Monday, August 17, 2015

Say hello to my Little Friend

Infant Bigfoot, Little Person, Troll, Gnome, many ideas about the identity of this creature have been put forward since the I first posted this video. This video intrigues me to this day. Critics have tried to say this is no more than a common animal but its physical appearance, movement, and behavior completely rule that possibility out.

It is a very interesting fact that the little creature managed to avoid the triangulation of three cameras by apparently going under the Passive Infrared Sensors. The only location that it could reach the food and not set off the cameras is where he is located in the video.  This is extremely interesting.  It was also interesting to note, that on the black and white camera that did capture it, the creature is at the edge of the cameras focal area. 
No other camera captured ANY footage of anything on this day. No small animals, birds, insects, deer, NOTHING! If this was a mere squirrel how did it manage to avoid the other three cameras completely? Why would a small animal even be concerned with or know that there is a camera present?  On other days the cameras had captured squirrels and other small animals, but not one single animal on this day.  

Five years after capture of the video, I think that this most likely an infant Bigfoot.


  1. I've captured many similar images with a number of faces superimposed over it as in this capture which surprisingly no one has mentioned. I don't think this is an infant, but an example of Sasquatch's spiritual capacity via cloaking or altogether invisibility. I have video documentation that shows the process as I am approaching them along a trail in Maryland, which I will soon post.

  2. Very very cool Scott!!!! THANK YOU BROTHER!!!!!

  3. This confirms their existence, intelligence, and visual capabilities. you continue to amaze us man.

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  5. Baby Bigfoot ? Mommy must be so proud.