Friday, July 31, 2015

Possible Bigfoot In National Park - Follow-Up

I return the the location where I captured a possible Bigfoot on video in the National Park. The capture date was 07/11/2015. On 07/25/2015 I return to the location and film the exact same area standing in the same location. I could find no stump, leafs, or shadow combination that could create the Bigfoot captured on 07/11/2015.


Below is a comparison of the two locations on the dates in question.



  1. Good catch ! Nothing iffy about this one !

  2. Good catch ! No denying that one !

  3. Excuse me, but today is my birthday. Not sure of the year, but it was
    sometime in the last century. Anyway, I found it interesting that no
    one commented on the Missing 411 segments. I was just wondering
    if anyone feels the subject of Bigfoot and Missing 411 are connected
    in anyway? While mysteries often breed other mysteries, these are
    two that in my way of thinking, may in fact have some connection.
    I find it interesting that we tip-toe around certain subjects so that we
    don't offend anyone or make some-one think we are nuts. Anyone feel
    the same?