bed. After trying to quiet him he would start again moving into the hall within eye sight of our picture window. Then after 10 minutes of low growls he would race to the window barking and snarling like he was attacking a intruder.

 I would get up instantly and run out there , I would find the dog planted in front of the window. I would turn on the outside lights and nothing. I would check the whole house and backyard and for weeks on end this went on. My wife thought it was a peeping tom. But why would a peeping tom be looking in the windows with the house dark and us asleep. I for the first week thought it was a burglar casing the house, but even this didn't seem plausible after a week or so of me turning on lights and walking through the house each time this happened. This went on for 3 months until early May and then it just stopped abruptly. After a while we thought our dog was seeing things or having a midlife crisis.
Then in September after a summer of zero happenings around the house I had an encounter late one night with something that scared the **** out of me. I had just gotten home from playing shuffleboard with some friends, it was around 11:30 P.M. late in September. My dog met me in the kitchen and was acting like it wanted to go outside and do his business. So we both went into the backyard and I smoked a cig while he did his thing. I walked into the yard and heard the weirdest sounds I have ever heard in my life. Honest to God this sounded like Popeye speaking gibberish and it bellowed it out. It was really loud and lasted a good 20 seconds. As soon as the gibberish stopped a hi pitched like whistling started just as loud but only lasted a few seconds. I slowly backed up to the kitchen door and my dog was standing there waiting for me to go in. He did not react other then trying to beat me inside the house. I can't tell you how truly scared I was because if you were there and heard this as loud a deep you would have suspected there was a huge animal behind my shed making these strange bellowing sounds. My yard was dark in that corner the porch light only lit up the patio. I got inside locked the door turned off the lights and sat there peering into the darkness for 15 minutes trying to see what might be out there behind my shed. I saw nothing. I got up and went to bed without the aid of lights just in case this thing was at the window. I laid there for about 10 minutes when again I heard that whistling off in the distance. After that night I never heard it again. I never told anyone about it but my wife for months. Then during the holidays I told my family and half of them thought I was pulling there leg or mistaken what I heard. I was not drinking that night and I will never forget the entire experience. I bought a Trail cam over the holidays to setup this spring in hope of catching what ever I heard that September night in 2008.


  1. Wow what a great experience although at the time I'm sure it didn't feel that way. Bigfoot must have tried to communicate with you????

    Do you think the gibberish and whistling came from the same Bigfoot or did it seem like there might have been two?

    I think they like to watch the tv through house windows and I'm sure the sound carries loud enough for them to hear it but maybe not clearly.

    I've noticed that when you're outside and you hear the tv it often sounds unintelligible.(I mean you can't make out the exact words.) I've often wondered if that's what they are imitating?

    Thanks for sharing your story. Hope you see or hear from them again.

    1. Blondie I have no Idea to this day what made those sounds that night in September 2008. It was one of those ultra weird times in somesones life that over time you wonder whether if it really happened. It was scary enough at the time that I didn't want to repeat the experience but I did want to prove it to my family, The following spring my dog was growling at the window in the middle of the night again, this went on till 2010, then nothing since.

  2. Back in 2004, while I was in the black panther research
    mode, I frequently had a 35mm film camera strapped around my neck. If you get strange looks from non-believers about bigfoot, trust me you get the same looks about black panthers. The difference is I've seen
    the black panther. Anyhow, while researching (sitting in
    the weeds) I noticed a commotion behind me. The sound was loud clear and distinct. It was as if two individuals were having a conversation not 50 feet away.
    This was about 9 in the morning, broad daylight in heavy brush. I tried to get closer. Yet never heard them leave or saw caught sight of them. Listening to
    Ron Moorehead's recording, I say it was pretty close.